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HRMS System software PowerPoint Presentation
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HRMS System software

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HRMS System software
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HRMS System software

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  1. Select the Right HR Solution for Your Business

  2. Top 5 Advantages of HRMS software • Management of resources is the key for effective functioning of any organization. Human resource being an important arm of any corporate house, HRMS software is the perfect tool to increase efficiency in administering your work force, keep a track of their outputs, and ensure compliance parameters are not breeched. The markets are flooded with HRMS software which provides different features though some of the 5 helpful features

  3. Managing Payrolls • Work is all about payrolls, at least for the employees, and managing payrolls is a hectic process which all big or small businesses have to go through. This feature is especially useful to large organizations as all the data is stored at one location, hence redundancy is reduced and data integrity is maintained. You can directly import the data without the intervention of any payroll application.  • The HRMS software has the requisite technology to calculate the actual salaries to be paid to the employees based upon their working works, tax deductions, and deduction of provident funds, without you having to crack your brains through conventional methods.

  4. Employee Database • The preamble of any HRMS is to have the feature of employee database without which the essence of HRMS is lost. Software may differ in the options and tools they provide, but the moral of the story is to keep a record of all the available information pertaining to the employees in an organized manner and which can be manipulated or updated later. This simplifies pulling out your employee’s records when needed.

  5. Monitoring Employees Performance • Keeping a track of your employee’s work pattern can help you calibrate your employees, and for that HRMS software is a handy tool that can monitor their punctuality and attendance track record. Profits of your organization depend upon the productivity of your workforce hence keeping track of your employees efficiency can forecast the direction your company is heading. You can maintain the career graph of your employees, keep a track of their productivity and can stack rank them based upon the documented records, leaving no room for disgruntled employees for complaints.

  6. Recruitments • Recruitment is an important continuous process in every organization, but handling countless applications can be a tedious task best left for the computers. Hence to simplify hiring, HRMS software can keep a track of new applicants in an organized manner and helps in determining the right candidate. Your HRMS can have connectivity with the internet and allow applicants to apply online as well, which would simplify the process of recruitment for the applicants and the hiring companies alike.

  7. Project Management • This is a popular feature which many innovative and farsighted companies apply in their functioning. For any project there is a beginning and an end, and in between there are various courses which it takes. Upon completion of a project, you can analyze the output and look for areas of development. These will immensely help your employees to remove non-value added steps and increase productivity. Hence this feature intends to improve overall quality and efficiency of your organization. View Source: -

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