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Creating Notes-Project APP PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating Notes-Project APP

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Creating Notes-Project APP
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Creating Notes-Project APP

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  1. Projects App by Apptivo, Inc. Creating Notes in Project Apps

  2. Creating Notes • Adding notes to a project is a form of documenting on what's going on in a project. • This option also allows everyone in a project well informed on status and what's been decided in a meeting on a project. • This could be also used as a form on communicating with the team who are all involved in a project • Notes could be edited and every time it gets edited it get recorded on when and what time it got edited. • You could add a note by clicking on the green ”Add” button marked above.

  3. Creating Notes 1 3 2 This section is used for typing in the notes. Providing a label is kind of giving the notes a name for future easy reference. Click save to save the added notes

  4. Confirmation on added Note A confirmation screen pops up to give you confirmation as the notes has been created.

  5. Notes Dashboard 1 2 3 List of all notes will be displayed in a the notes dashboard. You will be able to delete a note by clicking on the “X” next to each notes. You could also edit an existing notes by clicking on “Edit” which will open the notes in a editable screen from where it could be edited. Each time a Notes is edited it will be recorded as of when it was editted at what time by whom.

  6. Contact Detail The above information is brought to you by Apptivo, Inc. Contact Us: 983 Corporate way Fremont, CA The Apptivo Blog Learn More About: Apptivo Projects Apps All Apptivo Apps Project Management Blogs You could also see Videos related to Project and other Apps in our YouTube Channel.