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Apptivo Milestone App SS PowerPoint Presentation
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Apptivo Milestone App SS

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Apptivo Milestone App SS
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Apptivo Milestone App SS

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  1. Creating a Milestone • Milestone plays a major role in a project. • Project could be split into small pieces with its own start date and end date. • Each Milestones will have its own tasks. • Project Manager running a project will finish tasks under a Milestone to complete a Milestone

  2. 3 1 2 Milestone will show the list of Milestones as per their schedule. Each Milestone will also list the Tasks under each Milestone with a hyperlink for us to see the tasks related to a Milestone New Milestone could be created By clicking on “New Milestone”

  3. Fields in a Milestone • Each Milestone will be having its own Name as per the work involved in that particular Milestone. Eg: Phase1… • Every Milestone will have its own Start and end date. Make sure two Milestone has same dates so it doesn’t clash. • Assigning Person or a team to a Milestone will help to set a team involved in each Milestone. • Status for each Milestone as per the stage at which the Milestone is. • Description will define or highlight the work involved in each Milestone. • Tasks can added to each Milestone. 1 2 3 5 6

  4. Adding User to Milestone • Adding User to a Milestone will notify all the employees who has been selected to be involved in a Milestone. • You can also add new employees who are not listed in a firm could be done by clicking on “Add new Employee”. Any employees who will be added her will get added as a employee of the firm. 3

  5. Status of a Milestone • A Milestone could be marked with a status on which stage the Milestone it is in. • 5 Different status could be used to mark a Milestone as show in the picture. • Depending on the status used here the Milestone will get listed in the overview of a Milestone.

  6. Adding a Task or Tasks to a Milestone 6 • On clicking “Add tasks”, list of Tasks in a project will be listed out in a new popup screen. You could pick one of the tasks in the list or you could create a new task associated with a Milestone. • We will be discussing about the Fields involved in creating a task in our next slide.

  7. Fields in Task 1 2 3 4 5 Give a name to this task created. Eg: Preparing documents related to the Milestone. Suggest the date and time .Give starting date and time and Ending date and time. Assign the person responsible for the tasks. You have the option to change this person who will be assigned with the task. A Task could be associated with any project which could be selected from the drop down menu. Once you are done with filling the fields click on “Create” to create this Task which will get added to the task list.

  8. 1 Mark any one status from that suggested status Select the task you want to add to the Milestone. Click Add 2 3

  9. Overview of a Milestone 1 4 3 2 All Milestones created will get listed in the overview window of a milestone for your quick reference. It will also display the person whom it is assigned to and the start and end date of the Milestone. You could complete a Milestone by just checking the box next to the Milestone name. You could also delete a Milestone by clicking on the cross.

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