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Online tools do not will have a straightforward path for asking their customers. The possible lack of apparent path has directed several companies to cost per-user in place of discovering a more extensive strategy (or pair of options). With contract-management, it\'s not impractical to restrict the number of individuals involved in the process. Whether change it\'s to see, or upload post we wish your entire staff to take advantage of our contract administration resources. That\'s why ContractSafe lets you incorporate unlimited users back.\n

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Contract management tools 7425121

Contract Safe

Stop wasting valuable time searching for contracts.

ContractSafe streamlines and human-proofs storage of

important documents.

Contract management tools 7425121

Contract Management Software

 Contract Safe provides the maximum security to your information. The

data, password and personal information are all encrypted with AES that

stands for Advanced Encryption Standard which is a 256-bit encryption. It

is completely secure and has private SSL 256-bit sessions of viewing and it

is scanned by McAfee.

 Contract management software has its databases back up every single

hour continuously for 24 hours. This is done so that your data is safely

stored and is never lost. The data centers are certified and audited with

the standards of ISO 270001, DoD CSM, FedRAMP, and PCI DSS. A very useful

feature of Contract Safe if there is 30 seconds fail over to a server which is

fully redundant. Also, the contracts which are stored can be exported

when demanded in a zip folder. It will be done by the site administrator.

Contract management tools 7425121

Contract Management Services - Perform

Instant Contract Searches with


 If you handle loads of contracts, you can save time and money via contract

management services. Through these services, every contract will be easy to

retrieve and used as desired. Without wasting time, open ContractSafe and start

managing your contracts like a focused professional.

 Other than making your processes extremely easy, quick and effective, these

managers will help you administer all your contractual agreements in a flawless

manner. The entire search will be cloud-based, accurate and instant.

 So, stop wasting time looking for that contract you need. ContractSafe gives you

contract speed searching even in scanned documents. Automatic OCR of every

document means it’s easy to find the document you need instantly. ContractSafe

provides unparalleled contract management services. In a matter of days, your

search system will be fully implemented and up and running.

Contract management tools 7425121

Contract Safe Allows Unlimited Users

 Contract management solutions tend to charge by the number of users

who use the software. It makes sense from the company's perspective

because it's an easy way to calculate how much someone owes them and

the more users, the higher a cost the client is likely able to pay. However,

it doesn't make any sense at all from a customer perspective! Having a

larger team doesn't indicate you have tons of money to throw at software


 Contract Safe has eliminated this clunky construct so you can safely

collaborate on contracts with your whole organization. Add unlimited users

and protect your documents by tailoring each one's roles and permissions.

No need to share accounts because the budget is tight or not allow people

access because the licenses are too expensive. If they need access, give it

to them. You already pay a premium for contract management solutions.

Don't let someone else tell you how to run your business by specifying how

many users can be a part of the contract management process.

Contract management tools 7425121

Contract Management Tools

 Online tools don't always have a straightforward path for charging their customers.

The lack of clear direction has led many companies to charge per user instead of

coming up with a more comprehensive plan (or set of plans). With contract

management, it's not practical to limit the number of people involved in the

process. Whether it's to read, edit, or upload we want your entire team to benefit

from our contract management tools. That's why ContractSafe allows you to add

unlimited users to your account.

 Besides being difficult to track, paying per user adds up. Contract management is

a complicated process involving customers, lawyers, editors, writers, managers,

and more. Limiting access to any of them can have serious consequences down the

line. Recommended changes may not be incorporated into the system if some

people are using it and not others. Emailing documents around is a poor business

practice that makes strict version control all but impossible. You may know the

version you have and whether or not it's the latest in comparison to all the other

versions in your possession, but there's no way to tell if your version is the latest or

if you're missing an update.