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    Slide 1:Example

    STEP ONE: Try to answer the following questions. What people do you see in the picture? How are they related to each other? Where are they? What are they doing? What is the occasion?

    Slide 2:Example

    STEP TWO [Word Bank] Kindergarten Christmas Candy house Mom and daughter Cookies and candies Scissors and paste ……..

    Slide 3:Example

    STEP THREE 1. Choose one or two persons from the picture as characters to tell the story. (ex: Mary and her mom, My mom and I…) 2. Give an introduction to the story. ( ex: The first Christmas I remembered…. Angel got her first candy house… )

    Slide 4:Example

    STEP FOUR Create an action sequence in past tense. Add some details to the story. List expressions needed for transition and conclusion.

    Slide 5:Example

    Here goes one story…. Angel was a four-year-old girl. She longed for a candy house for a long time. As Christmas was coming to the corner, she kept asking her mom if Santa Clause would give her a candy house as a Christmas gift. One day her mom told her, “Angel, today I have got a surprise for you. We don’t need to wait for Santa Clause. We can make a candy House on our own.” “Really? Hurray!” shrieked Angel. “Sure, let’s go.” Her mom took her to a kindergarten. There was a “Candy House” activity. All the teachers wore a red hat and they were all smiles. All the stuff needed for a candy house was provided. Angel started to create her own house. Although she was not good at using

    Slide 6:Example

    scissors but she loved pasting all the candies and cookies onto the house. With the help of her mom and two teachers, a candy house was created in twenty minutes. Angel looked at her house with amazement. She said proudly, “This year I will invite Santa Clause to my candy house for a cup of tea.” ---The End---- BACK