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All about us

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The times we had..

It’s been very, very long since the last time I did this for her. I remember she said it was too formal so this shall be as informal as I can get it to be. Except this page though cause I must use perfect English, punctuation and grammar to feel good cause this is suppose to go up on my blog. :D

Anyway, the things you are about to see are placed in a chronological order according to how I remembered them, ENJOY! Please? :D

With love, me


May 4th

at her


Slacking before she had to go home  oo cute smiley! She wanted to try my cap hahaha ADORABLE! Aww man my hair looked so damn flat!


May 5th somewhere along the road in the bus! Somehow for some reason, we didn’t smile much lol weird much but she looked hot! As usual :D


May 17th

at Mac!

I don’t remember looking so dull! O.o she was wearing the dress I first saw in her photos even before seeing her face to face! She looked so much better than in the photo! :D


May 17th



Helping her out with her Art oh but the hugs really felt awesome. Did we look sweet together?  I think I rushed out or something, I can’t believe I wore FBT to Vivo LOL!


May 18th in the bus

on the way home!

That wonderful kiss, I love it when she kisses my cheeks haha oh and she never thinks she looks good in her uniform lol no matter like how many times I tell her she does! >.<


Now that’s just weird, why didn’t I smile lol oh wait she didn’t too! Now that I realise, it’s been so long since I saw her in this dress! She looked hot as usual, lol I’m never sick of saying this.

May 19thin the bus again! Lol


May 22nd in the bus yet again!

I think that’s the very first off shoulder I see her in? And pretty much the very first time I kissed her lips in the bus haha, still very in love with this picture! She looked real good after straightening her fringe! CHECK OUT MY DYED HAIR!! :p


We were getting ready to go out! And see that hand beside my face? THAT’S HER HAND! SEE THAT! HER HANDS ON ME! BE JEALOUS! Lol I kid..

May 23rd


my place!



an oh-




A kiss for me!

And a kiss for her in return

May 25th

in the

bus AGAIN!

Mine to protect? :D


lovely pictures! Or rather, lovely kisses!


May 26th at

mac studying!

The tired me and the awesome shoulders to lie on hahaha OH! The dress that makes her look like a stewardess! AWESOMENESS!

Fell asleep while studying oops it’s her that’s studying haha I got try to help! I sleep awhile only! She never fails to sweeten me..


Still the awesome shoulder, she looks sweet!

The normal

The wide smiles!

June 5thagain

in the bus :/

She looked damn decent and sweet in this picture lol and I had to act cute :/ Oh well she makes the picture looks good!


Thanks for being there baby, first ever girl to spend it with me! Unforgettable! I know that sauce thing is gross lol but it’s sweet like that! CUTE AND BUBBLY DRESS!<33

June 8th –

my b’day!


Can you see the words? Haha got that pen from daiso! It’s like invisible ink! We were testing it out so I decided to be sweet hahaha :D

June 11th at Mos Burger!




I know!

Me too!

Her being awesome as always!

A random stranger that praises her and making me want to beat him for staring at her! Lol I kid.

Me being there telling her she’s awesome like that!

June 12th at TiongBahru!

Took these pictures supposedly for her art haha man I love twisting things.


Doesn’t she look sweet?:D I love her smile a hell lot, I think it’s her cheeks that makes her look so cute!hahaha honestly no matter how she looks, she still looks awesome!!


June 12th in the bus


June 15th yet again @ East Coast

Mostly is for her art I mean except the ones with me hugging and kissing her lol but doesn’t she look awesome!!!!! I love trolleys!


LOL june 15th AGAIN!

@ East Coast

bowling alley

She likes non coloured pictures apparently hahaha we decided to go bowl together for the first time! Man I was fail well I didn’t play as well as how I used to and she was just adorable hahaha she has this damn cute expression after she throws her ball. And I do mean throw! hahahahah


June 15th @

Clementi bus stop!

LOVE THE SHADES BUT LOVE HER MORE! Hahah she bought it for me man it’s awesome! We were kind of bored while waiting for the bus to come so… took some pictures! SHE HAS AN AWESOME FIGURE! EVERYONE AGREES WITH ME! Who dares to disagree DIESSSSSSS!


Again June


but @ pool!

ULTIMATE CONCENTRATION!!! Look at how serious she is, hahaha I love it when she looks so serious while playing pool! Aww I kind of miss playing pool with her now. 



Again June 15th :P @ JP’s Mac’s

Again, photos meant for her art, didn’t turn out as expected though so off to studying! LOOK! SHE’S SERIOUS AGAIN so I decided to take a picture and edit it hahahahahha :D I’m awesome like that well so is she!

Non edited.. DUH


June 15th

in the bus! lol

The bus was shaky! So couldn’t get clear shots but we were being sweet! Look to left hahaha


June 18th

bus ride

& drawings lol!

This is just weird, when she smiled I didn’t then when I did she didn’t lol but still awesome her! hahaha

I think those were suppose to look like fire? But it ends up looking like a wave so she drew someone surfing LOL and an angry face!! CUTENESS!


AND the try too hard

kiss hahaha!!

The try to hard

seducing lick!

The normal!

The try too hard wink!

June 19th at Bukit Timah

you will soon see spam of pictures! Its all june 19th! Hahaha she’s awesome!


Random stranger fails at taking photo

That’s all for June 19th!



Lol a hell lot eh? :D PHOTO SPREEE!! Well, she looks good on camera so why not?:P


Doesn’t she look cute in the first one lol caught her off guard! And her smile is as sweet as ever! EVAAA!!

July 8thin the bus!:D


I know.. The pictures are blur, stupid bus!

Well the off shoulder looks awesome!

Bought it for her :D still very much in love with it!!




The love of

my life!

I still love you like how I always did, waiting for the day we go out as one again..

July 14th–

happy 3rd month!<3

Dai di, our favourite past time..




July 15th @ her block

Well she took the photo, I just took it from her cause it looked pretty haha SEE HER BROWN EYES! MAN THEY LOOK DAMN GOOD! :D


Once again, I still love you like how I always did..

August 14th –

happy 4th month!<3

LOOK AT HER TATTOO! Haha nah it isn’t real. Had to do it for her Art. Well it still looks great :D It’s her figure I tell you!! And she looks hot in that off shoulder, AGREE! YOU BETTER AGREE!


September 30th


Lot1 Pizza Hut!

She’s hot as usual and hopefully happy.. I was happy though she was worth it, she always was.



I was plain bored :D


The end.. sadly

That’s pretty much every picture I have of me and her. Just wanted to have something as memorial just in case I lose all the pictures I can still see them here. Things were good and things were bad, we were happy and we were sad but ultimately, I was glad we once had a beautiful relationship although I still yearn to be with her, I’m not sure if it’s even possible anymore though. This presentation I made was to make up for the previous one I did which was too crappy, I hope this one’s better! 

Just yesterday..

“I miss you a lot you know that? I miss you more than anyone in this world! I would fly to wherever you are just to see you if you weren’t in Singapore. I would carry you home on my back if you fall and can’t walk. I would guide your path in the dark if you can’t see, I would be there for you always when you need me. I would watch you sleep before falling asleep to know you are sleeping well, I would take care of you if you are sick and be by your side everyday until you recover fully just so I know you are doing fine. I would give you everything in this world to make you happy just so I can see that smile of yours. I would stand in front of you in a gunfight to protect you even if I lose my life just so I know you are given another chance to remain alive. I would give you the life buoy to go to shore if we were both drowning because you mean more to me than myself and lastly, I would give you my heart just so you can continue beating to live because I love you.”