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Introduction and applications General theory Performance Conclusions and future direction. Outline. Introduction Motivation. Uniqueness of idea. Goal: To sense a target and shoot it with a paintball gun using a tank style vehicle. Introduction Application: Paintball games.

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Introduction and applications

General theory


Conclusions and future direction


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  • Uniqueness of idea

  • Goal: To sense a target and shoot it with a paintball gun using a tank style vehicle.

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IntroductionApplication:Paintball games

  • Definition of terms:

  • Paintball games - games where there are two teams who’s objective is to capture the other teams flag and bring it back to home teams base. Opposing team members are marked with the use of a special paintball paint

  • Paintball gun - special airgun that projects paintballs.

  • Points are awarded for each opposing team member being marked and for the team who captures the oppositions flag.

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IntroductionApplication: Paintball games

  • S.P.L.A.T.’s involvement:

  • Survey the paintball playing field, acquire the target, range

  • the target, and shoot the target.

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IntroductionDesign Specifications

  • Object must be Identified as Friend or Foe(IFF)

  • Target must be within a 20-60 foot range to commence firing

  • Paintball gun must fire when in range at a rate of 1

  • paintball per second.

  • -Tank must avoid obstacles to obtain safety

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General theory

Materials and technologies

  • Infrared

  • Ultrasonic

  • Basic Stamp I and II

  • Brushless motors

  • Servo motor

  • Mosfet DC power relay

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General theory

Infrared and Ultrasonic technologies

  • Utilized in a Sonin combo pro CST

  • electronic measuring device

  • Main triggers sends IR signal . Starts timer.

  • Target responds with ultrasonic signal.

  • Main measures return signal delay in time

  • which translates into a distance.



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General theory

Basic stamp modules

Basic Stamp I

  • Control the IR and ultrasonic

  • technologies

  • Output is a binary output saying if an object is

  • a target and what its’ range is

  • Detects obstacles and has a binary code for that

  • instance.

Basic Stamp II

  • Control servo motor used on paintball gun

  • Controls the main brushless motors

  • Makes sure tank avoids collision with obstacles

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General theory

Flow Diagrams

Slide11 l.jpg

General theory

Flow Diagrams

Slide12 l.jpg

General theory

Circuit connection

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  • Prototype of tank built

  • Paintball gun accurate up to 100 feet

  • Measuring devices works consistently at distances up to 200 feet

  • Control circuitry works

    • motors

    • paintball gun

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Test Certification

  • Does the Algorithm work?

  • Is the vehicle safe?

  • When the gun is fired does the paintball hit the target?

  • Does the vehicle run for the desired amount of time

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  • The project will be considered a success as of April 26, 2000

  • Specific results can then be reported

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Future Direction

  • Turret changes elevation

  • Tank body made of a more durable material than wood

  • Use laser instead of sound waves to pinpoint target

  • Install a neural network where tank will learn behaviors and

  • not depend on just the laser