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Part 2 Effective Communication with the Driving Horse To Begin Part 2 Click here . Body Position is The 4 th Aid Seat Position Jeff Morse & Telishan Santiam, owned by Gail & Laurence Williamson How it Should Look Jeff Morse & SBS Risky Business

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part 2
Part 2

Effective Communication with

the Driving Horse

To Begin Part 2

Click here.

seat position
Seat Position

Jeff Morse & Telishan Santiam, owned by Gail & Laurence Williamson

how it should look
How it Should Look

Jeff Morse & SBS Risky Business

the check yourself routine
To be repeated every 5 minutes

Lift you feet and rest them on the floor

Work your way up your legs, knees, thighs, pelvis

Let the motion of the vehicle move you.

Become Elvis = Loose!

Elbows even with the front of your rib cage

Hands held the width of your shoulders

Hands higher than your elbows

Ride the vehicle like you are riding on a saddle

LOOK where you are going!

TheCheck YourselfRoutine
where to look how to see what to feel
Where to Look, How to See, What to Feel
  • Train your brain to use the area outside the center of your visual field.
  • Learn to drive by FEEL.
  • Do not look at your horse.
  • Play Eye Spy.
    • Drive a 40 meter circle
    • Look up and around
    • Do not look at your horse
    • Look ½ way around, ¼ way, ¾ way
driving blind
Driving Blind

Learn to drive by Feel

by driving with your eyes closed.

squint and blur exercise
Squint and Blur Exercise
  • This squinting/blurring exercise is especially good when there are obstacles around
  • Before your Dressage Tests
  • Drive problem movements
  • What can you FEEL?
improving communication for the horse
Improving Communication For The Horse
  • Time Management
    • Standing - Patience
    • Time Off - Processing
    • Competition - Stress
  • Equipment Fit & Adjustment
    • Bits – Busy/Quiet Mouth
    • Reins – Synthetic, Position
    • Seat position
improving communication for the horse12
Improving Communication for The Horse

The Essential Exercise

Let’s Make a Deal

The Horse gets to move your hand with his mouth in exchange for you getting to move and control the horse’s head and neck.

the horse gets to move your hand
The Horse Gets to Move Your Hand?

Fayth Preis & Harwinton Daisy Davis

Jeff Morse & Gaitwood Garmisch

Fred Herrick & Saddleback Supreme

figure 8 rules
Figure 8 Rules
  • The Horse must look inside the circle.
  • The Horse can not change the speed at which you ask him to travel.
    • Can’t speed up or slow down.
  • The Horse can reach down and forward all he wants.
    • He is free to explore.
    • You can not hold or support him with your hand.
    • He can plow a trench in the ground with his nose!
  • Note:no rule about size of the circle
loop and wave
Loop and Wave
  • Your goal is to manage every stride
  • With limited strides available to get him where he needs to go, the horse will find he has to get every stride as right as he can.
  • Horses learn to WAIT to be driven.
the 7 essential exercises
The 7 Essential Exercises

When the audio for this slide has ended, click here.

  • Check Yourself –> Find Your Posture
  • Eye Spy –> Where You Look
  • Driving Blind –> What You Feel
  • Squinting and Blurring –> What You Feel II
  • Lets Make a Deal –> How to Feel the Horse
  • Figure 8 –> How to Find Balance
  • Loop and Wave –> How to Find Dexterity

Jeff Morse trains horses and drivers for carriage driving in the Berkshire Hills in Massachusetts, 7 mile from Exit1 on the Mass. Pike. He is available for clinics year round. His competition and clinic schedule is viewable here.

Jeff, whip ~ Age 2 with his Advanced Rooster

Jeff Morse

Green Meads farm

PO Box 158

Richmond, MA 01254


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