is your hotel s content strategy bringing your n.
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Is your Hotel's Content Strategy bringing you Business? - Pure Automate Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Is your Hotel's Content Strategy bringing you Business? - Pure Automate Presentation

Is your Hotel's Content Strategy bringing you Business? - Pure Automate Presentation

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Is your Hotel's Content Strategy bringing you Business? - Pure Automate Presentation

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  1. -: Is your Hotel's Content Strategy bringing your Business? :-

  2. 1. Does your content offer some value to the readers? Everyone is creating content these days. So producing content just for the sake of it isn't going to bring you any returns. Your content has to contribute some kind of value to the readers. It could be advice, pro-tips or entertainment value. But the reader has to get something out of your content. If your content isn't giving any value to your users or making an impact in their lives (no matter how small or subtle), then you might as well stop creating it. 2. Is your Content Relatable? Relatable content gets more shares. Why? Simply because people like to be a part of something. If your content connects with them on a level on which they can relate with it, then your content is doing well. One way to do is to present things in a way which can be easily understood by your audience. If your content has words which only the 'smart' people at your hotel can understand or a structure which serves in fattening your content writer's ego, then go back and start editing. Your content has to be simple, direct and enjoyable for your users.

  3. 3. Are you personalizing your content? Personalization is not a novelty now. With all the wonderful technology and Best Hotel Management System, your guests expect personalization in their services. It goes the same with your content. How do you personalize your content? Write content for a target audience. Now you can even break down your target market into categories. You can write content with the millennials in mind, or businessmen who travel frequently. You can write seasonal content, or even answer questions which are frequently asked by your guests! Write content with a certain audience in mind instead of trying to make it appealing for the whole world.

  4. 4. Is your Content Engaging? Our attention spans are abysmal, and our senses are fickle. Unless something excites or engages us on a regular basis, it flies out of our mind. Immediately. To tackle this issue experiment with your sentence structure. Make your content scannable. Bullet point’s work wonders as well. Don't forget to add eye-catching images, gifs, and even short videos. Have vivid colours to stimulate your readers. You can also use AI technology to keep your content engaging and happening. Tease their imagination and tickle their traveling desires with your content to get more business.

  5. 5. Does your content have clear call-to-actions? We know what the primary aim of any sort of content is: More potential business for your hotel. Now we know every piece of content won't convert into bookings. It is too far-fetched to hope so. But every piece of content can convert into engagement. User engagement results in more potential customers. Whenever you publish content, have a clear call to action in the end. Nudge them to subscribe. Invite them to visit your hotel's website. Ask them to click a video to have a video tour of your hotel. Have Book Now buttons with your ads. Every piece of content you write has to inspire action- you also have to give a clear and obvious step to perform that action immediately.If you are good on these aspects of your content, it will surely increase the frequency of the bookings you get and will ultimately bring in more business for your hotel. Meeting the ever-increasing demands of the hospitality business can be challenging. We offer a power-packed set of cloud- based Hospitality Solutions like the Hotel PMS System, Channel Manager, Online Booking Engine and Restaurant POS Software to make hotel management easier. Contact us immediately to make the most of your hotel with technological tools.