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Photos and History

Photos and History. Sweden changes driving from right to left. See the results here, 9-3-1967. Spill of illegal alcohol in Detroit in 1929 during prohibition.

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Photos and History

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  1. Photos and History

  2. Sweden changes driving from right to left. See the results here, 9-3-1967

  3. Spill of illegal alcohol in Detroit in 1929 during prohibition

  4. Annette Kellerman wearing a swimsuit in 1907, she was arrested for such an incident that showed all the profile of her body before all swimmers.

  5. Annie Edison Taylor was a heroine who survived the fall launching in the Niagara falls in a barrel of wood in 1901, Annie did it because she was in need of money.

  6. Publicity of Atabrine, antimalarial drug in Padua New Guinea during World War II

  7. The Apollo 11 astronauts testing the landing of capsule in 1966

  8. The Niagara Falls freeze in 1911

  9. Charlie Chaplin in 1916 when he was 27 years old

  10. Hearse where Abraham Lincoln was carried in 1865

  11. Construction of Manhattan Bridge in 1908

  12. Unpacking the head of the Statue of liberty, sent on 06-17-1885

  13. Swimsuit parade in 1928

  14. Hotel owner pours acid in his Pool because some Afroamericans were bathing. California , 1964

  15. The original clown “Ronald” of McDonal’s in 1963

  16. Ford Theater where Abraham Lincoln was murdered

  17. Firemen of the city of New York in 1912

  18. Real photo of Billy the Kid In 1879

  19. Lifeguard in 1920

  20. Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln in 1861

  21. Jesse James when he was 16

  22. Mother with her son watching cloud in the form of fungus caused by atomic test 75 miles from Las Vegas in 1953

  23. Mother hides her face while selling her children in Chicago in 1948

  24. Mannequins melted and damaged by fire in Madam Tussauds wax museum in London in 1930

  25. Suntan oil vending machine in 1949

  26. Martin Luther King J. with his child by removing a wooden cross burned in his garden in 1960

  27. Measuring swimsuit. If it was very short the girl was fined in 1920

  28. Construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961

  29. Girl and her doll during the bombing of London in 1940

  30. Polish child examined by a German official German to see if he qualifies as "Aryan” to let him live

  31. Child taking Sun and fresh air, placed in a cage in California in 1937

  32. Children eating Christmas dinner during the Great Depression Turnips and cabbage

  33. Officers and cadets of Hitler. Christmas dinner in 1941

  34. Operation "Babylift“. Children of Vietnamese orphanage flying towards USA in 1975

  35. President Richard Nixon trying to use chopsticks during a visit in 1972

  36. Testing bulletproof vest in 1923

  37. Getting bodies from the disaster of the Titanic in April 1912

  38. Santa Claus in NewYork in 1900

  39. Unknown soldier. Vietnam , 1965

  40. Evelyn McHalen’s suicide. She launched from floor 83 of the Empire State Building on 5-1-1947. She fell on a limousine

  41. Last prisoners leaving Alcatraz in 1963 JOSELITO

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