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Making Effective Presentations

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Making Effective Presentations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making Effective Presentations Kenji Kitao MK706 Phone 7696 1  Learning to Do Presentations Introduction Fear of doing presentations Natural reaction Many situations when you might have to give a presentation Can become skillful at doing presentations Preparation

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making effective presentations

Making Effective Presentations

Kenji KitaoMK706Phone

learning to do presentations
1 Learning to Do Presentations
  • Introduction
    • Fear of doing presentations
      • Natural reaction
      • Many situations when you might have to give a presentation
      • Can become skillful at doing presentations
        • Preparation
        • Practice
        • Experience
Situations when being able to do presentations might be of use to you
    • Classes at school
    • Your fellow employees or employees of another company at a job
    • Other uses for presentation skills
      • Job interviews
      • Making a proposal to your boss
Three parts of doing a presentation
    • Preparation for the presentation
    • Making the presentation itself
    • Following up on the presentation
preparing for a presentation
Preparing for a Presentation
  • Preparation very important to success
    • Difficult or impossible to make a good presentation without good preparation
  • Considerations include
    • 1. Purpose of your presentation
    • 2. Topic of your presentation
    • 3. Gathering information
    • 4. Organizing information
1. General purposes of presentations
    • To inform
    • To persuade
    • To instruct
    • To entertain
Important to keep your purpose in mind which of these is your purpose
  • Might give information in order to persuade, but need to keep in mind that your purpose is to persuade, not just to give information
  • Keep purpose in mind
    • As you are planning and giving your presentation
    • As you are evaluating its success
2. Determining your topic
    • Examples
      • Informing your classmates about the causes of the American Civil War
      • Persuading a customer to buy from your company
      • Entertaining a group of friends with amusing stories about all the things that went wrong on your trip to England
3. Gathering information for your presentation
    • Be aware of the possible sources of information how to find information there efficiently.
      • The Internet and libraries
  • 4. Organizing your information
      • Introduction
      • Discussion
      • Conclusion
Best organization depends, in part, on purpose and topic
    • Examples
      • Explain a problem and then suggest different solutions
      • Discuss a situation and discuss different causes
      • Persuasive presentation
        • Consider how to persuade your audience
        • Emotional arguments
        • Rational arguments
        • Combination of both
giving a presentation
Giving a Presentation
  • Factors to consider when giving presentation
    • Being nervous
      • Especially if you don't have much experience giving presentations
      • Cannot do away with your nervousness entirely but can reduce it
    • Consider how to deliver presentation effectively
      • Not only what you say but how you say it
        • Using volume and pitch of the voice, gestures, eye contact, and other strategies to make the delivery more effective.
Using visual aids, as appropriate
    • Visuals should make your presentation more effective
      • Not good to use visuals just for the sake of using them
        • Bad visuals can be distracting and make presentation less effective
          • Too many visuals
          • Visuals that are too small
          • Irrelevant visuals
Use of PowerPoint now common
    • Can be used for text, pictures, graphs and charts, Internet links, video
    • Very valuable in giving presentations but can be used too much or ineffectively
    • Needs to be used in a way that makes presentation more effective
following up on a presentation
Following up on a Presentation
  • Need to learn to handle questions effectively
  • Should evaluate your presentation
    • Do you think you achieved your purpose?
    • What did you do well?
    • What could you have done better?
    • Important to learn from both successes and failures, so future presentations can be better
  • You should carefully consider
    • How to prepare
    • How to practice
    • How to deliver your presentation effectively
    • How to follow up after you have finished
  • Can give good presentations if you do
  • Giving presentations -- a skill that can benefit you in a variety of situations in your life