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Olympic Torch Relay Marketing Plan

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Olympic Torch Relay Marketing Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Olympic Torch Relay Marketing Plan. Bringing the RBC Olympic sponsorship from Bay street to Main street Presented to: Experiential Marketing Conference Presented by: Jacquie Ryan June 2, 2009. Agenda. Sponsorship as a Marketing Platform Business Context 2010 Olympic Torch Relay Snapshot

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olympic torch relay marketing plan

Olympic Torch RelayMarketing Plan

Bringing the RBC Olympic sponsorship from Bay street to Main street

Presented to: Experiential Marketing Conference

Presented by: Jacquie Ryan

June 2, 2009


Sponsorship as a Marketing Platform

Business Context

2010 Olympic Torch Relay Snapshot

A Four- Phased Marketing Plan

Phase 1 Campaign and Results

Torchbearer Program Strategy

Torch Community Celebrations and Convoy

sponsorship marketing a platform for achieving relevant and meaningful consumer engagement
Sponsorship Marketing- a platform for achieving relevant and meaningful consumer engagement

Unique aspects of sponsorship marketing provide opportunities to drive business and brand:

  • Experiential Marketing
    • building relationships that connect people (customers, clients, prospects) and the RBC Brand both emotionally and practically.
      • Brand-centric and associative experiences that create demand (be it B2B or B2C) by capitalizing on the motivational or behavioral triggers behind the experience.
strategic approach moving from passive to active

Moving sponsorship from “brand building” to focus on active, revenue generating programs


- Revenue Gen. / + Brand

+ Revenue Gen. / + Brand

Passive to Active

Majority of sponsorships reside here. Decision making: Community; geography; brand association but they become too expensive if they cannot deliver sales.

Fully integrated sponsorships where the company focuses on sales but benefits from the appropriate brand association and investment.

- Revenue Gen. / - Brand/Brand Neutral

+ Revenue Gen. / - Brand

Where many sponsorships begin; strategically aligned with brand, with adequate leverage, jumping up the branding axis is relatively easy

Packaged Goods Offers often tied to sport entertainment properties/ athletes. Tendency is to rent association. Sales promotion driven.



our business context is changing
Challenging economic conditions heighten competition

Society’s priorities have evolved- Wealth, Wellness, World

Consumers are weary of one-way communications

Greater need for breakthrough and clear differentiation

Need for renewed fit with emerging customer values

Consumers are demanding experiential/engaging content and conversation

Our business context is changing

Focus on the experience


Provide value through communication


2010 provides RBC a singular leadership opportunity in a very challenging time



  • Economic climate
  • Multi million dollar commitment
  • Canada’s First Olympic sponsor
  • Only FI sponsor of Olympics
  • Growing interest among Canadians
  • Once in a generation opportunity
  • Drive Revenue
  • Build The Brand
  • Engage Employees
2010 olympic torch relay snapshot
2010 Olympic Torch Relay Snapshot

RBC’s significant presence in Canadian communities provides a

unique competitive advantage during the relay

106 Days of the relay - October 30, 2009 – Feb 12, 2010

  • Olympia to Athens to Victoria
  • 50,000 km will be traveled:

- Every Province and Territory

  • Up to 200 celebrations
  • Approx. 12,000 torchbearers
  • Reaching over 80% of the population
olympic program from national to local to the games themselves
Olympic program: From national to localto the Games themselves


Phase IV: Olympic and Paralympic Games

High-touchonsiteGames-time experiences



National Games-timeMedia

February/March 2010

Branch Activities


Phase III: Relay and Celebrations

National Integrated Communications Campaign


Local Torch Route Activation and Community Celebrations

October 30 - Feb 12, 2010


Empowering our people to bring the Olympic experience to Canadian communities

Phase II: Torchbearer Recognition

June 2009-Oct 2010

RBC brings the Olympic Experience to your community


Community Week

Phase I: Torchbearer Recruitment

Nov 2008-July 2009


National Integrated Carry the Torch Campaign

media strategy
Media Strategy
  • Engagement planning- put RBC’s brand where the target already is- speak to them in the space that is relevant to them
    • Psychographically the target is very similar, which brings them together as a group who will likely make a pledge.
    • Demographically however, they are extremely different, which translates into their media habits.
      • How do we reach, and encourage responses, from this vast group?
        • A multi-media campaign with targeted, attention grabbing executions, overlaid with the mass reach of TV.


integrated multi media campaign

:60, :30, :15 sec. spots

Dot spots on VANOC partner news programming

National and Community print advertising

Newspaper banner ad on “One Year to go” Section


National PR

Branch posters and standees

Consistent Creative template


Dedicated Website, Static web banners

Roadblocks on Newspapers sites

Facebook page/advertising

Homepage take-overs on VANOC partner sites and high traffic sites

Rich media for latter half of campaign

World Juniors and Winter City event activation

Local PR- invited RBC selected Torchbearers and community guests to experience RBC Olympians and VANOC Torch

Lead Generation Contest

RBC Local Hockey Leaders and RBC sponsored Olympic School program activation

Community Activation Toolkit for RBC regions

Integrated Multi- Media Campaign

Anchored heavy media around key Torch PR events to leverage

VANOC credibility and newsworthiness of announcements

rbc otr phase 1 review
RBC OTR Phase 1 Review

Campaign Response Activity

Total Applicants

Paid Search Applicants



Mass media drove awareness and acquisition through non-traditional channels such as Paid Search (Note paid search launched in December ‘08)

Full campaign launch

PR Leverage #2

PR Leverage #1


“First to market” Olympic strategy set the stage for strong sponsor awareness and significant community engagement

Phase 1 Results

Public Contests

  • Hundreds of thousands of Canadians entered to run with the torch

Media Relations

  • 400 unique media hits all across the country.
  • RBC’s first torchbearer story received more media attention than any other initiative or story in the financial services industry in Canada for that month


  • Established RBC as the leading Olympic sponsor with Canadians.
  • Showed significantly positive impact on several brand image dimensions in addition to propensity and loyalty.

Source: Angus Reid Monitor Q1 2009, RBC Brand Monitor, March 2009, Cormex Research, Feb. 2009

torchbearer program strategy
Torchbearer Program Strategy

Torch Bearer Program Announcement

1. Public Competition

-RBC Carry the Torch

2. Team Spot Program

-RBC Local Hockey Leaders

-Canadian Olympic School Program

-Canadian Forces

-CMM Regional Recommendations

3. Employee Competitions

-RBC Challenge of Champions

-RBC Employee Carry the Torch

-Health and Wellness

-RBC Insurance

4. Internal selection

Nov - June

Torchbearer Selection

May - Aug

Torchbearer Experience

June - Oct

“One on One” VANOC and

RBC communications

Relay Touchpoints

RBC’s numerous torchbearer programs provide a differentiated and

compelling experience for clients, prospects and employees

otr community celebrations
OTR Community Celebrations

RBC’s dedicated footprint provides opportunity to speak to communities

in a relevant and meaningful environment

convoy configuration
Convoy Configuration

Gap of 10min to 2hrs ahead of Pilot/Core Convoy

Advance Sampling Vehicles

Thank You





Pilot / Drop-off & Sponsor Convoy

Gap of 600-900 metres

between “Pilot/Drop-off & Sponsor Convoy” and “Core Convoy”

Core Convoy

Core Convoy (Cont.)

Convoy activation will establish brand prominence for RBC in the Torch Relay