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Application Performance Management (APM) and Instart Logic PowerPoint Presentation
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Application Performance Management (APM) and Instart Logic

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Application Performance Management (APM) and Instart Logic
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Application Performance Management (APM) and Instart Logic

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  2. Understand The 5 Key Metrics That Drive Customer Experience How does your performance measure up? 2. Start RenderNo one likes to stare at a blank screen. The sooner a page begins to show up, the longer a user will wait for it to load. Perceived improvements can be more valuable than actual performance gains 1. Page Load TimePages should load in less than 3 sec. Bounce rates rapidly increase after 5 sec. The easiest gains are found by improving page load time for your slowest 25% of users.

  3. 3. Time To First ByteTTFB directly impacts Start Render so monitoring both is critical. TTFB should be less than 350ms and if it’s not, there could be problems with the origin or content delivery provider. 5. SizeWebpage obesity is an epidemic. The larger a page gets, the slower it loads, particularly on mobile devices. Using your APM, watch for page size creep to ensure your site stays in shape. 4. JavaScriptWith an increase of site features, comes an increase in JavaScript. While dynamic content and images get the blame for latency, JavaScript could be the silent killer, especially on mobile.

  4. Using an APM tool is only One Piece of the Performance Puzzle Improve Page Load Time - With a unique machine learning platform, Instart Logic can continuously and intelligently improve your average page load times by 20% guaranteed and up to 70% for your slowest users.  Click here to learn more. Optimize Time to First Byte and Start Render - Instart Logic’s application-intelligent HTML streaming capability automatically determines which portions of the dynamic HTML are non-unique across users and sends those pieces to the browser for immediate display of visual content, improving start render and TTFB by up to 75%.Click here to learn more.

  5. Reduce unused JavaScript - By leveraging Instart Logic’s JavaScript Streaming functionality, machine learning algorithms are applied to determine the most frequently used pieces of JS and streams only those fragments to the browser while on-demand loading rarely used code, dramatically reducing the amount of JS sent to the browser by up to 30%.  More on Javascript Streaming. Increase Reliability of 3rd-Party JavaScript - 3rd Party Javascript is a major performance bottleneck. Instart Logic’s JavaScript Interception functionality intercepts and redirects code from a single source, greatly improving reliability. Combine JavaScript Interception with JavaScript Streaming to ensure predictable load times and guaranteed 20% faster performance.  More on JavaScript Interception.

  6. Guaranteed 20%+ Faster - or Our Service is Free Guaranteed 20% Faster than your existing CDN With a radically unique architecture that continuously adapts to the application behavior and leverages the power of machine learning, Instart Logic can provide faster performance than any other CDN provider. Network and Application Level Optimizations Unlike most CDNs who just focus on network level optimizations, Instart Logic provides both network and application level performance optimizations enabling the best end-user experience. 

  7. Seamless Integration with your APM Dashboard We work well with all APMs and we have extensive integration with New Relic and Soasta, to get a holistic view of Instart Logic’s performance metrics in your APM dashboard. Want to know how much faster your site could be? Schedule a benchmark.

  8. Multiple Performance Gains For Companies With APM Tool & Upgrade to Instart Logic We ran an A/B Test against Amazon CloudFront and Instart Logic gave us a 16.8% increase in conversions over a very large sample set of hundreds of thousands of visitors. This was the single most impressive conversion win we have experienced to date for anything we have done. — Todd Lehr, VP Engineering, Dollar Shave Club Instart Logic has improved our time-to-first-byte and our page load times. And they provide excellent technical support. The platform is stable and fast. —Iain Sexton, CIO,

  9. When the edge becomes software-defined, we can write code around it and take completely new approaches to site delivery, optimization and personalization. Instart Logic changed the way we think about building the delivery of our application. —Greg Franczyk, Director of Software Engineering, The Washington Post

  10. Frequently Asked Questions How does my APM tool work with Instart Logic’s service? APM tools provide visibility and actionable insights into performance metrics, however, equally important is the ability to accelerate content delivery and improve the performance of your website. Instart Logic plays a paramount role in influencing each and every one of the key performance metrics by delivering performance optimizations faster and more intelligently than any other CDN. Unlike traditional CDNs, Instart Logic provides a set of services with a purpose built CDN that harnesses the power of machine learning to continuously optimize application performance. Instart Logic’s service works seamlessly with your APM tool. The service requires no code changes or SDKs to integrate and works for all existing browsers without any plug-ins or other add-ons. It’s totally transparent to the users and the backend infrastructure and requires only a simple DNS change to use. What APM vendors does Instart Logic partner with? Instart Logic partners with market leading Application Performance Management vendors such as New Relic and Soasta. Simply set up your Instart Logic service and send your New Relic or Soasta license key to to activate your plugin. Within a matter of minutes, your APM dashboard will start to monitor Instart Logic’s performance metrics.

  11. How does Instart Logic improve my key performance metrics? Instart Logic plays a paramount role in influencing each and every one of the key performance metrics by delivering performance optimizations that are faster and more intelligent than any other Content Delivery Network. Features such as Image Adaptation, HTML streaming, and JavaScript Interception provide a fundamentally different approach to influencing key performance indicators and result in meaningful performance gains that have real business impact. Why is Instart Logic better than other CDNs? Different from traditional content delivery networks, Instart Logic has an innovative software based approach to accelerate the delivery of applications and content, not just to the caching location, but also to the end device. With its architectural platform built for modern day applications, Instart Logic is able to have end-to-end control of the content delivery path from client to cloud to origin. By using machine Learning and computer vision techniques, Instart Logic is able to send applications in small chunks instead of as monolithic downloads thereby speeding up the delivery of content, ensuring faster page downloads and a superior user experience. How is Instart Logic’s technology different? With a radically new architectural approach to application delivery, Instart Logic is able to decouple the hardware and network from the software used to deliver applications, a fundamental paradigm shift from the legacy hardware-centric content delivery approach. In additional, unlike traditional Content Delivery Networks who focus primarily on network-level optimizations, Instart Logic provides both application-level and network-level optimizations allowing for completely innovative approaches to accelerate the performance, security, and scalability of applications.

  12. What security features does Instart Logic provide? In addition to accelerating performance, Instart Logic also provides a comprehensive security suite with multi-layered protection for applications. The security suite leverages our unique Software Defined Application Delivery platform and provides protection across the end-to-end delivery path with DDoS protection, a Web Application firewall that utilizes the ModSecurity engine, and origin protection.