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Robert Cultrara World Health Organization

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Robert Cultrara World Health Organization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Robert Cultrara World Health Organization. Implement and fine-tune Windows services in the Darfur, Sudan. IDPs camps. El Geneeina case study. Server room. What would you improve?. Sattelite Connection: What would you improve?. The configuration we found. Windows 2003 server

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the configuration we found
The configuration we found..
  • Windows 2003 server
  • No active directory, common folders, printers
  • Individual update of each Windows (No WSUS)
  • Outlook connected to Exchange through MAPI protocol
  • Individual update of each anti-virus
  • Back-up not fully functioning, tapes not stored properly
  • UPS system underestimated
  • Firewall not fully configured to stop P2P …
  • A lot of viruses, spyware, malware
active directory fine tune
Active Directory fine-tune:
  • Implement an optimized ADS replication policy
  • Remove from replication items not really needed
  • Schedule replication for times when there is extremely low traffic or no traffic on the network (e.g. Friday)
exchange 2000 fine tune
Exchange 2000 fine-tune:
  • Implement mail quota
  • Create different mail connectors to optimize bandwidth usage
  • Choose appropriate protocols (IMAP, POP3, MAPI, MAPI through HTTP)
  • Set-up text-only e-mails as default – i.e. remove HTML or RTF message
exchange fine tune cont
Exchange fine tune (cont)
  • Make physical sites with low bandwidth separate Exchange Server sites. They can then be connected by X.400 connectors. X.400 connectors have several tuning and performance optimization settings that can be configured for connectivity across slow WAN links
  • Set message size restrictions on the MTA to reduce network traffic. This can be done in the Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator program, on the General tab of the MTA Properties page. This way users are restricted from sending large messages that can cause severe problems on the network.
  • Schedule public folder replication for after hours
mail protocols
Mail protocols
  • MAPI and in particular MAPI through HTTP (e.g. Outlook) were discontinued for field offices becuase they use too much bandwidth
  • Push the IMAP4 and POP3 protocol
  • Depending of the bandwidth available, you can either use OMA or OWA to access the e-mail remotely
outlook web access owa
Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • Outlook Web Access
    • Includes spell check (server side), additional views, faster updates, mail rules, signatures
    • Much closer to true Outlook experience
      • Still no PST support
    • Low bandwidth enhancements
      • Enhanced compression - 40-60% reduction in SSL traffic
      • “Basic Mode” available
    • Security enhancements
      • Form-based authentication, Web-beacon blocking, S/MIME support, attachment blocking
      • Consider to install SSL, when Internet Explorer is not used, because of the Windows Integrated Authentication issue.
outlook mobile access oma
Outlook Mobile Access (OMA)
  • In Outlook Mobile Access you can use nearly all the features you can use with Outlook access
  • It requires much less bandwidth
  • Consider to use SSL to increase security
why mapi is bad
Why MAPI is bad
  • Microsoft Outlook uses MAPI for the transmission of the e-mail within the LAN
  • MAPI takes a lot of bandwidth.
  • Cached MAPI (Exchange 2003) improved the bandwidth usage, though still kills the bandwidth
if you really want to use outlook change this
If you really want to use Outlook change this..

Set a few registry entries to configure Outlook to work more efficiently when when you're experiencing high latency (e.g. with satellite connections). HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\Outlook registry subkey entry DisableBGSave of type REG_DWORD a value of 1, Outlook won't stream file attachments to the Exchange server when you're composing a message.

mcafee anti virus update
McAfee anti-virus update
  • Create a local repository of DAT files
  • Set-up clients to update itself using the local repository
back up
  • Create a new backup policy
  • Store tapes in a “clean” location
  • From time to time send tapes to another office (e.g. Khartoum)
trobleshoot windows
Trobleshoot Windows
  • Microsoft Knowledge Base (Technet)
  • Technical forums on the internet