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How Service Providers Create Customer Loyalty and Win New Customers (SP-05) PowerPoint Presentation
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How Service Providers Create Customer Loyalty and Win New Customers (SP-05)

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How Service Providers Create Customer Loyalty and Win New Customers (SP-05) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Service Providers Create Customer Loyalty and Win New Customers (SP-05). John Drolet – VP Service Provider Sales Aastra Telecom. Session abstract.

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How Service Providers Create Customer Loyalty and Win New Customers (SP-05)

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    Presentation Transcript

    1. How Service Providers Create Customer Loyalty and Win New Customers(SP-05) John Drolet – VP Service Provider Sales Aastra Telecom

    2. Session abstract • Today's carriers and service providers are searching for ways to gain a competitive advantage and retain their customers, but without the inevitable cost and cycle times inherent with traditional equipment deployment strategies that disrupt customer habit. It is essential that they tap consumer validated, on-demand feature sets to add value to their service quickly, securely, and cost-effectively in order to continue to realize market relevance. As VoIP, IM, and telephone service providers search for convergence applications that can capture and retain consumers, the key to widespread adoption is a deep understanding of mainstream market needs (read as traditional applications offered by Legacy PBX systems) and the importance of PSTN interoperability. It is critical to add value to what consumers use today by rapidly developing ondemand applications that are built on top of existing networks, bridging widely used online and PSTN communication tools without disturbing customer behavior. The presenter will discuss the next era of mainstream VoIP adoption and what service providers can expect as the application layer continues to separate from the underlying transport.

    3. From Wired Centrex to Hosted VoIP • Hosted IP Telephony has moved the Carrier to the DESKTOP. • The de-centralized PBX and traditional wired Centrex are replaced with Centralized Hosted VoIP; • Less capital investment • Focus on applications – web based dashboards, Unified Communications (UC), Content Delivery (XML) • In short “VoIP provides a platform for development” • We will focus on two emerging VoIP areas; • Application Development through XML and delivery through IP Telephones • Enterprise Mobility

    4. Branch Offices The VoIP architecture allows application developers to address the user / IP telephone rather than the PBX. Remote International Workers Headquarters / Large Office Third Party Application / Server Farm VOIP Aware Network Hosted IP Telephony Server Farm Small Office

    5. IP phones are mini PCs, where is the application value? XML - Extensible Markup Language

    6. Aastra 480i IP Phone • Large screen IP phones present an application delivery interface for Carriers, Customers and Resellers alike.

    7. Aastra SIP Phone Aastra SIP Phone LAN Corporate LAN Internet HTTP HTTP Any protocol Public Web Server HTTP SIP Softswitch SIP Softswitch Web Server Web Server Application XML architecture Access to Corporate applications Access to Internet applications

    8. XML Application example

    9. XML – Uses and Applications w/ IP phones • Media and Information at your figure tips. • Enhancement to the Telephone feature set or use in vertical applications; Carriers and Service Providers, Human Resources, Travel and Hospitality, Education, Law Enforcement

    10. Enhancements, Applications and Uses continued • Carriers and Service Providers: Service level inquiry, Create Service Orders, Account Balances & Billings, Calling Card Minutes Remaining, Send SMS Messages, Promotions & Notifications , Contact Center Metrics • Human Resources: Available Vacation Days, Available Personal Days, 401K balance, Clock-In/Clock-Out, Reserve Meeting Rooms, Shipment Tracking • Travel and Hospitality: Current Balance, In-Room Dining Ordering, Delivery Dining Options, Extend Stay, Schedule Airport Shuttle, Request Housekeeping/Engineering, Leave Feedback, Wake-Up Call, Book Corporate Travel, Do Not Disturb • Health Care: Test Results, Manage Appointment, Appointment Reminders, Take-Your-Medicine Reminders, Order Hospital Meals, Check Pharmacy Inventory, Schedule Blood Donation • Education: Attendance, Request Substitute Teacher, Review Open Requests for Substitute Teacher, Schedule Classes, Request Dorm Room Change, School Closing Notification/Status, Parent Contact Info • Law Enforcement: Amber Alerts, Traffic Ticket Plead By Phone, Fugitive Alerts

    11. Aastra sponsored XML SitesNote: These sites changes often and some are under-development. XML LABEL DESCRIPTION XML FIELD VALUE World Clock Current time Horoscope Weekly updated ESPN feed NBA, NFL, NHL Google SMS Searching CNN feed, Top stories, Movies New Releases Today Quote of the day Stock Quote using Weather in North America

    12. VoIP and Mobility can they co exist?

    13. Enterprise mobility on the rise!

    14. Mobility in the Hosted IP world include: • WiFI • Early in the adoption curve. New devices being tested. • Analog and Digital Cordless Solutions • Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecom (DECT) • Recently released in the US, proven in Europe. • Cell Phones • Mass appeal. Disconnected from “Call Control” PBX or Hosted Centrex, tie in to Desk Telephones difficult.

    15. DECT: What’s it all about? • Designed for • Shipping since 1993, mostly in Europe. • High capacity in building cellular structured network access • Offering full roaming & handover • Deployed and tested in over 115 countries • Speech transmission quality comparable to the wired telephony service • Cost efficient implementations of system components • VoIP migration options

    16. DECT Pros Designed for Voice WDCT spread spectrum 2.4 and DECT 1.9 GHz. Digital quality High range and high density Access Points. Secured protocol Mature standard Scalability Cons Just for voice New in North America WiFi Pros Shared with data access Pricing Ubiquity Cons Crowded 2.4 GHz frequency No native handover between cells Complex radio deployment Poor range WiFi security adds delay No power management, low battery life for handsets Early adopter stage presents risk DECT VoIP / SIP DECT superior to WiFi for Voice applications?

    17. Mobility Solution - Aastra SIP DECT - 1.9 GHz IP-PBX (SIP enabled) IP Phone Ethernet Access Points Access Points Handover Handover Roaming between Access points and locations DECT handset DECT handset

    18. Other Challenges • Getting beyond the demarcation. • Staffing up to compete. • Customer service and response issues. • Wide scale deployment. • Pricing vs Traditional PBX/Premise based solutions.

    19. Questions