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exercise can prevent most everything l.
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Exercise can Prevent most everything…. PowerPoint Presentation
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Exercise can Prevent most everything….

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Exercise can Prevent most everything….
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Exercise can Prevent most everything….

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  1. BUT people need to do it! Exercise can Prevent most everything…. Grant D. McAdaragh, MS Diabetes Coordinator/ WC Director Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe Flandreau, SD

  2. What Can Exercise Do Anyway? • premature death • developing and/or dying from heart disease • high blood pressure • high cholesterol • risk of developing colon cancer and breast cancer • risk of developing diabetes • body weight or body fat • bone and joint disorders • depression and anxiety Dec rease

  3. Resting systolic and diastolic blood pressure Heart rate and blood pressure with exercise Blood triglycerides Body fat and improved weight control Insulin resistance Workload on the heart Maximal oxygen consumption Maximal cardiac output Maximal stroke volume Blood volume and ability to carry oxygen Blood supply to muscles and ability to use oxygen HDL Cholesterol (the good cholesterol) Glucose tolerance What about aerobic exercise?

  4. What about strength training? • Increased muscular strength and endurance • Increased strength of tendons and ligaments • Potentially improves flexibility (ROM) • Reduced body fat and increased lean body mass • Potentially decreases resting systolic and diastolic blood pressure • Positive changes in blood cholesterol • Improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity • Improved strength, balance, and functional ability in older adults • Decreased risk of osteoporosis and/or falls

  5. Shrimp Everyday? An Exercise Analogy. • “Imagine you had to eat shrimp five days a week, all year long,” • “You’d do your creative best to keep those meals interesting. • You’d pull out all the recipe books to learn the many ways to prepare shrimp: baking, broiling, sautéing and boiling. • You’d also try to have shrimp in as many different settings, and with as many different people as possible: at diners, ethnic restaurants, community picnics, family barbecues.” • “You need to think of exercise in the same way — with enthusiasm, creativity and planning,” • In exercise as in life, variety is the spice. • It’s easy for workouts to become boring and for motivation to flag, especially if you’ve met your initial fitness goals, or if the winter weather is keeping you indoors for weeks. Jason Conviser, Ph.D.,

  6. Presidents Council on Physical Fitness Surveyed 5000 People by asking them two questions. I am going to ask you the same two questions. Do you think exercise is good for you? 95% responded yes 2. Do you exercise? 50% responded yes 3. Do you believe that 50% of the population exercises?

  7. This same study was done recently and 22% qualified as exercisers. This represents a dramatic improvement however; it also means that 78% of our population is not involved in exercise in a meaningful way. The first study was done over 20 years ago. When they analyzed the exercise that the participants were doing only 10% qualified as exercisers.

  8. 1991 No Data <10% 10%–14% 15%–19% 20%–24% ≥25% Obesity Trends* Among U.S. AdultsBRFSS,1991, 1996, 2004 (*BMI 30, or about 30 lbs overweight for 5’4” person) 1996 2004

  9. One solution for inactivity!!

  10. Trends in Overweight* for Children Percent Boys 6-11 y Girls 6-11 y Boys 12-19 y Girls 12-19 y *BMI ≥ 95th percentile of BMI-for-age, 2000 CDC growth charts SOURCE: NHES II & III, NHANES I, II, & III, NHANES 1999-2002; Ogden et al., JAMA 2002; Hedley et al., JAMA 2004

  11. Another solution for the obesity problem: Start ‘em young!!!

  12. CONCLUSION: Good Attitude We know we should Poor Response We do not do it

  13. SONow What ???

  14. We Play Baseball! Does anyone recognize this picture? NOT Exactly

  15. It Works in the movies Will it work for us?

  16. If you build it they will come. • Not exactly in the world of fitness. • More like: • If you build it right and equip it right they MIGHTcome.

  17. Proper Equipment HINT: Do NOT buy this equipment!! Or You will lose several members.

  18. Acknowledge the need for exercise. Understand the basic exercise principles. Participate in a well designed exercise program on a regular basis.

  19. Cardiovascular Fitness Muscular Strength Muscle Endurance Flexibility Proper Body Composition Balance Fitness Considerations

  20. Are any of these important? Are all of these important? A good program should address all of the components of Fitness.

  21. How then do we address this? • One suggestion which has worked fairly well for us.

  22. Circuit Training: 101 It is more than running from machine to machine

  23. Where the need began… We saw- • Members whose goals and programs are at odds. • Members who spend up to half an hour or more watching The Price is Right while walking on a treadmill. • Men who perform several lackadaisical sets of mirror exercises. • Women who shy away from resistance training, instead are found sitting on a bike reading a back issue of Cosmopolitan®. • Exercises with poor form and minimal effort. Few of these people are ever satisfied with their results!

  24. Where the need began… The treadmill part of the program isn't inherently wrong. • It's the boredom and uncertainty that will do in all but the most dedicated of fitness fanatics.

  25. Why not try Circuit training? • Here are some reasons why it may be worth a try.

  26. Benefits of Circuit Training The goal: • to become fit, make lifestyle changes that one enjoys (PA part of a daily activities), improve function capacity, have fun and not make ourselves sick. • Not having to spend our entire day in the gym.

  27. Benefits of Circuit Training Cont… Pro’s • Get in better shape, tone up, loose weight, improve cardiorespiratory fitness, increase muscular endurance and strength, and flexibility. • to burning more calories, on can completing two or three circuits. • very good way to achieve a satisfactory to superior level of overall conditioning • quick fun and easy • Appropriate exercise for people of all ages Con’s • not the best way to train for someone seeking maximum muscle size and/or strength • plateau

  28. The beginnings of circuit training Circuits may take many forms. • Nautilus® circuit • 8 to 12 reps • start with the larger muscle groups on to the smaller muscle • with maximum poundage • only one time through the circuit • with each and every exercise being carried to a point of absolute, muscle failure where further repetitions are impossible Result people got to know the bathroom garbage can as well as their trainer.

  29. The original Nautilus Fitness Centers® of the 1970s Advertised themselves as the • “magic bullet” for fitness Obviously they were NOT! But- may actually have been on the right path in regard to giving their members the greatest amount of results in the least amount of time.

  30. Other examples of circuits Curves® For Women • Recently has become a phenomenon • series of hydraulic machines for the different muscle groups with stations to HR elevated • Curves is based on the circuit training concept, is safe and easy, but not with out flaws. • To its credit, offers a tolerable intro to strength training • for women who otherwise would be obtaining no exercise at all.

  31. Other examples of circuits Aerobic Super Circuit • Which we have at the FSST WC.

  32. The Logic behind Circuit Training • Circuit training consists of- • A series of exercises, • Completed in a specific order, • One after another for a set time period • With a shorter period of time allowed for rest, between each exercise.

  33. The Logic behind Circuit Training • Keeping the rest periods short, • 15 - 30 seconds • key to circuit training • short rest periods lead to • higher heart rate • Adds aerobic component to part of the workout.

  34. The Logic behind Circuit Training An effectively designed circuit addresses: • The major components of physical fitness. • Making it one of the best and most time effective methods of exercising • It provides excellent all around fitness • muscular strength, enhanced muscle tone, and even promotes a reduction in body fat, body weight, and inches.

  35. Other positives about the effectiveness of Circuit Training include: • Simplicity • Improved compliance factor • Positive relationship between training results and exercise motivation.

  36. Other positives about the effectiveness of Circuit Training: • Large-scale studies have consistently revealed that circuit training results in significant improvements in participants percent body fat, lean weight, fat weight, and resting blood pressure readings.

  37. But I do not have time to Exercise Circuit training can- • your workout efficiency • be completed in less than half an hour • welcome news to those of us working out under time constraints.

  38. Getting in MOTION… With MAGNUM MOTION…

  39. Does it sound like it will work? If you do it, it will work! Let us take a closer look

  40. The concept of Aerobic Super Circuit training was adopted by FSST Wellness Center Recently through the Magnum Motion Circuit. It is a rather simple Idea! Our Members tell us that it is the best thing that we have done in the 1 ½ years that we have been open!

  41. In the FSST Wellness Center you will find rows of equipment Weight Machines = Cardio Station = There are 10 pieces in each row

  42. In the FSST Wellness Center there is a CD that plays the same message over and over. The message is: • Ready begin • Half way • Stop and change stations What do you think it says next?