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United States to host ASEAN summit in February PowerPoint Presentation
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United States to host ASEAN summit in February

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United States to host ASEAN summit in February
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United States to host ASEAN summit in February

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  1. United States to host ASEAN summit in February The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is going to be hosted by the United States at California in Rancho Mirage, says the recent press release by the office of White House, United States of America. The upcoming summit is expected to provide the ASEAN leaders a forum to strengthen US-ASEAN co-operation after the strategic partnership on political, security and economic issues inked in November 2015. With the signing of ASEAN declaration, initially, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand came together to form ASEAN on 8th August 1967 in Thailand. Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Lao PDR and Myanmar joined later by 1999 making up the current composition of membership in ASEAN. The Association is set up to accelerate economic growth, social progress and cultural development through joint endeavours. Mutual assistance on matters of common interests in technical, scientific and administrative areas are encouraged. The Association aims at a greater utilisation of their agricultural and industrial resources to expand their trade base, better transport and communication facilities to reflect in higher living standards. The Association also eyes at encouraging training and research facilities and to promote Southeast Asian studies. The member countries maintain cooperation with existing international and regional organisations with similar aims and purposes to grow their outreach with them. The Kaula Lumpur declaration: Asian Charter was established during Kaula Lumpur declaration in 2009. The declaration also reiterated the maintenance of its primary driving force, promotion of community interest for the benefit of ASEAN members, narrowing the development gaps among the member-countries, promoting common regional identity, effective implementation and compliance with ASEAN agreements and upholding the non-discrimination among ASEAN countries. ASEAN Charter acts as the foundation to the Association by proving its communities a legal status and institutional framework. This also presents accountability and compliance. There are three

  2. communities under ASEAN which work collectively and imperatively towards realising the purpose of the Association. They are as explained below: 1.Political Security Community: Maintenance of law is the motto of this community. It carries out arbitration as and when they arise to solves intra-regional differences peacefully, giving complete regard to collective laws and interests. 2.Economic Community: This community is established in 2015 for fulfilling the aim of regional economic integration over the huge $2.6 Trillion market. It aims to achieve the integration through competitive, dynamic and innovative ASEAN, enhanced connectivity and sectoral cooperation, people-centred and global ASEAN. 3.Socio-Cultural Community: To ensure and endure solidarity and unity, this community works towards building a common identity to build a better society. Very first ASEAN summit was held at Bali 1976. Since then, there have been 27 ASEAN summits in various parts of the globe. The partnership that was forged by the USA since 2009 is expected to strengthen further with this hosting of the ASEAN summit in re-balancing the Asia and the Pacific economies. For more details visit us at: http://www.eximdesk.com/buzz/united-states-to-host-asean-summit-in- february?channel=organic_doc