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Lamar County Schools. Technology Presentation FY07. Internet Safety Policy Acceptable Use. Dale Royal Technology Director. David Niblett Kathy Davies Technology Specialists. Technology Philosophy.

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lamar county schools

Lamar County Schools

Technology Presentation


Internet Safety Policy

Acceptable Use

Dale Royal

Technology Director

David Niblett

Kathy Davies

Technology Specialists

technology philosophy
Technology Philosophy

Technology in Lamar County Schools should serve as a tool that supports excellence in instruction, administration, learning, and achievement.

the internet
The Internet!!

How Do We Protect Our Kids?

Time Magazine – July 3, 1995

congress to the rescue
Congress To The Rescue!
  • Communications Decency Act (CDA)
  • Signed into law in February 1996
  • Tried to “regulate” the Internet
  • Unanimously ruled unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court on June 26, 1997
congress to the rescue 2
Congress To The Rescue - #2
  • Child Online Protection Act (COPA or CDA II)
  • Signed into law in October 1998
  • Like the CDA, COPA tried to “regulate” the Internet.
  • Struck down by 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals on June 22, 2000
  • Partially upheld by US Supreme Court in April 2002.
the third time s a charm
The Third Time’s A Charm..
  • Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA or CHIP Act)
  • Signed into law in Dec. 2000
  • DOESN’T REGULATE THE INTERNET ... it regulates schools’ and libraries’ access
  • Libraries portion struck down by 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in May, 2002
  • Upheld by Supreme Court May, 2003.
cipa requirements
CIPA Requirements
  • Requires adoption and implementation of an “Internet Safety Policy”
  • For all LSTA, ESEA, and E-rate fund applicants, means operation of a “technology protection measure” that blocks or filters Internet access to visual depictions that are:
cipa requirements8
CIPA Requirements
  • Obscene
  • Child Pornography
  • Harmful to Minors*
  • Other material deemed locally to be “inappropriate for minors”
    • *Minor = an individual who has not attained the age of 17
    • OCPHMOMIM (acronym for above)
    • See Miller Test !
cipa requirements9
CIPA Requirements
  • Requires other safety and security measures for minors (as called for in N-CIPA)
    • E-mail
    • Chat rooms
    • Other direct electronic communications (e.g., Instant Messaging)
    • “Hacking” and other unlawful online activities
    • Unauthorized disclosure of personal ID info on minors
cipa requirements10
CIPA Requirements
  • For schools applying for E-rate funds, also requires that the Internet Safety Policy include monitoring the online activities of minors
    • Note: Regular Libraries are not required to monitor the activities of minors, but School Libraries Are !
cipa requirements11
CIPA Requirements
  • Disabling of filtering is allowed:
    • For authorized use for “bona fide research or other lawful purposes”
cipa compliance
CIPA Compliance
  • To comply with this legislation, a school or library in must:
    • 1) adopt and implement an Internet Safety Policy (including public hearing with reasonable public notice), AND


cipa compliance13
CIPA Compliance
  • 2) implement an Internet filtering system designed to prevent a minor from viewing obscene, child pornography, and other material deemed locally to be inappropriate for minors, AND
cipa compliance14
CIPA Compliance
  • 3) implement other safety measures for minors with regards to E-mail, Other direct electronic communications, Chat rooms, hacking, and Unauthorized disclosure of personal ID info on minors, AND
cipa compliance15
CIPA Compliance
  • 4) if you are a school or school library, monitor the online activities of minors.
  • *Note: A minor under CIPA is less than 17 years of age.
cipa law
  • For More Information See: American Libraries Association Web Site
a strong acceptable use policy augments our firewall and filtering efforts and is necessary
A Strong Acceptable Use Policy Augments Our Firewall and Filtering Efforts And Is Necessary



AUP/Safety Policy



internet acceptable use19
Internet Acceptable Use
  • Acceptable Use Policy Is LCBOE Approved
  • Student-Parent Contract Required
  • Staff Contract Required
  • Training Required For Both Staff and Students
internet acceptable use20
Internet Acceptable Use
  • This Policy Required in School Handbooks
  • Coverage of Policy Required at Each School By Media Staff or Teachers
    • Each Grade Level at LCES
    • Entry at LCMS
    • Entry at LCCHS
internet acceptable use21
Internet Acceptable Use
  • You Are Being Trained Right Now!
  • You Can Train Your Students
  • This Presentation Is On Our Each Instructional Share Drive
  • Your Contract Due at End
internet acceptable use22
Internet Acceptable Use
  • Students Can Use the Internet If...
    • AUP Trained by Media Director or Teacher
    • Student-Parent Contract Is Signed/On File
    • You Are Monitoring Their Internet Usage
internet acceptable use23
Internet Acceptable Use
  • Use Consistent With Educational Goals
  • Promotes Student Learning
  • Polite and Not Offensive
  • Represents Lamar County Schools In A Good Way
what is unacceptable
What Is Unacceptable!
  • Personal Use or Gain
  • Divulging Personal Info
  • Damaging Data or Hardware
  • Gaining Unauthorized Access (Hacking)
  • Purchasing Goods or Services (E-Purchase) - Only with Approval
what is unacceptable25
What Is Unacceptable!
  • Chat Rooms and Groups
  • Non- LCS Email
  • Instant Messaging
  • Large File Downloads of Music or Video Files
  • Playing Live Internet Video or Audio For Long Periods
what is unacceptable26
What Is Unacceptable!
  • Downloading and Installing Games and Unapproved Software
  • Playing Games Not Related To Educational Endeavors
  • Stealing Copyrighted Works From Others
what is unacceptable27
What Is Unacceptable!
  • Viewing, Copying, Distributing Pornographic or Obscene Materials
  • Writing or Sending Offensive or Vulgar Words or Symbols
  • Nudity and Exposure of Human/Animal Sexual Organs
  • Sexual Acts in Visual or Other Forms (i.e. Verbal, Stories)
all about email
All About Email
  • Email and Attachments Are a Way of Life
  • Avoid Mail List Serves When Possible
  • Administrators Only -To Use Multiple Mail Lists
  • Email Is Property Of LCS
all about email29
All About Email
  • Must Use Lamar County Schools Email !
    • EIMS Server
    • WebMail
all about email30
All About Email
  • Can’t Use Mail Servers Other Than Ours !
    • AOL Instant Messenger
    • MSN Instant Messenger
    • Netscape Instant Messenger
    • Chat Rooms, and Other Servers That Transmit, Hold, and Share Communication
all about web pages
All About Web Pages
  • All Web Pages Representing Any Aspect of Lamar County Schools Must Be Located on Our Web Servers !
  • Principals and Other Administrative Staff Must Supervise Content !
  • Permission Form Must Be Used !
  • See Dale To Get Web Pages Up
all about monitoring
All About Monitoring
  • Monitoring Required !
  • Supervising Teacher/StaffMust Log Student Use
    • Keep Log For One Year
      • Which Student Is Using
      • Which Computer
      • What Date
      • What Time
all about filtering
All About Filtering
  • SonicWall Firewall Server
    • Stops Unwanted Traffic In And Out
    • Fake VPN - i.e.
  • Cyber-Patrol
    • Filtered By URL
    • Filtered By Content
all about filtering34
All About Filtering
  • Can Request CyberPatrol Review
  • Can Request Local Review
  • Most Blocks Are Needed To Satisfy the Law
all about filtering35
All About Filtering
  • Lets Look At The Filter…
puzzle pieces make a picture
Puzzle Pieces Make A Picture ?
  • Your Monitoring +
  • Your Logs +
  • Our Logs +
  • The Filter and Firewall =

A Safe and Productive Internet Environment For Staff and Students

for more information
For More Information
  • See Our Web Site For Copy Of New AUP/Safety Policy
  • See Our Technology Web Site For Copy Of Software Policy
technology is a tool
Technology Is A TOOL!
  • Are You Just “Laying Brick”
  • OR, Are You “Building A Cathedral”?