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Augmented Reality from virtualmob PowerPoint Presentation
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Augmented Reality from virtualmob

Augmented Reality from virtualmob

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Augmented Reality from virtualmob

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  1. Augmented Reality Solutions Provider Company Profile

  2. Table of contents: • About Virtualmob • Augmented Reality Eco-system • Different types of AR • What we can do? • AR Sample Book? • Demos • Use cases • Marketing Statistics

  3. What we can do ? 1 About Virtualmob

  4. Who we are? • Virtual Mob, is a web 3.0 solutions based company; established in Switzerland , U.K. and Middle East and expanding to Asia (India, Singapore and Hongkong) and North America. • We offer unique expertise and skills within the digital AR ecosystem specializing in the following platforms/channels: • Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for • On-site • Online (ecommerce) • Mobile (mcommerce) • Kinect (Motion detection) • Mobile Marketing & Web based Solutions • Augmented Reality Markerless and Marker based • Location based advertising • Geo-fencing/Proximity Marketing (mobile coupons) • Visual Search + Image recognition • Ecommerce platforms with AR mix (Try live products)

  5. How we CAN help? Insight – we constantly scour the horizon for what’s coming. We translate that into how you can harness it for your digital marketing campaigns.
 Strategy – we create or improve your digital marketing strategies to ensure they are profitable today and tomorrow. Training – ensuring your teams know what is coming, why it is important and how you can harness it.

  6. Snapshot Of Our Clients …

  7. What we can do ? 2 What is AR? AR ECO-SYSTEM

  8. What is Augmented Reality(AR)? Mix the Real World (Camera, video capture), and the Virtual world on Real objects (texts, 3d objects) in real time. Turn any Print interactive! Augment Anything, Anywhere!

  9. Pre history vs Next Generation Yesterday Today QR readers, Visual Search (Kooaba, IQ) VS AR highly intuitive & offers Rich Interaction.

  10. What we can do ? 4 Types of AR WHAT WE CAN OFFER?

  11. What we can offer?

  12. Enable Mcommerce into Print: • Converting readers to buyers….. Users can point at the advert and buy concert tickets instantly, receive an instant response whether a web link, video, coupon, or perhaps a 3D product experience or augmented reality game

  13. Help Shoppers Buy • Enable user to try on the product virtually by placing your product at home. • Users can pick the product from an image gallery eg: sofa, and place in realtime to see if it goes with the current interior design.

  14. Billboard signage: Turning ads to life. For PR campaigns and adverts

  15. Core AR Benefits

  16. What we can do ? 4 Sample Book AR CAMPAIGNS by Virtualmob

  17. Opel Astra Car Brochure

  18. Augmented Reality for Arhitects

  19. Augmented Reality in Magazine To get a better understanding click here

  20. Augmented Reality in Consumer Products To get a better understanding click here

  21. Lynx AR advert Great use of augmented reality by Lynx which nicely supports the current
TV ad campaign Lynx video : 20,000 users were witnessed at Victoria station london in 2 days. YouTube video alone currently has 214,060 views, this success combined with a Facebook game.

  22. Bring printed ads to life!- AXA Insurance AXA Insurance in Belgium recently released an iPhone app designed to help people in the event of an accident, and to get their customers attention, they decided to launch it in an innovative kind of way… Bringing traditional full page print ads, with a digital twist by integrating AR. Watch the video:

  23. VW Golf Convertible The application is launched the user is able to view and experience the vehicle as if it on site. A wealth of possibilities is offered, such as opening the roof, turning the car, checking details, changing the body colour or the style of the rims. Watch video

  24. AR for Telecommunications in Saudi Arabia Face tracking FB AR app for a giant telecom based in Saudi Arabia. To celebrate Saudi National day, Mobily decided to celebrate this day along with their fans by enabling users to place objects and paint face using the colors of Saudi flag. Around 100,000 users used this application and shared on their wall posts.

  25. IMD Business School & Financial Times IMD is a leading Business School based in Switzerland. IMD’s business goal was to showcase innovative technologies by introducing AR in all their printed adverts. Engage users by having them to point at the WHY square and see the ad come to life (message from the business school). This advert is being Published in all Financial times, Economist and Airport lounges across the globe. 82% growth in user who rang to get more info on the MBA qualification.

  26. Philips AR Face-tracking app for Facebook/Web Objective: Philips wants to promote a new grooming product - but in the first instance we want to encourage as many people as possible (at the event and online) to "try on" different beard styles, take pictures of themselves and share them with their friends on Facebook and via email Generally: We want to drive traffic to the Facebook page.

  27. Point@me

  28. AR for hospitality industry Introducing AR in different chain of hotels for the restaurant menus, which customers can scan with their smartphones to view a video of the dish being prepared. AR as a mechanism to tell the story behind their offerings, and allow guests to see different aspects of the hotel that they may not otherwise have noticed. Linking to text or videos, the codes can also be used to activate GPS functionalities that can help guests find their way around a hotel. Augmented reality view of chef cooking the dish in real world, information on nutrition diet, calories etc..

  29. Traveleasy app for Luxury Hotels Booking app for restaurants, writing review, instant booking on rooms, virtual check-in to the hotel. More info……

  30. Augmented Reality for Dubai Travel & Tourism Tourists and travelers can be provided with in-depth information of a countries culture, heritage, do’s and don'ts. Through Augmented Reality a visitor could even experience a country’s history and be far more involved in it than by just merely reading a book. Find out more.......

  31. Augmented Reality for Cyprus Museum Augmented Reality Book At the educational station “Survey calendars excavations” with the augmented reality book the user can study the diaries of old and recent excavations of Kato Polemidia. While turning the book pages 3D models of ancient objects appear and the user can rotate and explore them by holding the book in his hands. With augmented reality becomes possible for the visitors to interacts with the virtual objects and understand better the ancient finds.  Watch a video

  32. What we can do ? 5 AR STATISTICS Source: Juniper Research 2011

  33. Key Facts

  34. Key Facts: Survey Source: Juniper Research

  35. Active Market Participation Source: Juniper Research

  36. How is AR being used? 100 80 60 40 20 0% Source: Juniper Research Jan 2010

  37. Total Mobile AR Market (£m) Source: Juniper Research These 3 models, Incremental revenues are predicted to provide the largest share of revenues and pay-per-download the smallest share Source: Juniper Research

  38. AR is inventive, it saves people time and money, provides them with valuable information and that should remain key to the whole thing. Ms. Chaya Jadhav Switzerland & EU 0041 79 429 0795 The potential for Augmented Reality technology is limitless and the future opportunities are unfathomable in today's world.