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HRMS. Human Resource Management System. HRMS Benefits. HRMS Modules. Efficiently handle HR tasks related to benefits, payroll and accounting. Closely plan, control and manage HR expenses. Increase efficiency and quality of HR decision-making.

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    1. HRMS Human Resource Management System

    2. HRMS Benefits HRMS Modules • Efficiently handle HR tasks related to benefits, payroll and accounting. • Closely plan, control and manage HR expenses. • Increase efficiency and quality of HR decision-making. • Enhance productivity for managers and front-line employees. • Streamline the recruiting process. • Manage attendance in real-time. • Improve communication within your organization. • Track training and succession planning. • Smooth goal setting ,KRA&KPI Process • Opinion polls & Suggestion. • Useful reporting functions and evaluation capabilities. • Core HR Management • Payroll Management • Leave Management • Attendance and Time Management • Loan and advance • Recruitment Management • Training Management • Performance Management • Travel & Expense • Employee and Manager Self Service • News Letters / Opinion & Polls Management • Organization Change Management

    3. Core HR Management • Central controller of the system • Control all settings values of core components and other information that serves as the backbone for the rest of the system • Define the company hierarchy and core components of company • Create User and assign roles (Administration/Employee/SuperAdmin) • Define policies and forms • Define Settings which are essential for other process. Settings like (Define Loan type, Leave types, Shifts, Assets, Holidays, and Week Offs etc.) • Define Approver for Leave , Loan and Travel • Also define reliever for approval of leave application

    4. Payroll Management • Gives flexibility of creating Salary Heads, Salary Formulae, Professional Tax Slab, creating own Salary Structures . Depending upon following factors • Leaves/Holidays/Week offs • Attendance , Time and Shift • Loan and Advance • Performance Bonus/Variable Pay/Extra working/OT Configuration • Professional Tax Slab ,TDS

    5. Payroll Management

    6. Payslip and Form 16

    7. Attendance and Time Management • Attendance & Time Management • Add attendance of employees w.r.t. shift , month and Year • Predefined attendance for Holidays and Week Offs • Add , Edit bunch of employees’ attendance • Automates timekeeping related processes • Allows Superadmins or higher authority to calculate compensation and Overtime • Shift Management • Define Shifts for Organization • Assign shifts Department wise and set period of shift

    8. Attendance

    9. Loan and Advance • For Loan • Define Loan Type master • Define Loan Eligibility and Multiple Loans condition • Employee Can Apply for Loan and his Loan request forwarded to admin. • Admin reviews Loan request and approves or rejects it. • Define Instalments for Employee depending on Loan Amount. • Automatically schedules loan payment dates. • Auto status change after loan payment • For Advance • Employee can request to admin for Advance • After confirmation from admin, employee will notified and payment • the requested advance is automatically deducted from his/her next salary.

    10. Loan Management

    11. Leave Management • Define leave types relevant to your organization • Information on leave entitlement, leave time, balance, history of Employee leaves stored in database • Capture the details of applied leave and approved leave • Allows employees to apply for leave directly from the system and Appropriate authority may approve or reject leave. • Once the leave request is received, online leave planning tools provide decision support to determine eligibility and entitlement to leave benefits. • Auto e-mail notifications to employees and supervisors on leave statuses. • Define Leave Carry Forward Rule for leave type so that employee can reimburse them. • Define Leave Encashment Rule to encourage employees to take leave on a planned and systematic basis. • Incremental Leave Policy

    12. Leave Management

    13. Leave Entitlement

    14. Recruitment Management • The recruitment management simply defines the whole recruitment process which will be carried out in an organization. Helps to find right people with the right target skills. • Listing out the Job Vacancies available in Organization • Schedule Interview date and place • Applicant can easily apply for vacancies • Shortlist applicant on the basis of Qualification and Experience • Interview scheduling and generate notifications • Capture information on pass or fail for each screening step of interview • Process and generate offering and hiring letters • Auto email notifications send out to applicants for each interview process.

    15. Recruitment Process

    16. Training Management • Training programs can be entered with future dates which allows managers to track progress of employees through these programs • Examine the results of courses taken and reschedule specific courses when needed. • Detail training course database, including sub courses, objectives, duration and locations • Assign Training Department wise or Designation wise Or Employee wise • Employee/Manager can give feedback about Training • Manage Training providers/vendors • Auto email notification of training

    17. Training

    18. Performance Management • Link your employees to your business objectives with effective goal-setting, and watch motivation, productivity and performance climb. • On the basis of Goals (KRA ,KPI) and 360 degree appraisal performance is measured.

    19. KRA (Key Responsibility Area) • Managers can create KRAs/KPIs that keep staff motivated to perform highly and contribute to your business success. • Higher Authority personnel can assign KRA to employee with its threshold value • By comparing KRA Value with Employee KRA value , admin or higher authority personnel can easily review it for appraisal.

    20. KPI (Key Performance Indicators) • Each KRA can have multiple KPIs • Employee can set KPI or Other higher Authority set KPI to employee • Each KPI has value and this value is used as reference to review employees’ performance by comparing Employee KPI value

    21. Competency • An individual is assessed for his or her competence in a particular area of employment • The main objective of the competency appraisal is to ascertain whether an employee is able to carry out his or her duties in a professional role.

    22. Appraisal Module • Every step of employees’ appraisal process can be easily and professionally tracked. Some unique features of appraisal management system include 360° appraisal, setting up of Appraisal Managers • Managers can easily set up appraisal process for current financial year. • Managers can set Appraisal Questions Type depending upon appraisal • According to employee or department, managers can set appraisal questions • Assign reviewers to each department or employee to review appraisal process to • Initiate appraisal process for each employee or bunch of employee • Stores employee appraisal answers and reviewers ratings • All process generates auto email to get update of whole process

    23. Appraisal

    24. Travel and Expense • Expenses can reimbursed to employees with ease and this helps Expense authorizer to identify forged expenses • HR manager defines Expense Authorizers and they will going to check all expenses for Expense plan • Set up an expense plan and request will be automatically forwarded to Expense Authorizer • Define expense types and its details like Date, amount • Add expense advance and upload advance bills • Raise vouchers of expense and track them for claims • Organize and monitor expense reports

    25. Expense Management

    26. Organization Change Management • Organization Change management keeps record of Employees’ change in personal profile as well as in corporate profile • Salary Increment, Department Transfer , Designation change etc. is recorded for each employee for future use

    27. Employee Self Service • For employees that allows them to perform functions traditionally administered via human resource department • Amend / update personal information • Employee can update qualification , experience and past employment • Add Family members and nominees . • Employee can add Assets details, Skills Details ,Emergency Contacts, Documents etc. • Apply for leave and loan • See attendance and employees who are on leave • View salary , Goals (KRA,KPI) list • View Tasks for upcoming 7 days, Schedule meetings,

    28. Employee Profile and Dashboard

    29. Manager Self Service • Managers can easily respond to request of employees’ various reasons like leave , loan , Expenses etc. • Can assign tasks to his/her subordinates • Can see employees profile which are reporting to him/her • See all notifications, news , Thoughts

    30. News Letters / Opinion & Polls • Get updated with Organizations recent events , news • Ask Questions and get opinions through voting • Helps new Employee to know organization culture with ease

    31. Opinion Polls

    32. Employee Exit Module Intention to Retain Notify Manager and discuss Discussion between HR and Manager Yes No Success Retain Employee and Cancel resignation Notify Immediate supervisor Resignation forwarded to HR Yes No Resignation Accepted Resignation Discuss with HR Payroll Process for final settlement Answers Exit Questions Payroll Process for any dues Submit answers and request for settlement

    33. Login Screen

    34. Admin Dashboard

    35. Scheduler and Notifications

    36. Organization Chart

    37. Reports • From reports as simple as birthdays, to details on benefits enrolment, this system can give you what you need right when you need it. Keep your team up-to-date on your organization with reports that take minutes rather than hours to create. • System generates various reports that can be viewed and export in different formats PDF , word , CSV and excel

    38. Employee Reports • Employees Clearance • Employee Salary Report • Employee Presents Reports • Employee Salary Structure report • Employee Absent Days • Employee Probation • Employment Detail report • Employees Detail Report • Employee Present Report • Employee Asset report • Employee Birth Day List • Employee CTC Detail • Employee Left Stats

    39. Leave Reports Shift Reports • Shift Statistics • Shift wise Daily Attendance • Working On holidays • Weekly Off Report • Employee Leave Entitlement • Leave Balance • Leave Encashment Report

    40. Loan And Advance Reports • Loan Approval Report • Loan Monthly Payment • Loan Payment Report

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