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ISEC Home Pest Management PowerPoint Presentation
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ISEC Home Pest Management

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ISEC Home Pest Management
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ISEC Home Pest Management

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  1. ISEC Home Pest Management

  2. What is ISEC? ISEC stands for the 4 steps in getting rid of pests in your home: • Iis for Identify • S is for Sanitize • Eis for Exclude • C is for Control

  3. What are ISEC’s Goals? • Prevent most household pest problems without using pesticides • Increase awareness of IPM • Reduce exposure & risks of pesticides used in the home

  4. Water Pest Problems Food Harborage The Pest Triangle To avoid pest problems break the pest triangle

  5. What’s This Thing Called IPM? • IPM is code for Integrated Pest Management • It’s a way of thinking and acting about pest problems- a strategy or plan that takes advantages of the weaknesses of the pest • IPM is designed to prevent pest problems rather than to control them once they occur • It uses methods that reduce risks to human health and the environment • IPM uses pesticides only when necessary, then chooses those least-toxic

  6. Why Use IPM? • Provides long term results • Environmentally friendly • Protects human health • Reduces unnecessary pesticide use

  7. This Sounds to Good to Be True- Does IPM have any Downsides? • Requires more knowledge & skill than reaching for a can of pesticide • Requires attention to details • Results not always immediate

  8. Let’s Check Out ISEC’s Weapons- The Four Basic Concepts • Identify • Properly identify the pest • Sanitize • Remove what attracts pests • Exclude • Keep pests from entering the home • Control • Use non-chemical methods first, and least-toxic pesticides only when necessary

  9. Identify? Tell Me More • Now that you have found a pest- what is it? • It’s important to know. Even similar pests may require very different control methods • So, if you don’t know, capture it and get help! • Most insect specimens can be preserved in the freezer • Preserve soft bodied insects in rubbing alcohol

  10. ISEC- Identify What if I can’t or don’t want to capture it? • Collect sample of it’s damage, droppings or other evidence • Take a photograph or digital image of the pest, damage or droppings

  11. ISEC- Identify What should I do with it now? • Use a field guide, book or bulletin to identify the pest yourself • Take the sample or e-mail the image to local Extension office, pest control company or nursery

  12. ISEC Weapon No. 2- SanitizeWhat Does That Mean? • Eliminate food & water sources • Keep food (including pet food) in pest-proof containers • Tightly re-seal opened food packages • Do not leave food out overnight • Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink • Clean kitchen counters, tables & floors often • Clean up spilled food & drink immediately

  13. Tell Me More- Sanitize • Encourage eating at the table • Sweep & vacuum regularly • Caulk cracks around pantry shelves so that food does not accumulate • Inspect & discard any infested food products

  14. ISEC- Sanitize • Take out garbage several times a week • Use a closed container lined with a plastic bag • Clean garbage can inside & out on a regular basis • Rinse items for recycling before storing in a container with a tight lid • Clean containers inside & out • Keep recycling containers outside

  15. ISEC- Sanitize • Eliminate pest breeding sites • Clean drains with a stiff brush, flush with boiling water • Do not allow debris to build up on grout of tile floors • Do not allow old newspapers, magazines, plastic bags to accumulate

  16. Weapon #3- ExcludeThat Means Keep ‘em Out! • Seal openings around pipes & electrical wiring with caulk, steel wool or foam • If you can see daylight around doors, replace weather stripping or threshold • Keep window and door screens in good repair • Place screen wire over vents and other points where pests could enter

  17. ISEC- Exclude • Store food items in air-tight containers • Do not buy damaged goods or infested products • Store dried food products in the refrigerator or freezer if leaving home for an extended time

  18. ISEC- Exclude • Use garbage containers with closed lids • Stuff weep holes with steel wool or copper mesh

  19. ISEC- Exclude • Do not store firewood or other items against the home • Prune vegetation that touches the home • Inspect items that you bring into the home • Feed outdoor pets away from entry doors

  20. And the Final Weapon- Control • Non-chemical • Trapping devices such as fly paper, mouse traps or roach prisons • Use vacuum cleaner to help control pests such as fleas, moths or beetles and remove food sources

  21. ISEC- Control • Chemical • Try baits first- they are safe & effective • Use gel formulations along cracks & crevices • Insecticide sprays may be used in specific locations • Cracks & crevices • Along baseboards

  22. If You Have to Use the Big Guns-Do it Safely! • Buy only pesticides labeled for the pest and area you are treating • Read & follow all label instructions, use only amount listed- more is not better • Keep children & pets out of treated area until the product is dry • Never apply pesticides to food • Wash hands with soap and water

  23. Pesticide Signal Words-“The Code Words” • Caution • Least harmful to humans, handle carefully • Warning • More dangerous than “caution” labeled products • Danger • Very dangerous and/ or irritating; use with extreme care

  24. Pesticide Storage & Disposal • Store pesticides only in original container where children and pets cannot get to them • Follow disposal procedures on the label • Never reuse a pesticide container • Never, never pour a pesticide down a drain or toilet!

  25. Still Have Problems?Better Hire an IPM Professional! Here’s How You’ll Know • Must be licensed- ask to see state license and check references • Does the person and equipment appear professional? • Does the person know about IPM? • Get several quotes, lowest price is not always most economical