career clusters tool for seamless educational transition l.
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Career Clusters: Tool for Seamless Educational Transition PowerPoint Presentation
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Career Clusters: Tool for Seamless Educational Transition

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Career Clusters: Tool for Seamless Educational Transition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Career Clusters: Tool for Seamless Educational Transition Overview What are Career Clusters? Why Career Clusters? What are the Benefits? What Resources are Available? How Do You Get Started? Career Clusters: Definition

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  • What are Career Clusters?
  • Why Career Clusters?
  • What are the Benefits?
  • What Resources are Available?
  • How Do You Get Started?
career clusters definition
Career Clusters: Definition
  • Career Clusters represent a grouping of occupations and broad industries based on commonalities.
  • Instructional + Guidance Model
career clusters tool
Career Clusters: Tool
  • A TOOL for seamless educational system that:
    • Blends rigorous academic/technical preparation
    • Provides career planning
    • Offers options for students to experience all aspects of an industry
    • Facilitates/assists students with transitions
what career clusters do
What Career Clusters DO
  • Provide a framework that current programs slot into
  • Provide a framework for seamless education
  • Provide MORE career options for learners
  • Provide a framework for addressing the entire world of work
  • Provide a picture of how knowledge and skills transfer vertically and horizontally
what career clusters don t do
What Career Clusters DON’T Do
  • Do not take away current programs
  • Do not take away occupational areas
  • Do not track learners into a single job
career clusters titles
Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Architecture & Construction

Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications

Business, Management & Administration

Education & Training


Government & Public Administration

Health Science

Hospitality & Tourism

Human Services

Information Technology

Law, Public Safety & Security


Marketing, Sales & Service

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Career Clusters: Titles
career clusters model
Career Clusters: Model
  • Organizes the occupations, within each cluster, into pathways that group the cluster occupations based on commonalities
career clusters why
Career Clusters: Why?
  • Career-focused strategy supporting:
    • Educational reform
    • Workforce preparation
    • Economic development
career clusters educational reform
Career Clusters: Educational Reform
  • Help develop employability, academic and technical skills
  • Build a repertoire of skills within the broad context of a career
  • Enhance career guidance and transitions
  • Add relevance to the curriculum
  • Provide smoother transitions between educational levels
  • Provide for re-tooling, changing careers
career clusters workforce preparation
Career Clusters: Workforce Preparation
  • Driven by local business/industry and economic development
  • Prepare the emerging workforce
  • Cross-train/re-tool the workforce
  • Build a flexible, “Gold Collar” workforce
transition to 21 st century workplaces
Transition to 21st Century Workplaces

Source: Adapted from Schray and Sheets (2002)

career clusters benefits
Career Clusters: Benefits
  • Learners more likely to enroll in rigorous and relevant coursework
  • Enhanced guidance services through the cluster models’ identification of many careers and their pathways
  • Aligned linkages from postsecondary education to feeder programs
  • Learners better equipped for successful career transitions
    • Preferred Product/Technical Assistance Providers
    • Brochures
    • Career Cluster Resources CD
    • Posters
    • Pathway Models
    • Plans of Study (see Plan of Study handout)
    • Interest Inventories/Surveys
    • Assessments: Workplace Readiness, Cluster Specific
  • Annual Career Clusters Institute
tips for getting started
Tips for Getting Started
  • Use resources to:
    • Enhance existing programs.
    • Strengthen/align programs, courses, and skill sets.
    • Serve as a career theme for career academies, small learning communities, schools within schools, charter schools, home schooling and magnet schools.