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  1. I have decided not to use this picture mainly because the leftmost model (Robyn)’s face is blocked out by the centre model’s arm which makes the photo look messy and unprofessional. Her hand is also covering her own face which means that only one model is fully visible. An ideal band photo should have all members equally visible and in focus as it is a convention of a typical magazine. The miseen scene is also not right for the indie genre as it is obviously inside a school. The text on the wall on the periphery is also distracting and noisy to the photo. The lack of tripod also means the photo is not level and this also looks unprofessional. This photo wont be used because leftmost model’sface is not to the camera which means there is a lack of personal connection to the reader and makes the photo look awkward although a view from the back does look dramatic which suits the indie theme. The lighting is also uneven as there is a large section of light on the right whereas it is dark on the left and the bottom. The rightmost model is perfect in this image as her facial expression looks pensive and gloomy which suits the genre, she is also wearing grey clothing to enforce this theme. The centre model however looks as though she belongs in a completely different photo as she is clearly happy with her hands on her hips which more leans towards the conventions of a pop photo.

  2. I have decided not to use this photo as overall it is very dark and so would take a lot of editing to make the models appear clearly and brightly. There is also a light anomaly in the top left possibly caused by a reflection in the camera lens. There is also once again a bright spot on the right which is another distraction for the audience from the models. All models are however looking directly into the camera which provides a personal connection to the audience. Once again the outfits suit the style of music as they are dark and the fact they are all in monotone enforces the idea that they are a band together for the audience. The only main problem with this photo is the centre model as her head is not facing forward which would be the most aesthetically pleasing option for this photo but instead she is looking to the side which whilst creates an air of mystery doesn’t suit the photo. I cant use this photo because there is a massive light anomaly which covers a third of the frame. The model on the left is also missing from the photo making it look incomplete and her absence is demonstrated by her being barely visible in the corner and both models on the right are laughing at this. This creates a happy comical feeling and the audience can relate and empathise with this. It is more akin again to a pop photo and not a moody indie one. The lighting is also incredibly uneven and would require a lot of editing to balance. The image is overall too dark.

  3. This is the image I have chosen for my final photo of the band to go on my contents page. The lighting is more or less an even gradient of light to dark from top to bottom so this will require little editing if any. There are stray hairs on all 3 models but I think this helps create a rustic and professional look. Its as though a wind machine was used just like a professional photo. The hands on hips stance is also a common convention of magazine photos and makes the models appear dominant and strong. This goes well with the expression on their faces. The background however is far too yellow/orange and will need to be toned down or desaturated in the final image to provide adequate contrast to the models. The clothing matches the indie style with the casual pieces in dark colours, the vibrant heart necklace and the lace look on the foreground model’s jumper adds visual interest.

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