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Strategic Digital Marketing Trends for 2017 PowerPoint Presentation
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Strategic Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

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Strategic Digital Marketing Trends for 2017 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Strategic Digital Marketing Trends for 2017
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  1. Strategic Digital Marketing Trends for2017 Who can resist the temptation of knowing thefuture? When it comes to your business, you always think what will be in and what will be out in the NewYear? The year 2017 is already in and the predictions are high for the digital marketing trends. Find the most likely strategic digital marketing trends for2017. The era of digital marketing is already through its dawn. It is rising further to new heights every day. However, the fluctuating technologies are keeping it up with newer updates now and then. That is why you need to know the potential trends which are likely to make difference in2017. Top Trends in Digital Marketing for2017 Digital marketing is the fastest moving industry today. The platforms evolve. New algorithms are in or get in again in the improved versions. While some features suddenly get popular, some keep on maintaining their place. The potential trends for this year are here to help yourbusiness. 1. Artificial Intelligence – Softwares like predictive analytics and chatbots are likely to take the digital marketing world in their stride. AI tools for analyzing and researching consumer’s behaviour are going to make their mark in a bigway.

  2. 2. Visuals Content - Content is already a king. 2017 may see visual content as a king. The way visuals, live videos and infographics were trending in 2016, they are likely to be more powerful. They will be adding unique value to the company’s brand. Live Social Media – 2017 will not just be an age of social media or digital ways. It will be more of a kind of live and streaming. Social media is already a strategic tool for internet marketing. Live videos and streaming will be used to boost the products in a greatway. High Functionalities, Simple Designs – Highly functional designs even with less appealing look will see a good rise. Designs with best aesthetics but lacking in functionalities will heavily lose place. Users are becoming smart with the use of the apps and they are now better in judging efficientcampaigns.

  3. 5. Search Engine Optimization Trends – The digital marketing is not aloof from the SEO. Optimization for the search engines is always on the priority list. With heavy updates in the past year, it is difficult to predict Google’s stand for this year. But it is slowly and steadily approaching towards a mobile-responsive world. The searches from the smartphones have gone up in a gigantic way. Boosting campaigns in a way that they are mobile-friendly and compatible for the mobile screens will be one of the biggest trends. Getting success in the digital campaigning in 2017 will be remaining friendly with the mobiles. It will be surely adapting the ongoing technological enhancements andupdates. Keeping your fingers crossed and being alert to the new arrivals of the technologies is the best way to succeed. Right now, stay updated on the strategic digital marketing trends for 2017 with us. We would love to know your views aswell.