Iraq and afghanistan investment reconstruction opportunities
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IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN INVESTMENT & RECONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES. JAY BRANDES Director Iraq and Afghanistan Investment & Reconstruction Task Forces International Trade Administration U.S. Department of Commerce Washington, D.C. Iraq Reconstruction Task Force Background.

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Iraq and Afghanistan Investment & Reconstruction Task Forces

International Trade Administration

U.S. Department of Commerce

Washington, D.C.

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Iraq ReconstructionTask Force Background

  • Created in March 2003 by U.S. Secretary of Commerce Donald L. Evans to support the President’s mission to rebuild Iraq.

  • Purpose

    • Primary U.S. Government information liaison with the business community (including Coalition partner companies) on Iraq reconstruction and private sector opportunities.

    • Supports U.S. Embassy efforts to improve the commercial environment in Iraq.

    • Coordinates Commerce Department efforts with the Iraqi-American community. ~

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Task ForceProducts and Services

  • Website:

  • “Business Guide for Iraq”

  • “Doing Business in Iraq FAQs”

  • “Traveling to Iraq FAQs”

  • Chart of awarded USG contracts/subcontracts

  • “Overview of Commercial Law in Pre-War Iraq”

  • “Overview of CPA Orders Affecting Iraqi Commercial Law”

  • IraqAlert e-mail service

  • TenderAlert e-mail service

  • Success Stories ~

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USDOC TenderAlerts

  • Tender: Fill and Install Sandbags

  • Contracting Agency: Iraq Project and Contracting Office Baghdad, Iraq

  • Solicitation Number: FY5866-05-Q-0010

  • Document type: Solicitation

  • Posted Date: October 03, 2004

  • Close Date: December 30, 2004

  • For more information, visit:


  • Point of Contact:

    • Kenneth Kitahara; Phone: 703-343-9225 ~

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Security Situation in Iraq

  • Where to find more information on security:

    • List of Security Companies Active in Iraq


    • General Security information



Security is a Manageable Risk ~

Slide6 l.jpg

Security Firms Working in Iraq

  • AD Consultancy

  • AKE Limited

  • ArmorGroup

  • Baghdad Fire & Security

  • Control Risks Group

  • Custer Battles

  • Diligence Middle East

  • DYNCORP International

  • Erinys Iraq Limited

  • Genric

  • Global Risk Strategies

  • Group 4 Falck A/S

  • Henderson Risk Limited

  • Hill and Associates, Ltd.

  • ICP Group

  • ISI

  • Meteoric Tactical Solutions

  • Meyer & Associates

  • NKTS Co., Ltd.

  • Olive Security (UK) Limited

  • Optimal Solution Services

  • Overseas Security & Strategic Information, Inc/Safenet – Iraq

  • RamOPS Risk Management Group

  • SOC-SMG, Inc

  • Sumer International Security

  • TOR International

  • Triple Canopy Inc.

  • Wade-Boyd and Associates LLC

  • Dehdari General Trading & Contracting Est. – Kuwait – Iraq

  • Unity Resources Group (Middle East) LLC

Source: U.S. Department of State ~

Slide7 l.jpg

15 Aug

15 Aug

Early 05

31 Dec

15 Dec

15 Oct

28 Jun

31 Jan

01 Jun

04 Jun

Iraqi Governance Timeline

Phase I

(Interim Government)

Iraqi Interim Government (IIG) Announced and Governing Council dissolved


Election Commission established

Transfer sovereignty from CPA to IIG

National Conference convenes and selects Interim National Council


Elections for the National Assembly complete

Phase II

(Elected Government)

Iraqi Transitional Government takes power

National Assembly completes draft of permanent constitution

Referendum for permanent constitution

Elections for government completed

Elected government assumes office

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Iraqi Interim Government

  • June 28 Transfer of Authority

    • Transitional Administrative Law (TAL)

  • Structure

    • Executive

      • President

        • Sheikh Ghazi Ajil Al-Yawar

      • 2 Deputy Presidents

        • Dr. Ibrahim Jaafari

        • Dr. Rowsch Shaways

      • Prime Minister

        • Dr. Ayad Allawi

        • Administration of Government

        • Council of Ministers

    • Judicial

      • Judicial Authority

    • Legislative

      • Interim National Council (100 members)

      • Transitional Government (election by Jan. 31 2005)

      • Draft Constitution

  • Permanent Iraqi Government

    • Constitutional Election ~

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Iraqi Ministers

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Sawsan Ali Magid Al-Sharifi

  • Ministry of Communication, Dr. Mohamed Ali Alhakim

  • Ministry of Housing & Construction, Dr. Omar al-Farouq Salim al-Damluji

  • Ministry of Culture, Mr. Mufid Muhammad Juwad al-Jaza'iri

  • Ministry of Defense , Mr. Hazim Sha’llan

  • Ministry of Education, Dr. Sami al-Mudhaffar

  • Ministry of Electricity, Dr. Aiham Alsammarae

  • Ministry of Environment, Ms. Mishkat Moumin

  • Ministry of Displacement and Migration, Ms. Pascale Soryo Isho

  • Ministry of Finance, Dr. Adel Abdul Mahdi

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Hushiyar Mahmud Muhammed al-Zibari

  • Ministry of Health, Dr. Ala'din Abdul Sahib Alwan

  • Ministry of Higher Education, Dr. Taher Khalaf Jabur al-Bakaa

  • Ministry of Human Rights, Dr. Bakhtiar Amin

  • Ministry of Industry & Minerals, Dr. Hajim M. Al-Hassani

  • Ministry of Interior, Mr. Falah al-Nakib

  • Ministry of Water Resources, Dr. Latif Rashid

  • Ministry of Justice, Dr. Mailk Dohan al-Hassan

  • Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs, Ms. Leyla Abdul Latif

  • Ministry of Oil, Mr. Thamir Abbas Ghadban

  • Ministry of Planning, Dr. Mehdi Al-Hafedh

  • Ministry of Public Works, Mrs. Nasreen Mustafa Sadiq Barwari

  • Ministry of Science & Technology, Rashad Mandan Omar

  • Ministry of Trade, Mr. Mohammed al-Jibouri

  • Ministry of Transportation, Mr. Louay Hatem Sultan al-Erris

  • Ministry of Youth & Sports, Ali Fa’iq al-Ghabhan ~

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From CPA to Embassy

  • June 28 Transfer of Authority

    • Dissolution of the CPA

    • Establishment of the U.S. Embassy in Iraq

  • Structural Change

    • U.S. Embassy

      • Ambassador John Negroponte

      • Project and Contracting Office (PCO - formerly Program Management Office or PMO)

        • The PCO has taken over contracting functions of the old PMO

      • Foreign Commercial Service (FCS)

        • 2 American Officers

        • 6-8 Foreign Service Nationals

      • Representation from Departments of Agriculture, Treasury, other agencies ~

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Business Opportunities

  • USG Contracts and Subcontracts

    • State Department

    • Department of Defense

    • Treasury, Justice, Health and Human Services

    • Resources

      • USAID (

      • Iraq Project & Contracting Office (

      • Federal Business Opportunities (

      • Iraq Investment and Reconstruction Task Force (

  • U.N. Contracts (

  • Iraqi Ministry Tenders

  • World Bank/Donor Projects

  • Private Sector Trade and Investment

    • SOEs:

      • Ministry of Industry & Minerals SOEs: ~

Slide12 l.jpg

Private Sector Firms

  • Advanced Technology Systems

  • Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz

  • Business Satellite Solutions

  • Constellation Networks Corp.

  • Fargo Electronics, Inc.

  • Home Essentials

  • iDirect Technologies

  • The Khudairi Group

  • Novitech LLC

  • O’Shea Ltd.

  • PepsiCo, Inc.

  • Proctor & Gamble Company

  • The Sandi Group

  • Texas Armoring Corporation

  • Transoceanic Shipping

  • Unison

  • United Parcel Service

Source: U.S. Department of Commerce ~

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Supplemental Appropriation

  • Approved by Congress in October 2003

  • Subcontracts: Open to companies from all countries, except:

    • Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria

  • $9 Billion for Infrastructure, including:

    • Electricity

    • Water Resources and Sanitation

    • Public Works

    • Oil Infrastructure

    • Health Care

    • Transportation and Telecommunications

  • $6 Billion for Non-Construction Projects

    • Including law enforcement, public safety infrastructure, justice, and civil society.

  • $4 Billion Hold-Back Funds ~

Slide14 l.jpg

US Reconstruction Contracts

$5 Billion - 2004

  • Program Management Services

    • 7 contracts (Awarded March 10)

    • PCO Support: 1 contract

    • Program Sectors: 6 contracts

      • Public Works and Water

      • Transportation/Communications

      • Security/Justice

      • Buildings/Education/Health

      • Electrical Services

      • Oil

  • Design/Build construction RFPs falling under the 6 Program Sectors

    • 10 contracts (Awarded March 10-26) ~

Slide15 l.jpg

Acquisition Strategy - Construction - $5B Capacity

Program Management Office (PMO) Services (Up to $50M)

$21,610,501 toAECOM

Electrical Sector

(Up to $55M )

$43,361,340 to

Iraq Power Alliance JV

Public Works/Water

(Up to $55M )

$28,494,672 to

CH2M Hill and PWI JV


(Up to $30M )

$8,416,985 to

Foster Wheeler


(Up to $15M )

$8,458,350.05 to

Berger/URS JV


(Up to $30M)

$8,458,350.05 to

Berger/URS JV


(Up to $15M)

$10,754,664.07 to

Berger/URS JV

USAID Capacity Contract (up to $2B) – $1.8b max AWARDED TO Bechtel-USA, Parsons-USA, Horne Engineering-USA


$500K Minimum

Up to $1,500M



$500K Minimum

Up to $500M


$500K Minimum

Up to $ 400M

Public Works/Water

$500K Minimum

Up to $1,700M


$500K Minimum

Up to $827M


$500K Minimum

Up to $900M


$500M Ceiling



$600M Ceiling



$75M Ceiling

Lucent Technologies

World Services, Inc.


Max $800m CPAF

Awarded: 16 Jan 04

Parsons Iraq JV


$500M Ceiling

Parsons Delaware Inc.


$900M Ceiling

Parsons Delaware Inc.

Transmission &

Distribution NORTH

$500M Ceiling

Washington Intl Inc


$500M Ceiling



$325M Ceiling


Archirodon JV


Max $1.6B CPAF

KBR Inc.

Water Resources

$600M Ceiling

Wash Intl &

Black & Veatch JV

Transmission &

Distribution SOUTH

$500M Ceiling

Perini Corp


Contracting Agency:





Slide16 l.jpg

Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund

$3.4 Billion Reallocation


  • $1.94 Billion Water and Sewerage

  • $1.07 Billion Electricity

  • $450 Million Oil (refined oil purchases)


  • $1.8 Billion Security and Law Enforcement

  • $450 Million Oil Infrastructure Enhancements/Improved Export Capacity

  • $380 Million Economic Development

  • $360 Million Debt Forgiveness ($4 Billion Owed to U.S.)

  • $286 Million Iraqi Employment

  • $180 Million Democracy and Governance ~

Slide17 l.jpg

Subcontracting Strategies

  • Prime contractors responsible for choosing subcontractors

    • U.S. Small Business: 10% minimum; 23% goal.

  • Register on prime contractor websites and meet with them.

  • Iraqi Participation (prime contractor incentives)

    • Look for Iraqi partners at:

      • OR (not vetted)

  • Factor cost of insurance (Defense Base Act) and security

  • Review Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)


  • Review “About the PCO”

    • PCO website: ~

Private sector developments l.jpg
Private Sector Developments

  • Foreign investors can wholly own Iraqi entities in most industry sectors

  • Foreign companies receive equal treatment

  • Foreigners can lease real property for 40 years

  • Corporate and personal income taxes limited to 15%

  • Reconstruction Levy, or flat import tariff, of 5%

  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Laws Updated

  • New Iraqi Dinar (NID) freely exchanged and stable since mid-February

  • Trade Bank of Iraq established

  • Local business centers operating in Baghdad, Kirkuk, Basra, & Mosul

  • Company Commercial Law 21 amended by CPA to facilitate registration of companies (CPA Order No. 64)

  • Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) open. ~

Slide19 l.jpg


  • Commercial banks are operating

  • New Iraqi Dinar (NID)

  • Port of Umm Qasr opened to commercial cargo

  • Oil

  • Electricity

  • Telecommunications

  • 1,000’s of infrastructure projects completed

  • Employment

  • Education

    • Thousands of schools re-supplied and re-opened

  • Company Registration

  • WTO Observer Status

  • Foreign investors arriving

    • Pepsico, Mitsubishi, John Deere, IBM

  • Trade is increasing

    • Home Essentials, O’Shea Ltd., Proctor & Gamble, Transoceanic, Advance Tech Systems, Unison, Eagle Global, Sandi Group

  • Iraqi Ministries Launching Websites ~

Next steps l.jpg
Next Steps

  • Prime contractors and subcontractors implement thousands of Iraq reconstruction projects, funded by the $18.4 billion appropriation

  • U.S. Embassy ramps up in Baghdad

  • Interim Government prepares for elections of the Transitional Government

  • Drafting of permanent constitution by Transitional Government

  • Referendum on constitution and elections for the new government

  • New democratically elected government takes power ~

Key contacts us l.jpg

Iraq Reconstruction Task Force:

Web site: Telephone: 1-866-352-IRAQU.S. Embassy Baghdad

Department of State

Iraq Project and Contracting Office

Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA)

USAID of Defense

Department of Treasury

Department of Agriculture

Department of Health and Human Services

Export-Import Bank

Overseas Private Investment Corporation

U.S. Trade and Development Agency

Key Contacts (US)

Key contacts iraq l.jpg

Iraqi Embassy, Washington, DC

Baghdad Municipal Government

Ministry of Water Resources

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Communication

Ministry of Construction and Housing

Ministry of Displacement and Migration

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Electricity

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Higher Education

Ministry of Industry and Minerals

Ministry of Oil

Ministry of Trade

Ministry of Transportation

Key Contacts (Iraq)

Key contacts iraq23 l.jpg

Central Bank of Iraq DC

Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX)

Trade Bank of Iraq

Iraqi Business Center

Kirkuk Business Center

Mosul Business Center

Basra Business Centre

Iraqi Company Registry (not vetted)

Key Contacts (Iraq)

Slide24 l.jpg

Afghanistan Investment and Reconstruction Task Force DC

  • Counsels U.S. companies interested in rebuilding and investing in Afghanistan

  • Website

  • “Doing Business in Afghanistan FAQs”

  • “Afghanistan Business Primer: Practical Tips for Successful Business Operations”

  • AfghanInfo e-mail alert service ~

Slide25 l.jpg

Opportunities in Afghanistan DC

  • Business Opportunities

    • U.S. Government Procurement

      • Federal Business Opportunities:

    • Afghan Government Procurement


    • World Bank and Asian Development Bank

  • Investment

    • Allows 100% foreign ownership

    • Afghan Investment Support Agency (AISA)

      • one-stop shop for investment ( ~

Slide26 l.jpg

Thank You! DC http://consul.iraqiembassy.orgQuestions Welcome



Iraq and Afghanistan Investment & Reconstruction Task Forces

International Trade Administration

U.S. Department of Commerce

Washington, D.C. ~