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Parallels Control Panels for Microsoft Windows Servers PowerPoint Presentation
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Parallels Control Panels for Microsoft Windows Servers

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Parallels Control Panels for Microsoft Windows Servers
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Parallels Control Panels for Microsoft Windows Servers

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  1. Parallels Control Panels for Microsoft Windows Servers Microsoft Hosting Days Presenter: Doug Johnson Date: February 21, 2008

  2. Parallels Company Overview Market Leadership • #1 in Desktop Virtualization (Parallels Desktop for Mac) • #1 in OS-level Virtualization (Parallels Virtuozzo Containers) • #1 in Server Automation Control Panels (Parallels Plesk Control Panel) Proven Track Record • Powering more than 1 Million Servers and Desktops • Serving more than 10 Million End-Customers in 125 Countries • 27 Awards in the last 12 months Strong Foundation • Founded at the end of 1999, 8+ years of rapid growth • Profitable with close to 900 employees worldwide • 500+ Partners, including Microsoft, Apple, Intel, AMD, Dell, HP & IBM Parallels Service Provider Solutions

  3. Automation Is Important • Parallels provides 100% automation • Automating tasks eliminates human errors and saves money • Automation delivers 24x7 service Phone call:“I forgot my password.” Email:“I need to change my billing options.” Phone call:“Mr. Smith no longer works for my company, please delete him.” Email:“Change my 404 message to …” Email:“I need to change my domain settings.” Phone call:“I need to add two Exchange users to my service.” After Parallels, you may never hear these questions again! Fax:“I need to update my credit card information.” Email:“Can you add a new database to my site?” Email:“I need ASP.NET 2.0 for my website.” Email:“I need a new FTP user.” Phone call:“Can you send me a new license key for my software?” “No hurry – 5 minutes is fine.” Email:“I would like to upgrade my service plan.” Parallels Service Provider Solutions

  4. What is the Parallels Plesk Control Panel? • Server management software which allows non-technical users to manage and delegate server management tasks • Windows Management • Quickly provision a professional, user-friend interface for user self-service • Customize the desktop for faster task-oriented administration • Deploy IIS7 driven hosts • Deploy DotNetNuke or .ASP sites • Deploy Microsoft SQL datbases • Deploy Windows firewall / Internet Connection Sharing • Deploy Microsoft DNS • Make dozens of widely used Windows applications instantly available • #1 Windows-based server management tool Parallels Service Provider Solutions

  5. Hierarchical Management • Tiered control panels • Customizable XP “like” interface for customer self-service • Customizable panels for: • Service providers / administrators • Resellers • Domain owners • Mail users Parallels Service Provider Solutions

  6. Parallels Plesk Use Cases Business - SMB • Businesses use Plesk to simplify and secure server management. • Dedicated servers – manage and configure DNS, email, databases, applications, web services (IIS 7, ASP.NET), FTP, SSL, and more. • Shared servers – delegate functions and server management to departments Hosting Providers • Hosting providers use Plesk in managed offers to delegate server management to clients. • Dedicated servers – sold to resellers as well as end-user clients • Virtual dedicated – less expensive “dedicated-like” offering using Plesk inside Virtuozzo • Shared hosting – sell web hosting services to many clients on a single server • Other hosting – sell mail only or application hosting plans to clients Resellers • Resellers use Plesk to offer shared hosting to clients from a single server. • Web servers – re-brand and delegate tasks to domain owners. • Other services – databases, applications, web design, etc. Parallels Service Provider Solutions

  7. Centralized Architecture (Parallels Automation) • Centralized management of resources on server farms and clusters. Web Email Database DNS What is Parallels Automation? Single Server Architecture (Parallels Plesk) • All services are managed on a single server • Growth involves adding new servers with a new copy of the management software • Challenges • Add new services and updating applications requires touching each server • Centralized billing, DNS, and email are provided separately Parallels Service Provider Solutions

  8. Windows 2008 Server, IIS7 and MS FTP7 Support PHP FastCGI Support Single Sign On (SSO) SAML Application Packaging Standard (APS) Licensing & Upgrade New Mail and Anti-Spam Software Support Anti-virus and Anti-spam statistics Cold Fusion 8 Support  Webmail per Domain Plesk 8.3 for Windows Major Enhancements Parallels Service Provider Solutions

  9. Parallels Plesk 8.3 for Windows Demo Click black box to start video with sound Parallels Service Provider Solutions

  10. Parallels Plesk Plus Parallels Service Provider Solutions

  11. Parallels Plesk Plus Promotion *Valid through June 30, 2008, new licenses only Save 10% off Parallels Plesk Plus (total savings over 34%) when you purchase Parallels Plesk 8.3 with Windows Server 2008 • Take advantage of IIS7 features such as Fast CGI and Integrated Pipeline Support for faster and more reliable hosting. Click here( and enter discount code: PARA-JW81 Parallels Service Provider Solutions