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Beginners Guide to Buy the Best Scuba Diving Suit PowerPoint Presentation
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Beginners Guide to Buy the Best Scuba Diving Suit

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Beginners Guide to Buy the Best Scuba Diving Suit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A wetsuit is not only a suit but a great tool having ability to protect your body from excessive cold temperature while diving. You cannot ignore the importance of this suit.

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beginners guide

Beginners Guide

t o Buy

t he Best Scuba Diving Suit

You cannot go for enjoying water sport related activities like scuba diving

without having a scuba diving suit. It keeps you safe and serves great

protection. A wetsuit is not only a suit but a great tool having ability to

protect your body from excessive cold temperature while diving. You

cannot ignore the importance of this suit. This suit keeps doing its job by

saving your energy.

Beginners Guide

t o Purchase

t he Right Scuba Diving Suit

During diving, you have to go deeper and water starts observing heat

from your body in comparison to 25 times faster than air. And this is why

adequate protection from cold is much needed to stay safe from


This health issue generally occurs when your body comes in contact with

water temperature below 32 degree Celsius. It is your scuba diving suit

that keeps you safe and encourages you to enjoy scuba without

confronting any issue. This wetsuit is available in many different

varieties. You need to consider some features before buying the right one

scuba diving suit.

1 adequate thickness this is the first thing

1. Adequate Thickness – This is the first thing on the list. Thickness

works against cold water and that is why you need to go with the

right suit having ideal thickness. The adequate thickness of wetsuit

makes it able to withstand cold. According to the experts, a 3mm

thick scuba suit is considered good for everyone. Here, the wetsuit

thickness related guide according to the water temperature is

mentioned below.

• For water temperature, 85 Degrees F (29 C) and above, cold-

blooded divers should go for 2 mm to 1 mm shorty.

• For water temperature in between 73 to 79 Degrees (22-25 C),

a wetsuit having a thickness of 5 mm to 3mm is considered


• For water temperature in between 66 to 72 Degrees (18-21 C),

it is right to go with 7 mm to 5 mm full wetsuit.

2. Comfort – This is another point to keep in mind. You need to make

sure that you are having the right suit holds the ability to keep you

comfortable while wearing. It needs to have a perfect fit in order to

let you make movement and breathing easily. In the beginning,

wearing a wetsuit makes you feel a bit weird. But later you will get

comfortable with it.

3. Construction – What kind of stitch has been done also needs to

consider while buying since it makes you know that how durable

the scuba diving suit is going to. Glued stitch, over-lock stitch and

inside ridge are the prominent types. A blind stitch is considered

the strongest one since glue and stitching both are done to make it

stronger enough and do not let water in while diving.

4 cut length style you may not believe

4. Cut, Length & Style – You may not believe but versatility and

warmth are also affected by style. You need to keep things in mind.

o Full body: If you buy full body suit, it means your entire arms

and legs will be covered as it goes by its name “full body”.

Generally, a full body suit comes up with a long back or front

zipper. The full body suit is available in various sizes having

different thickness options.

o Shorty wetsuit: This is pretty much the same according to its

name. It means you will have short-sleeve and knee-length

covers if you wear this wetsuit. It seems essential to mention

that your torso is perfectly covered.

o Two-piece wetsuit: There is another one wetsuit on this list

called two-piece wetsuit. It is widely popular because having

double insulation forms. You are allowed to wear it according

to your choice like you can use each piece separately.

5. Material – Generally, scuba diving suit is made using neoprene

material. It is also considered the perfect material. It is a synthetic

rubber material which is widely known for its outstanding ability to

maintain flexibility. It seems essential to mention that all neoprene

materials are not created equal and they vary. If talking about the

best type of wetsuits gas blown is considered

best type of wetsuits, gas blown is considered the right one. It is

because that it comes up with thousands of nitrogen bubbles. It

seems important to mention that neoprene is material and it is not

built to last forever. How long it will go depends on how durable the

construction is. Though the gas blown type is also known as the

most durable scuba diving wetsuit.

These all above-mentioned factors help you to go with right one choice.

It is needed to follow this beginner guide so you would not hassle while