the civil war l.
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The Civil War

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The Civil War - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Civil War By Joshua Howell & Todd Biehle Third Grade Strand 1 – American Heritage Strand 2 – People in Society Strand 3 – World Interactions Strand 4 – Decision Making and Resources Strand 5 – Democratic Processes Strand 6 – Citizenship Rights & Responsibilities

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The Civil War

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the civil war

The Civil War

By Joshua Howell

& Todd Biehle

third grade
Third Grade
  • Strand 1 – American Heritage
  • Strand 2 – People in Society
  • Strand 3 – World Interactions
  • Strand 4 – Decision Making and Resources
  • Strand 5 – Democratic Processes
  • Strand 6 – Citizenship Rights & Responsibilities
  • Strand 7 – Science, Technology and Society
american heritage
American Heritage
  • Make a timeline of Civil War events
  • Have students draw illustrations of the Battle of Gettysburg
  • Have students write a Civil War biography
  • Use illustrations and photos to create a collage of Civil War events
  • Field Trip to Gettysburg
american heritage websites
American Heritage Websites

Civil War Preservation Trust

Confederate Historical Society

Pictures and timeline information

Confederate Heritage Collection of Flags

Ulysses S. Grant Home Page

Basic Facts about Grant

Heritage Preservation Association

Civil Rights Organization For Southern Heritage

people in society
People In Society
  • Dress up as Civil War participants
  • Cook and eat classic Civil War chow
  • Discuss why people owned slaves
  • Have a slave debate – half of class North and half South
  • Compare the reasons Europeans came to America with the reasons Africans came to America
people in society websites
People in Society Websites

Biographies of Americas Founding Fathers

people in society websites8
People in Society Websites

Civil War Timelines, Battles, Music, and Documents

Causes of the Civil War

Robert E. Lee Bibliography

world interactions
World Interactions
  • Make a map of the troop movements from 1861-1863
  • Make a map of the Underground Railroad
  • Measure the distances from the start to the finish of the Underground Railroad
  • Create a chart to measure total land used by the North and the South
  • List why certain forts were strategically placed where they were
world interactions websites
World Interactions Websites

Civil War Maps

Battlefield Maps

Civil War Diary and Maps

Timeline and Battle Campaign Maps

Underground Railroad Maps and other information

decision making and resources
Decision Making and Resources
  • Set up a store using Civil War era prices and money
  • Identify goods and services provided for the armies
  • Discuss how cotton fields were treated during the war (crops as well)
  • Categorize economic activities discussed during this unit on the Civil War
  • Make duplicate Civil War currency
decision making and resources websites
Decision Making and Resources Websites

Confederate Currency

Depictions of Slavery in Confederate Currency

American Civil War Homepage

Cotton - A Cause for War

Cotton Fields Music

democratic processes
Democratic Processes
  • Read Civil War Journals and Newspapers
  • Discuss how groups were organized for the promotion of the goals of the North or the South
  • Examine Civil War issues that would have come up in a city or army meeting
  • Compare and Contrast the government setup for the Union and the Confederacy
  • Discuss the hierarchy of the army
democratic processes websites
Democratic Processes Websites

Civil War era letters and news papers

Civil War Manuscripts

Confederate States of America Lawful Government

Founders Constitution

Civil War Daily: news papers from the Civil War

Collection of Civil War era news papers from around the country

citizenship rights and responsibilities
Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
  • The students will view various news papers from the Civil War to acquire information about local issues at that time
  • The students will discuss the citizenship traits which were and weren’t evident during the Civil War era.
  • The students will create a short role play to demonstrate the creation of rules and laws during the Civil War.
citizenship rights and responsibilities cont
Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities (cont.)

4. The students will be divided into “Slaves” and “Slave Owners” and work through various scenarios so they are able to understand how the African American slaves felt during the time they were enslaved.

5. The students will view various newspapers from the Civil War era and identify the factual statements in the news. To do this the students will compare the pre-selected news papers to information presented in the textbook and the class. They will also discuss why they think these discrepancies were present.

citizenship rights and responsibilities websites
Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities Websites

Valley Spirit: Civil War Newspapers

African American Women and Their Role in the Civil War

African Americans in the Civil War

The Government of the Confederacy

Confederacy Government Overview

science technology and society
Science, Technology, and Society
  • The students will compare photography from the Civil War to how photography is today.
  • The students will compare war field artillery of the Civil War and present day artillery.
  • The students will discuss how aviation was used during the Civil War
  • The students will make a comparison between how the North used technology on the battlefields and how the South used technology on the battlefields.
  • The students will discuss the methods of transportation troops used during the Civil war and compare it to the modes of transportation current day Military utilizes.
science technology and society19
Science, Technology, and Society

Civil War Photographs

Civil War Technology and Industry in Tennessee

Civil War Technology

Artillery of the American Civil War

Science, Technology, and the Civil War