Connecting students a look into conferencexp and groove collaboration tools for classroom use
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Connecting Students: A Look into ConferenceXP and Groove Collaboration Tools for Classroom Use - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Connecting Students: A Look into ConferenceXP and Groove Collaboration Tools for Classroom Use. MERLOT: August 7-10, 2007. Lori Soule Nicholls State University Jeanne Samuel Tulane University. Collaboration. Wikipedia (2007) defines collaboration as a process.

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Connecting students a look into conferencexp and groove collaboration tools for classroom use l.jpg

Connecting Students: A Look into ConferenceXP and Groove Collaboration Tools for Classroom Use

MERLOT: August 7-10, 2007

Lori Soule

Nicholls State University

Jeanne Samuel

Tulane University

Collaboration l.jpg

  • Wikipedia (2007) defines collaboration as a process.

  • This process is the recursive interaction of knowledge and mutual learning between two or more people

    • The people are working together in an intellectual endeavor

      • Progressing toward a common goal which is typically creative in nature

Collaboration tools l.jpg
Collaboration Tools

  • Adobe Connect (Macromedia Breeze)

  • Compressed video classes

  • Course Management Systems

    • WebCT

    • Blackboard

  • Microsoft Groove

  • Microsoft ConferenceXP

  • Instant Message

    • MSN Web Messenger

    • AIM

  • Yahoo Groups for news and information

Groove l.jpg

  • Collaborative peer-to-peer application for group interaction

  • Both synchronous and asynchronous tools for communication

    • Synchronous

      • Real-time audio and chat conversations (both text and audio)

      • Simultaneous access to shared space

    • Asynchronous

      • Utilization of shared space while remaining offline

  • Several functions available for collaborative use

  • The “workspace” is where all of the collaboration happens

Available functions l.jpg
Available Functions

  • Calendar – mark important date and collaborate schedules

  • Discussion – engage in conversations with other workspace members

  • Document review – initiate a review cycle for document(s) with other workspace members

  • Files – store, organize, and share files

  • Meetings – assign items and record minutes

  • Pictures – display and share graphic images and digital photos

  • Sketchpad – use drawing tools on a sketchpad

Use in collaborating learning setting l.jpg
Use in Collaborating Learning Setting

  • Calendar – help students and instructors coordinate meeting times and deadlines.

  • File sharing – view presentations of how to perform certain tasks or learn about new concepts

  • Picture sharing – share digital photos which may be compiled for a collaborative project

  • Discussion threads – exploration of topics and compilation of knowledge from other students

  • Task manager -- track who was responsible for what parts of a project and also the “completeness” of the current project

Strengths l.jpg

  • Can be used in both an online or offline setting

  • Flexibility and the variety of functions

  • Groove 2007 give users various means to enhance team collaboration:

    • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (v. 3.0)

    • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

    • Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007

    • Microsoft Office Communicator

Limitations l.jpg

  • Lack of webcam support

  • Cost

    • Part of Office Suite

      • Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 – $679.99

      • Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 – price is based on volume

    • Stand-alone

      • Approximately $120 at educational software discounters

Launchbar l.jpg

Opening choices of:

Workspaces showing both read and unread entries


Why conference xp in education l.jpg
Why Conference XP in Education?

  • Free real-time collaboration and archive for on-demand playback

  • Microsoft Research partners with universities to build learning applications

  • Growing user community of implementers and developers

  • Scalable

Enabling three scenarios l.jpg
Enabling three Scenarios

Improve the “in classroom” experience

Enabling three scenarios20 l.jpg
Enabling three Scenarios

Enable effective Distance education

Enabling three scenarios21 l.jpg
Enabling three Scenarios

Add asynchronous capabilities to the classroom

Client l.jpg

  • Real-time collaboration

  • Wireless-enabled classrooms support

  • Distributed learning environments

  • Peer-to-peer

  • Unicast (reflector)

  • Multicast (venue)

Cxp capabilities l.jpg
CXP Capabilities

Capabilities, like add-ins, enable developers to customize the functionality of ConferenceXP. Capabilities included with ConferenceXP appear on the Actions menu. When you install a new or custom capability, it appears on the Actions > Start Other Capabilities menu.

  • Presentation

  • Windows Media Playback

  • Local Screen Streaming

  • Shared Browser

  • UW Classroom Presenter  (CXP 3.5 not 4)

  • Group Chat

Venue server l.jpg
Venue Server

The multicast collaboration area

Reflector server l.jpg
Reflector Server

  • Bridging clients as unicast when multicast from venue is not available

Archive server l.jpg
Archive Server

Enables the recording and playback of lectures and conferences.

Questions l.jpg

Jeanne Samuel – [email protected]

(Place CXP in the subject line)

Lori Soule - [email protected]

(Place GROOVE in the subject line)