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Milestone II

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Milestone II. Team Costa Rica Modification of Escuela San Luis Outdoor Covered Sports Facility. Team Members. Kevin Chen Project Manager Shelby Haverda Communications Guillaume Herve Scope. Team Members. Katelyn Knippa Scope Kyle Morris Fundraising Allison Rich

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Presentation Transcript
milestone ii

Milestone II

Team Costa Rica

Modification of Escuela San Luis Outdoor Covered Sports Facility

team members
Team Members
  • Kevin Chen
    • Project Manager
  • Shelby Haverda
    • Communications
  • Guillaume Herve
    • Scope
team members1
Team Members
  • Katelyn Knippa
    • Scope
  • Kyle Morris
    • Fundraising
  • Allison Rich
    • Risk and Quality
project partners
Project Partners
  • Marcos M. Sanchez
    • In-country Client
  • Charlie Strong
    • In-country Partner
  • Joe Luke
    • Technical Adviser
milestone i concerns
Milestone I Concerns
  • Lack of community knowledge
  • Shallow work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • Unclear role of community involvement
  • No technology literature review listed
  • Unclear performance objectives
milestone i concerns1
Milestone I Concerns
  • Undetailed project assessment
  • Questions for recon. trip
  • No critical issues and questions listed
  • No team education and training needs
  • Slow technical start
presentation outline
Presentation Outline
  • Project Description and Overview
  • Communications Update
  • Scope Update
    • Bleachers
    • Roof
    • PDRI, Project Assessment Criteria
  • Fundraising Update
  • Logistics Update
  • Future Plans
escuela san luis sports facility
Escuela San Luis Sports Facility
  • Objectives:
    • Extend roof
    • Create safe seating for ~400 adults and kids
    • All construction must be seismic-resistant
escuela san luis sports facility1
Escuela San Luis Sports Facility
  • Impact:
    • Collaborative space
    • Improved recreation area
    • Part one of multi-year plan
client roles
Client Roles
  • Community involvement
  • Work area security
client communication
Client Communication
  • November 20: First direct contact
  • November 5: Notified about email errors
  • October 21: Follow-up email sent
  • September 12: Initial contact
partner roles
Partner Roles
  • Logistics
  • Manpower
  • Roof Construction
  • Procurement
  • Permitting
partner communication
Partner Communication
  • November 3: Begin weekly updates
  • October 31: Hospital/Embassy information
  • October 24: Skype conference #2
  • October 17: Email update
  • September 27: Skype conference #1
  • September 19: Initial contact
our role
Our Role
  • Design
  • Planning
  • Educational programming
  • Status updates
  • Construction
codes regulations standards
Codes, Regulations, Standards
  • Plans submitted 3 months prior to implementation
    • Getting more from Charlie
  • International Code search
    • International Code Council
    • American National Standards Institute
  • Initial considerations:
    • Aluminum
    • Steel (one design)
    • Concrete (two designs)
steel bleacher literature review
Steel Bleacher Literature Review


  • National Recreation Systems
    • Side View Drawings in English Units
    • Specs including loads and materials
  • Similar Bleachers at Anderson HS
  • Summer Recon Trip/Rebecca at Strong Missions
    • Photos
    • Dimensions
concrete design ii detail
ConcreteDesign II Detail

Reinforcement bars

Prefab material (think

cinder blocks)

Poured concrete

design i vs design ii
Design I vs. Design II

What we care about:

1) Complexity

2) Time to completion

3) Availability/ amount of materials needed (cost)

4) Airflow

concrete bleacher work breakdown
Concrete Bleacher - Work Breakdown

Pre-Student Construction

-Pre-fab benches

-Pre-fab blocks

-Concrete slab in place with rebar

Student Construction

Place pre-fab blocks w/mortar over rebar

Pour concrete

Place benches

Secure benches

concrete bleacher literature review
Concrete Bleacher Literature Review


-Intuitive knowledge

-Joe Luke

-Photos provided by Mary Lou

-Dimensions provided by Rebecca of Strong Missions

roof extension steel designs
Roof Extension – Steel Designs

Design I vs. Design II

Credit: Allison Rich

roof extension tensile design1
Roof Extension - Tensile Design
  • Pros:
    • lightweight
    • simple design
    • potentially less expensive
    • aesthetically pleasing
  • Cons:
    • most likely not available in country
    • very different design than existing structure

roof extension literature review
Roof Extension Literature Review


-Intuitive knowledge

-Design documents provided by Mary Lou

-Photos provided by Mary Lou

-Birdair, Inc

-Austin Custom Shade

project needs
Project Needs

Bleacher Design

-Confirmation of available prefab items

-Collaboration with a technical advisor (Joe Luke) to refine designs

Roof Extension

-Preliminary designs through collab with tech. advisor

-Fabric material availability


-Cost of materials in-country

-Site survey

-Construction Schedule

grant proposals
Grant Proposals
  • GM Foundation:
    • Would not accept UT tax ID
  • Dell Foundation:
    • Would not accept UT tax ID
  • Mott Foundation:
    • Discouraged from applying
  • Ford Foundation:
    • Submitted, waiting for response
fundraising accomplishments
Fundraising Accomplishments
  • Currently reaching out to corporations
  • Personal Donations
    • $795
  • Gethsemane Lutheran Church
    • $10,000
  • Total of $10,795 raised
fundraising plans
Fundraising Plans
  • Corporation letters
  • Company visits
  • Company publicity
  • Follow up on grant proposals
  • Thank you presentations
transportation plan
Transportation Plan
  • May 25th:
    • Fly into Juan Santamaria Airport
    • Taxi to Carrillos
  • Walk to and from


  • Bus/Taxi to in-country

cultural immersion

  • June 22nd:
    • Fly home
multi year project plan
Multi-year Project Plan
  • Escuela San Luis has plans for future
  • Not part of our scope
implementation schedule
Implementation Schedule
  • May 25th: Fly/travel to Strong Missions
  • May 27th: Acclimation/orientation day
  • May 28th: Begin roof construction
  • June 5th: Begin bleachers
  • June 22nd: Fly home
phase milestone schedule
Phase Milestone Schedule
  • January 17: Have a design selected
  • February 7: Finalize design
  • February 28: Secure funding
  • March 7: Submit final design for permitting
  • March 21: Begin procuring materials
  • May 25: Travel to Costa Rica
reconnaissance trip
Reconnaissance Trip
  • Depends on fundraising
  • Most likely during Spring Break (2-3 days)
  • Primarily to meet community
reconnaissance questions
Reconnaissance Questions
  • How can we involve you, a community member, in the project?
  • What sort of after-school classes would you like for your kids?
lessons learned from prior teams
Lessons Learned from Prior Teams
  • PNG 2013:
    • Late arrival of materials (pump)
      • Solution: Charlie has connections
    • Differing break/mealtime expectations
      • Solution: Charlie will push for hour-long lunches
    • Social work component
      • Solution: Proactivity; Social

worker currently making plans

for activities

lesson learned continued
Lesson Learned continued...
  • Ghana 2013 & 2014:
    • Cultural Differences & Expectations
      • Solution: Cultural Research & Speak to anyone with experience in Costa Rica
    • Making Progress
      • Solution: Physical presence and meeting to collaborate
  • Our Team:
    • Strong Missions NOT always available
      • Solution: Plan accordingly and plan for delays
next phases of design
Next Phases of Design
  • Consult with stakeholders & T.A. on design selection.
  • Create Detailed Model
  • Detailed Cost-Analysis
  • Locate Materials
  • Research in-country construction methods & develop Construction Schedule
holiday work plan
Holiday Work Plan
  • Fundraising
    • Corporation follow-ups
  • Scope
    • Meet tech. adviser to ensure plans are on target
questions unanswered
Questions Unanswered
  • Budget breakdown of Strong Missions
  • Depth of underground power cable in work area
  • Availability and pricing of materials
  • Investment of community
issues and concerns
Issues and Concerns
  • Amount of manpower available
  • In accordance to UT Regulations, what can we contribute to roof construction?
  • Who will do roof construction?
  • Construct roof before bleacher?
  • The water drainage system
any questions

Any Questions?