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SEO And Digital Marketing Trends 2017 PowerPoint Presentation
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SEO And Digital Marketing Trends 2017

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SEO And Digital Marketing Trends 2017 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SEO And Digital Marketing Trends 2017
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  1. SEO And Digital Marketing Trends 2017

  2. SEO And Digital Marketing Trends 2017 We are a month into the New Year and already many digital marketers are preparing themselves for what is next to come in their field. Will a search engine launch a new update, will new tools come up? These are just some of the things that might happen. But before planning about things to come it is always better to prepare for things that are already present. For this purpose, here are a few SEO and digital marketing trends that started last year and are still going strong in 2017- Google is now moving more towards mobile first strategies and local SEO- Companies today that do not have a mobile optimized site stand less to no chance of getting ranked. Similarly, businesses that have local SEO in place stand a better chance at climbing higher. Voice search seems to be on its way to become the next step in online searches- With digital assistants getting better voice search is something businesses now should look to optimize for Long form content is still going strong and will continue to do well on search results Social media like last year will still be a great way to garner website traffic and boost SEO- Top social media sites are getting more and more interactive and presenting businesses

  3. with many new options to market their brand. Thus, social media is soon to be the next big thing in digital marketing UX or user experience will still be an important thing and continue to have its benefits for businesses  This year will also see the rise of Accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) their dominance on search results These are just few trends to look out for this year.