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How to Keep the Marble Floors Bright & Clean PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Keep the Marble Floors Bright & Clean

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How to Keep the Marble Floors Bright & Clean - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Keep the Marble Floors Bright & Clean

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  1. How to Keep the Marble Floors Bright & Clean

  2. The pristine and shining marble of Taj Mahal must have created a sense of awe and wonder among lots of people. The best part is that it continues to shine even after so many years. Now the question that will come to your mind is whether your marble floor will remain as white and clean as the Taj Mahal. Well, there are several things you can do in order to retain the shining brightness and whiteness of marble. Here are marble care tips given by leading Indian marble suppliers.

  3. Using marble sealers- Some stones like granite, soapstone and travertine are dense to the extent that liquid cannot penetrate easily through it. On the contrary, marble can easily absorb liquid and develop stains in them. If you apply a sealer, it will create an impenetrable shell and the stain will be near the surface. You can polish to some extent, which in turn will decrease the absorbency rate of the marble tiles.

  4. Cleaning the spills- Marble gets easily stained, and it is sensitive to acidic substances. Right from coffee, wine, fruit juices, sodas, cleaning and many other toiletry products many things can stain the surface of marble. As soon as, you notice any spill, you should clean it immediately. Otherwise, in the course of time, the surface will become dull. Using Soft Sponge- The best thing that you can do is to use hot water and a stone cleaner. You can wipe the surface dry with a cotton cloth. This in turn will retain the overall shine of the marble floor in the time to come.

  5. Using doormats, rugs and runners- Dirt and sand carried by the shoes are often abrasive and they can damage the marble tiles. You should try to place doormats both outside and inside the house so that people can wipe the feet before entering into your home.

  6. Dusting or mopping regularly- Make it a point to use clean and dry mop to clean the marble floors. You should however be using a vacuum cleaner because the dirt can etch the surface. Make use of a stone cleaner with a mop. This in turn will keep the surface clean.

  7. Some Precautions To Adopt: You need to follow some precautions while cleaning. Do not clean the marble with readymade cleaning products because of the presence of acids, alkalis and chemicals contained in it. Do not sit on the marble countertops because it can crack. Make sure that the head of the cleaning mop should always be clean. Try to get help from professionals to clean your marbles annually.

  8. Neutral cleaners will enhance the longevity of the stone. Do not drag heavy furniture on the floors because it can result in deep scratches. By following these tips given by trusted Indian Marble Manufacturer you can enhance the longevity and durability of the marble and keep it shining white and bright.

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