larus atricilla laughing gulls n.
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Larus atricilla [Laughing Gulls] PowerPoint Presentation
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Larus atricilla [Laughing Gulls]

Larus atricilla [Laughing Gulls]

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Larus atricilla [Laughing Gulls]

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  1. Larus atricilla [Laughing Gulls] By: Christina Martin

  2. Larus atricilla • Observation Date: July 15, 2007 at 3:35 pm • Observation Location: Virginia Beach, VA. • Description of habitat: Beach conditions were hot, humid, 10 ft. away from shore line, very populated, tropical climate, coastal habitat. They nested in colonies consisting of grasses and sedges placed on the ground. These gulls are very rarely found inland and their diet consisted of crackers and garbage left on the beach.

  3. Larus atricilla • This photo displays the Laughing Gull preparing to eat. Behind him is another Laughing Gull preparing to steal its food.

  4. Larus atricilla • This photo displays a group of Laughing Gulls gathered together scavenging the beach for food.

  5. Larus atricilla • This photo displays a potential act of aggression. The Laughing Gulls secretly surround the gull that’s dining on crackers.

  6. Larus atricilla • This photo displays the Laughing Gull patiently awaiting food before the others arrive.

  7. Larus atricilla • This photo displays two Laughing Gulls soaring high above the sky looking down on everyone and surveying the area.

  8. Summary • Initially, I felt a little apprehensive preparing this project because I knew nothing about wildlife photography or the sea gull that I had chosen. However, when the time came for me to obtain the photos it was much easier then I thought it would be. I learned a lot from this project. I've learned that the laughing gulls are very timid and shy seagulls around humans although very aggressive toward each other. I’ve learned also that the laughing gulls share some similar behaviors as humans. Survival of the fittest; we compete with one another for food to survive and we won’t let anything get in our way. I've also learned that wildlife photographers have much patience doing their job. Waiting on the laughing gulls to land and search for food was time consuming. Throughout it all, this project was one that I learned a great deal from but at the same time I enjoyed working on it.