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HingePoint BIM Company Overview

HingePoint consulting and development started integrating systems and technologies in the early 1990s, when businesses first began rolling out computer and web platforms. We’ve been working with industry leaders to automate, streamline and strengthen their existing business processes, bringing new corporate “wish-list” capabilities to market. We love to push the envelope, discovering practical, yet highly productive solutions for our clients.<br><br>At HingePoint we’ve been consulting on technologies for over 25 years. Our clients range from top hotel brands and restaurant chains to telecom, retail, and commercial real estate developers. From government agencies to cutting-edge, venture capital start-ups, we can help.

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HingePoint BIM Company Overview

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  1. INNOVATION THROUGH SYSTEMS ® A BIM Leader’s Services, Unique Processes and Client Benefits

  2. LAUNCHING SOLUTIONS INNOVATION THROUGH SYSTEMS® At HingePoint, we’ve worked on transforming our client’s business through systems innovation for over 25 years. Our clients are leaders in manufacturing, hospitality, retail, technology, government, real estate development and the AEC industry. Why do leaders seek The HingePoint Way?

  3. Value 1 The HingePoint Way -BIM with ROI

  4. Value Our Unique Process is a Value Creation Process: transforming complexities into simplicities, creating multipliers to grow your business.

  5. Guarantee 2 The HingePoint Way -BIM with ROI

  6. Guarantee Our experts underwrite the ROI of your project. Meeting your objectives and achieving your results are literally guaranteed in writing.

  7. Passion 3 The HingePoint Way -BIM with ROI

  8. Passion As experts in large-scale systems, software development and systems integration, we are passionate about enterprise projects that transform business.

  9. Vision 4 The HingePoint Way -BIM with ROI

  10. Vision Leading our clients to visualize bigger futures and motivating them to achieve those futures now. Combining best practices and innovative ideas.

  11. Our Services The HingePoint Way -BIM with ROI

  12. Consulting 1 The HingePoint Way -BIM with ROI

  13. Consulting Delivering a road map of innovative solutions and best practices.

  14. Design 2 The HingePoint Way -BIM with ROI

  15. Design Aligning existing systems to streamline efficiencies, save costs and eliminate redundancies.

  16. Development 3 The HingePoint Way -BIM with ROI

  17. Development Creating new software applications to drive your business forward and solve critical problems quickly.

  18. Autodesk Development Partner As an Authorized Autodesk Partner, we are specialists in 2D, 3D, AutoCAD and Revit platforms. We have the experience and expertise with building and manufacturing in both CAD and CAM. Our Systems We’ve been working on the most common business software platforms on the market. Whether SalesForce, SharePoint, Office365, BlueBeam, SolidWorks or multiple others, we’ve got you covered. The HingePoint Way -BIM with ROI

  19. Our Unique Process A User-Centered Systems Design Process This process may seem simple and it is. Systems complexity is simplified by our facilitated process that makes it easy for our clients and gets amazingly great results. Results Guaranteed, Literally Guaranteed.® To learn more about HingePoint’s Unique Process click here

  20. The Data Detective Solution Fitting The Idea Lab •Produce alternatives •Evaluate pros & cons •Analyze trade-offs •Capture your new thinking •Explore and expand your big ideas •Envision and define the road map •Benchmark your systems •Process user research •Examine technical dependencies

  21. Test Drive The Hinge Point •Validate working prototypes •Ensure the “Perfect-Fit” solution •Apply user feedback •Launch with your team •Deploy support services •Train for change management The Open Door After the solution is in place, we are still here. We’re always available for future enhancements, maintenance, and Client Services that increase your profit.

  22. HingePoint helped transform our Global design and manufacturing process from 2D manual processes to a 3D Revit workflow system using custom Plugins, and integrating Revit with our existing SAP and SalesForce software. After only a few short months, we’re well on our way towards achieving our objectives of an error free CAD & BOM solution, saving the company substantial costs, improving design productivity, and fueling growth in the thermal products Industry. –– Craig Storch, P.E. Manager of Engineering Kingspan Insulated Panels, NA Call for BIM With ROI 214•301•0000 The HingePoint Way -BIM with ROI

  23. Before working with HIngePoint we were just another commercial real estate company trying to get deals done. Now, we’re one of the most innovative firms in the industry. HingePoint’s knowledge, insight and guidance has allowed us to manage risk systematically better, affording us the opportunity to scale efficiently while also generating increased profits at both the property and company level. –– Victor R. Mendiola, JR. Promesa Investments The HingePoint Way -BIM with ROI

  24. The HingePoint Way – BIM with ROI All Building Information In A Simple Model (BIM) Get a Turn-Key solution that combines all your information, giving you the ability to plan, estimate and execute with precision. •Accurate Information •Easy Interface •Solves the Problem at the Ground Level •Design-Build-Operate The HingePoint Way -BIM with ROI

  25. The HingePoint Way – BIM with ROI Building Information Model Includes: •Building Design •Construction Documents •3D Visualization •BOM and FF&E •Quantity Take-Offs •Areas and Rooms •Materials •Vendors •Specifications •Photorealistic Renderings The HingePoint Way -BIM with ROI

  26. The HingePoint Way – BIM with ROI The Investment Options We improve the proforma by fitting into the existing budget. Which option works best for your business? •Per Room •Per Facility •Per SQFT •Renovations •Per Project •New Development The HingePoint Way -BIM with ROI

  27. The HingePoint Way – BIM with ROI Imagine everything about your facilities organized in one place, accessible in real time, from anywhere. The best part is our Unique Process is quick so you are up and running faster than you can imagine. The HingePoint Way -BIM with ROI

  28. Client Benefits Cost Savings & Revenue Growth Our solutions often significantly reduce non-value, redundant activity and user work a rounds. The result empowers your employees to perform the tasks that will expand the revenue potential and value of your business. Improved Efficiency & Profits With increased platform performance and integration, you finally realize the promise of improved efficiencies and return on investment. Increased Productivity Software is supposed to make your life easier, not complicate it. When all your programs communicate well & work together, the number of tasks your team can perform is increased. The HingePoint Way -BIM with ROI

  29. This is the first time we’ve been able to get tools catered exactly to the job at hand, not being told by vendors or IT that it can’t be done. HingePoint really does deliver on developing enterprise platforms. –– Sr. Director of Design and Architecture The HingePoint Way -BIM with ROI

  30. Save 100's of hours of data processing and eliminate costly human errors from manually calculated BOM quantities. This amazingly powerful productivity plugin will save 100’s of hours in Autodesk® Revit® BOM data analysis, reporting and quantity estimation. Create clear BOM reports beautifully formatted and exported instantly to Excel for professional team and client uses. Available in both a trial and paid versions so you can try before you buy. Visitthis link to get details on the app. News: Autodesk Revit Users The HingePoint Way -BIM with ROI

  31. Learn more about The HingePoint Way – BIM with ROI and more, by using the links below: Website 214-301-0000 Facebook Twitter Google + Linkedin

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