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Silverlight Control Roadmap

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PC35. Silverlight Control Roadmap.  Shawn Burke Product Unit Manager Microsoft Corporation. Introduction. Introducing the Controls Team How we ship code PDC Controls Controls from WPF New Controls Styling support Future Plans MIX Controls WPF work. Focusing on Controls.

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silverlight control roadmap


Silverlight Control Roadmap

 Shawn Burke

Product Unit Manager

Microsoft Corporation

  • Introducing the Controls Team
  • How we ship code
  • PDC Controls
    • Controls from WPF
    • New Controls
  • Styling support
  • Future Plans
    • MIX Controls
    • WPF work
focusing on controls
Focusing on Controls
  • Controls Team dedicated to driving controls on WPF and Silverlight
    • Will deliver a “Silverlight Toolkit” and “WPF Toolkit”
  • Goal is to ship controls frequently, out of band from major releases
  • Ship with source, unit tests, and samples
  • Best/most used controls will be delivered into platform
delivery model
Delivery Model

CodePlex Project

Iterative releases (6-8w)

  • Customer Feedback Driven
  • May include new components
  • “No-brainer” upgrade

New Controls

Component “Quality Bands”





  • “Mature” band controls delivered with SDK/Tools
  • Customers can replace with CodePlex release for full control package

Core Runtime



Some controls may move to core runtime

wpf partity controls
WPF Partity Controls
  • DockPanel
  • WrapPanel
  • TreeView
  • Expander
  • Label
  • ViewBox
  • HeaderedContentControl
  • HeaderedItemsControl
  • DockPanel docks children to a particular side via an attached property
  • IsLastChildFill property sets last child to fill remaining space




using dockpanel
Using DockPanel
  • <controls:DockPanelLastChildFill=“False” >
  • <Bordercontrols:DockPanel.Dock="Left“ Background="Yellow" Width="100"/>
  • <Bordercontrols:DockPanel.Dock="Top“ Background="Green" Height="100"/>
  • <Bordercontrols:DockPanel.Dock="Right" Background="Purple" Width="100"/>
  • </controls:DockPanel>

As Above:

Reverse Order:

  • Expander allows the expand/collapse of content in one of four directions
  • Has Header and Content area
using expander
Using Expander
  • <controls:ExpanderExpandDirection="Down" Header="Tasks">
  • <Border Width="100" Background="#BFFFFFFF"
  • BorderBrush="#FF000000"CornerRadius="3,3,3,3"BorderThickness="1,1,1,1">
  • <StackPanel>
  • <HyperlinkButton Content="Do this" FontSize="14"/>
  • <HyperlinkButton Content="Do that"FontSize="14"/>
  • <HyperlinkButton Content="Do it all" FontSize="14"/>
  • </StackPanel>
  • </Border>
  • </controls:Expander>
  • TreeView allows a nested hierarchy of templatable nodes
  • Each node is a HeaderedItemsControl
using treeview
Using TreeView
  • <controls:TreeViewSelectedValuePath="Classification”>
  • <controls:TreeView.ItemTemplate>
  • <controls:HierarchicalDataTemplate
  • ItemsSource="{Binding Subclasses}">
  • <StackPanel>
  • <TextBlockText="{Binding Rank}" Foreground="Gray" Margin="0 0 0 -5" />
  • <TextBlock Text="{Binding Classification}" />
  • </StackPanel>
  • </controls:HierarchicalDataTemplate>
  • </controls:TreeView.ItemTemplate>
  • </controls:TreeView>
new silverlight controls
New Silverlight Controls
  • New controls for Silverlight at PDC:
    • AutoComplete
    • Charting
    • NumericUpDown
  • These controls will be made available on WPF
    • WPF versions will take advantage of WPF capabilities where appropriate

Standard AutoComplete

ItemsSource set to a list of strings

IsTextSearchEnabled is set to true

Very customizable

Can use an adapter to put anything inside the drop down – including a DataGrid

Above: an AutoComplete ComboBox control (custom template)

Easy to style with data templates

ItemsSource is a set of Photograph objects

Custom DataTemplate

using autocomplete
Using AutoComplete
  • <controls:AutoComplete
  • MinWidth="300"
  • MinimumPrefixLength="1"
  • MinimumPopulateDelay="0"
  • ItemsSource="{StaticResourceMonthsObjectCollection}"/>
  • Supports Line, Pie, Column, Scatter charts
    • Heavy focus on architecture allows easily adding more chart types
  • Chart types are extensible, templatable
using charts
Using Charts
  • <controls:ObjectCollection x:Key=“AssetValues">
  • <local:Assets Type="Stocks" Value="10000“/>
  • <local:Assets Type="Bonds" Value="2124“/>
  • <local:Assets Type="Cash" Value="22000“/>
  • </controls:ObjectCollection>
  • <charting:Chart>
  • <charting:Chart.Series>
  • <charting:ColumnSeries
  • ItemsSource="{StaticResourceBasicValues}"
  • DependentValueBinding="{Binding Value}"
  • IndependentValueBinding="{Binding Type}" Title="Portfolio“>
  • </charting:ColumnSeries>
  • </charting:Chart.Series>
  • </charting:Chart>
  • <charting:Chart><charting:Chart.Series>
  • <charting:PieSeriesItemsSource="{StaticResourceBasicValues}“
  • DependentValueBinding="{Binding Value}"
  • IndependentValueBinding="{Binding Type}" Title="Portfolio“>
  • </charting:PieSeries>
  • </charting:Chart.Series></charting:Chart>
styling support
Styling Support
  • Challenge: make it easy to theme an application in Silverlight
    • Silverlight doesn’t currently support WPF’s ‘implicit styling’ functionality
  • New pack of 6 themes work with ISM to easily theme your application



applying themes
Applying Themes
  • <UserControl
  • xmlns:barberred="clr-namespace:Microsoft.Windows.Controls;
  • assembly=Microsoft.Windows.Controls.Theming.BarberRed“/>
  • <barberred:BarberRedTheme>
  • <StackPanelGrid.Row="0" Orientation="Horizontal">
  • <CheckBox Content="CheckBox"/>
  • <Button Content="Button" Height="22" Width="43"/>
  • <ComboBox Height="22"
  • ItemsSource="{StaticResource stuff}“/>
  • <RadioButton Content="RadioButton"/>
  • </StackPanel>
  • < … />
  • </barberred:BarberRedTheme>
  • </UserControl>
updating the silverlight toolkit
Updating the Silverlight Toolkit
  • Already working on update release
  • Fix major issues
  • Add new components that didn’t make it into PDC
    • Accordion
    • ListView
  • Charting improvements
  • Designer (Blend, VS) experience improvements
  • Integtration of SDK controls
    • Tab
    • GridSplitter
    • Calendar
    • DatePicker
proposed controls mix09
Proposed Controls – MIX09
  • Below is our current thinking – not set in stone at this point
  • MIX Timeframe
    • MediaPlayer
    • TimePicker
    • Carousel
    • Rating
    • MaskedTextBox
proposed controls future
Proposed Controls – Future
  • InPlaceEditing
  • AppointmentCalendar
  • ImageMap
  • FileUpload
  • Menu
  • Slideshow
wpf plans
WPF Plans
  • Charting, AutoCompleteBox on WPF
  • Aligning work with WPF team on Ribbon, DataGrid, DatePicker
  • Themes for WPF
  • Committed to delivering value on WPF and Silverlight
evals recordings
Evals & Recordings

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