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Customer Loyalty Research PowerPoint Presentation
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Customer Loyalty Research

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Customer Loyalty Research
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Customer Loyalty Research

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  1. OPINIONMETER Customer Loyalty Research Using technology-based market research tools to capture real-time Voice-of-the-Customer loyalty feedback Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER

  2. OPINIONMETER Traditional vs. Technology-based Loyalty Research Methods • Traditional Market Research • Paper-based surveys • Taken by phone or mail • Professional developers required to code, deploy, collect & format data for analysis • Technology-based Research • Mobile, Web or Standalone devices • Point-of-Experience feedback • Latest technology advances • Developed by clients using OMI resource libraries Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER

  3. OPINIONMETER Traditional vs. Technology-based Loyalty Research Methods Benefits • Technology-based Research • Author once, deliver anywhere • Real-time customer loyalty research • On-site, on-time, on demand • Cost-effective, easy to manage • Immediate access to actionable data from anywhere • Quick formatting for customized analysis • Traditional Market Research • Expensive to set up & run • Lack of development efficiencies for multiple surveys • Historically low rate of return • Takes months to receive actionable data Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER

  4. OPINIONMETER Interactive survey devices let you Author Once, Deliver Anywhere Survey Kiosks – standalone feedback stations automate the collection of large survey samples from business service lobbies. Ideal applications include Retail, Food Service and Healthcare consumer research. Tablet Surveys – mobile & portable for in-the-field surveying. Diverse audience include: patients, passengers, customers, visitors, exhibitors. Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER

  5. OPINIONMETER Interactive survey devices give you Real-Time Loyalty & Market Research Handheld PDA Surveys – ideal mobile survey devices with long-life battery for in the field research. Mobile Phone Surveys – use customers’ own mobile phones to capture fresh, spontaneous impressions and invaluable feedback at the moment-of-truth! Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER

  6. OPINIONMETER Online surveys provide you with Quick Customer Feedback Web Surveys – rapidly deploy sophisticated, branded, multilingual Web surveys in place of or concurrent with interactive, mobile device loyalty programs Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER

  7. OPINIONMETER OpinionMeter Serves a Broad Spectrum of Industries Worldwide Workforce Education Transportation Retail Workforce Education Transportation Retail Healthcare Hospitality Government Financial Healthcare Hospitality Government Financial Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER

  8. OPINIONMETER Device and Industry Survey Examples iPad Tablet PDA Kiosk Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER

  9. OPINIONMETER Use SurveyManager to Design and Deploy Customer Loyalty Campaigns Use OMI question & response resource libraries – or – Write your own questions and responses Simple, intuitive and easy to use Web-based: No software needed to install SurveyManager You control all management tasks to design, deploy and report data Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER

  10. OPINIONMETER SurveyManager Report Features Customer Satisfaction Scores Standard Summary Reports Customized Reports Automated Reporting Templates Graphs and Charts within Reports Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER

  11. OPINIONMETER SurveyManager Report Flexibility Unlimited Cross Tabulation Filtering Trend Analysis Variations During a Day Relative Local Performance Filtering: Segmenting Customers Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER

  12. OPINIONMETER Customer Loyalty Surveys by Opinionmeter • Automated, real-time survey tools • Integrated with standard hardware platforms and software • Invaluable customer insight captured at the Point-of-Experience • Immediate, actionable data • Reports and data accessible from any Web browser • Easy, convenient and cost-effective Now, let’s work together on your customer loyal research programs Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER

  13. OPINIONMETER Customer Loyalty Surveys by Opinionmeter Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER