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Welcome To Contract Management & National Contract Management Association

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Welcome To Contract Management & National Contract Management Association Purpose: Introduce Universities and Colleges to – For More Information Neal Couture, CPCM at couture@ncmahq.org The Contract Management Profession National Contract Management Association

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purpose introduce universities and colleges to
Purpose:Introduce Universities and Colleges to –

For More Information

Neal Couture, CPCM at couture@ncmahq.org

The Contract Management Profession

National Contract Management Association

Benefits of student membership in NCMA

Benefits of NCMA student chapters

Information about CM curriculum development

what is contract management
What is Contract Management?

Contract management is the art and science of formulating, executing, administering and closing a business transaction between two or more parties.

Both buyers and sellers participate in the contract management process.

Job scope ranges from the administrative skills of managing, organizing, and planning, to the excitement and challenge of negotiating a major contract.

what skills do you need
What skills do you need?

Contract management skills are developed through continuing education and practice.

A successful contract manager has developed skills in 3 main areas.

Technical: Demonstrated by competently performing such as tasks preparing and issuing solicitations, bids, and proposals, preparing or analyzing terms and conditions, or analyzing procurement requirements and supplier capabilities.

Conceptual: The manner in which the contract manager visualizes the contract's organization in terms of the agency's or company's goals. These skills involve the ability to see and use the "big picture" for greater organizational and personal success.

Human relations: Focus on the "people" aspect of contract management. Effective performance requires the cooperation of many others over whom the contract manager has little or no organizational control. Dealing with government and contractor representatives from a diverse range of disciplines requires strong relational and communication skills. Many contract managers consider competency in human relations to be the most important skill for the future of their jobs and careers.

contract roles
Contract Roles

Buyers – purchaser of product(s) or service(s)

Key Terms: Acquisition, Purchasing AgentsContracting Officers, Subcontract Managers/Administrators

Sellers – provider of product(s) or service(s)

Key Terms: Sales Agents, Business Development, Contracting (Contract Administrator)


Maintenance or Management of Contract

Applies to both Buyers and Sellers

Note: One person can have all roles

contract manager responsibilities
Contract Manager Responsibilities

Effective Teamwork with Customers

External – Buyers are customers to Sellers

Internal – Project Managers or Business Development become customers to Contracting Professional when they need a contractual agreement to purchase products and services or build teaming agreements

Coping with Contract Regulations

U.S. Government contracts: Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR)

Federal agencies may also have FAR supplements

Commercial contracts: Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

International contracts: Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)

contract manager responsibilities continued
Contract Manager Responsibilities (Continued)

Problem Solver

Work with customer to structure effective acquisition strategy and tactics

Well described requirement and clear contracting vehicle

If there are hoops to jump through, jump through them together

Don’t gain the reputation of being a problem causer

Business Advisor

The shortest route to success may not be the best; protect your boss and customer

If there is a gray area when interpreting rules, interpret to the benefit of your customer (document your rationale)

The skill (and reward!) comes from building an alternative that works

what does it take
What Does It Take?

Contract Management demands competence in



Contract law


Accounting & finance


Operations management

In short – a “walking MBA”

Organizations need to quickly identify and hire entry level professionals to be able to deal with threats and opportunities

contract management jobs
Contract Management – Jobs!

A lot of jobs on both the government and industry side within the contracts field

Search on Monster.com with “contract administrator” results 2,000+ jobs nationwide

Search on Monster.com with “procurement” results more than 5,000 jobs

Search on usajobs.gov with “procurement” results 1,800+ jobs

Washington, DC has the most jobs available within the field

contract management money 2008 ncma salary survey findings
Contract Management – Money!2008 NCMA Salary Survey Findings

Median = US $90,000

Annual median salary by experience

<5 years = $59,000

5 to 9 years = $76,000

10 to 14 years = $87,500

15 to 19 years = $100,000

20 to 29 years = $107,200

30+ years = $119,600

2008 ncma salary survey findings continued
2008 NCMA Salary Survey Findings (Continued)

Annual median salary by age (in US $)

Under 35 = $63,000

35 – 44 = $82,800

45 – 54 = $95,300

55 and up = $100,000

what is ncma
What is NCMA?

VisionNCMA will lead and represent the contract management profession. Our vision is that enterprises will succeed through improved buyer-seller relationships based on common values, practices, and professional standards.

MissionNCMA exists to enable the workforce to grow professionally, assess individual and organizational competency against professional standards, establish values, develop best practices, and provide access to skilled individuals, enabling enterprises to improve their buyer-seller relationships.

Web Site: www.ncmahq.org


Benefits of NCMANCMA provides contract professionals in the private and public sectors, buying and selling worlds, the knowledge and connections that foster lifetime career management excellence through…

Contract Management – monthly magazine

Journal of Contract Management

Three Annual National Educational Conferences

CM News—Monthly e-mail newsletter

Chapter Affiliation


Professional Certification Programs


Job opportunities: www.ContractManagementJobs.com

Access to Salary Survey

Networking Opportunities with the People Who Matter

student membership chapters why
Student Membership & Chapters — Why?

“The foundation of integrity within the (federal acquisition) system is a competent, experienced, and well-trained, professional workforce.”

FAR Part 102-2(c)(1)

  • Major Employers seeking better and more in depth knowledge in candidates when hiring new contract management professionals
student member benefits
Student Member Benefits

Receive all the benefits of Individual Members

Contract Management magazine

CM News (e-newsletter)

Access to local and national training/educational opportunities

Member discounts

Networking opportunities leading to possible future intern programs or full-time employment

Access to www.ContractManagementJobs.com

Post resume

Apply for jobs online

> 1,000 worldwide jobs posted every year

student membership requirements
Student Membership Requirements

To qualify:

Must be full-time student;

Must be in an accredited, degree-granting institution; and

Not hold full-time employment in CM or related career field

Student Membership available at no charge until June 30, 2010. Join now!

Effective July 1, 2010, dues increase to $25 annually.

Initiation fee is waived

student chapter benefits
Student Chapter Benefits

Networking opportunities

Learn from each other

Learn from mentor chapter

Closer working relationship with faculty advisor

More in-depth relationship to NCMA organization

getting started
Getting Started

Support from both NCMA and your local chapter

Conduct student chapter interest meeting

Provide food & nonalcoholic drinks

Invite NCMA speaker

CM information and testimonials

NCMA benefits

Get at least 25 students interested

Select pro tem President, Secretary, Treasurer

Submit charter petition letter

Select faculty advisor (Make or break step!)

For more details about Chapter Chartering contact Mary Beth Lech, Chapter Relations Manager, at mlech@ncmahq.org

faculty advisor role
Faculty Advisor Role

Focal contact for student chapter

Advocate student chapter

Advise student board members

Communicate with both NCMA and the local host chapter

Send NCMA related information to chapter members

Consider development of Contract Management curriculum or content

tools for contract management curricula
Tools For Contract Management Curricula

NCMA has developed summary Contract Management Body of Knowledge (CMBOK)

Access to NCMA library

Career Building Box (see next slide)

Support from other professors within field

Support from both NCMA and the local host chapter

career building box
Career Building Box

Student Brochure & Applications

Contract Management Code of Ethics

Guide to the CMBOK

Executive Summary of the Salary Survey

Student Posters

Contract Management Magazine

Knowledge Catalog

Resource Guide

Journal of Contract Management

Where to obtain a copy of the latest Student Chapter Newsletters on line

Information on www.ContractManagementJobs.com


CM is an established and growing career field

In excess of 128,000 jobs

Supporting and facilitating acquisition of R&D, production, construction and many other supplies and services

Located at Federal, State, and Local Government level

Located in all industries selling to Government

Located in companies selling to and buying from industry

Working at both prime and subcontract level

CM profession greatly facilitated by trained, competent, and professional workforce

Employers place great value on CM knowledge in candidates

NCMA provides a bridge to CM profession and career