learn what it is learn what it can do learn how it can be used in education n.
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Augmented Reality

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Learn what it is Learn what it can do Learn how it can be used in education. Augmented Reality. Presented by Group 1 Kelly Nightengale Patti Rose. What Is Augmented Reality?. The overlay of computer-presented information on top of the real world Combines real and virtual realities

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learn what it is learn what it can do learn how it can be used in education
Learn what it is

Learn what it can do

Learn how it can be used in education

Augmented Reality

Presented by Group 1

Kelly Nightengale

Patti Rose

what is augmented reality
What Is Augmented Reality?
  • The overlay of computer-presented information on top of the real world
  • Combines real and virtual realities
  • Interactive in real time
  • Registered in 3D
  • Not the same as “virtual reality”
augmented vs virtual realities
Augmented vs. Virtual Realities
  • Virtual reality
    • Immerses the viewer into computer-generated environments
    • Requires equipment which completely obstructs visual view of physical objects in the real world
  • Augmented reality
    • Augments or adds graphics, audio, and other sensory enhancements to the natural world as it exists
reality continuum
Reality Continuum
  • Virtual and real environments are at opposite ends of this continuum
  • AR is closer to the real environment
historical background
Historical Background
  • 1957-62 – Morton Heilig, Sensorama
  • 1966 – Ivan Sutherland, head-mounted display
  • 1975 – Myron Krueger, Videoplace
  • 1989 – Jaron Lanier coined the term Virtual Reality
  • 1992 – Tom Caudell coined the term Augmented Reality
historical timeline
Historical Timeline
  • 1994 – Julie Martin, AR Theater
  • 1999 – Hirokazu Kato, AR Toolkit
  • 2000 – Bruce Thomas, ARQuake
  • 2008-09 – Wikitude, AR Travel Guide and Navigation System
  • 2009 – AR Toolkit ported to Adobe Flash
how does ar work
How Does AR Work?
  • Requires Internet connection
  • Can be accomplished in two ways by:
    • Looking at a screen showing visible and augmented objects
    • Looking through a device using the generated screen display
example s looking at a screen
Example s: Looking at a Screen
  • Yellow “first down” line
  • Direction of ice hockey puck
  • Giant logos or ads on athletic fields
  • World record lines for swimming events
examples looking through device
Examples: Looking Through Device
  • Creative photography
  • Navigation systems
  • Drivers: video games, cell phone apps
  • Display types:
    • Head-mounted, or heads-up, displays
    • Handheld displays
    • Spatial displays
head mounted heads up displays
Head-Mounted / Heads-Up Displays
  • Combines and displays physical world images and virtual graphical objects

SVGA Head-Mounted Display

Vehicle Heads-Up Display

handheld displays
Handheld Displays
  • Small handheld computing device
  • Uses global positioning systems (GPS)

iPhone Applications

spatial displays
Spatial Displays
  • Nothing to wear and/or carry
  • Uses digital projectors to display information
  • Marker-based and markerless devices

AR Phone Keypad

AR Keyboard

why ar applications
Why AR Applications?
  • Wireless mobile devices
  • Anywhere, anytime access
  • State-of-the-art cell phones
  • Available applications
advertising applications
Advertising Applications
  • Promote products via interactive AR applications

Movie character speaks to you when you pass her outdoor movie poster

City Sites Tour

marketing applications
Marketing Applications
  • Assist consumers on location with ratings, reviews, and other information

Restaurant search

Social shopper

industrial applications
Industrial Applications
  • Compare the data of digital mock-ups with physical mock-ups
  • Provide instructions, specs, and training for mechanics and machine operators
scientific applications
Scientific Applications
  • Visualize 3D phenomena
  • Display interactive analysis of terrain characteristics

Terrain rendering

Whole body PET scan

arts applications
Arts Applications
  • Create art over real art
  • Simulate construction projects
  • Create virtual objects on locations
arts applications1
Arts Applications
  • Launch interactive AR music videos
  • Visit historical sites and step

back in time

arts applications2
Arts Applications
  • Project AR into musical stage shows
    • Duran Duran

Animated character at concert

educational applications
Educational Applications
  • Provide powerful contextual, explorative, and discovery learning experiences
  • Show network learning
  • Facilitate collaboration among distributed team members
  • Create 3D graphics of curriculum content
  • Overlay factual onto view of real world
educational applications1
Educational Applications
  • Teach critical thinking, science, and social studies through AR gaming

Military Strategy Game

Racetrack Pit Strategy Game

educational applications2
Educational Applications
  • Generate models in different settings
  • Have books come alive
other educational applications
Other Educational Applications
  • Astronomy
    • Google’s SkyMap
    • pUniverse
  • Architecture
    • ARSights
  • Computer Science
  • Student Guides
ar video clips
AR Video Clips
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKw_Mp5YkaE
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1El-kW1rebs&feature=watch_response
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5M-oAmBDcZk&feature=related
pending future applications
Pending / Future Applications
  • Expanding a PC screen into the real world
  • “Holodecks”
  • Replacement of cell phone and vehicle navigation screens
  • Virtual everything
  • Virtual gadgetry
  • Subscriptions to group-specific AR feeds
  • Virtual retinal displays
  • AR-enabled contact lenses
nle benefits of ar
NLE Benefits of AR
  • Exposure to learning experiences
  • Connected to many learning opportunities
  • Learn from anywhere and share with anyone
  • Used to enhance collaborative tasks
  • Support of seamless interaction between real and virtual environments
  • Use of a tangible interface metaphor for object manipulation
  • Ability to transition smoothly between reality and virtuality
instructional strategies of ar
Instructional Strategies of AR
  • Learning goes beyond space and time to extend past the current semester
    • Community-Community Interaction
  • Learners get real time, up-to-date information
    • Aggregation
  • Learners combine online content with online resources to enhance learning
    • Mash Up
instructional strategies of ar1
Instructional Strategies of AR
  • Learners apply visualizations (2D and 3D) to enhance learning
    • Info-Viz
  • Learners use mobile devices to gain knowledge
    • Mobile learning
  • Learners use distant network servers for web applications
    • Cloud computing
drawbacks of ar
Drawbacks of AR
  • Accuracy
    • Large margin of error
  • Standards
    • No open standards among AR browsers
  • Availability of AR-capable devices
    • SmartPhones only
simple ar links
Simple AR Links
  • ARhrrrr - An AR Shooter
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNu4CluFOcw&feature=player_embedded
  • ARIS Mobile Media Learning Games
    • http://arisgames.org
  • Mirror Worlds
    • http://www.augmentedenvironments.org/lab/2009/10
simple ar links1
Simple AR Links
  • Wikitude World Browser
    • http://www.wikitude.org/world_browser
  • Wimbledon Seer App
    • http://www.fastcompany.com/blog/kit-eaton/technomix/augmented-reality-hits-wimbledontennis-championship
further ar reading
Further AR Reading
  • Augmented Learning: An Interview with Eric Klopfer (Part One)
    • http://henryjenkins.org/2008/07/an_interview_with_eric_klopfer.html

(Henry Jenkins, Confessions of an Aca-Fan, 7

July 2008.)

  • Augmented Reality in a Contact Lens
    • http://spectrum.ieee.org/biomedical/bionics/augmented-reality-in-a-contact-lens/0

(Babak Parviz, IEEE Spectrum Feature,

September 2009.)

further ar reading1
Further AR Reading
  • If You Are Not Seeing Data, You are Not Seeing
    • http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2009/08/augmented-reality/

(Brian Chen, Wired Gadget Lab, 25 August 2009.)

  • Map/Territory: Augmented Reality Without the Phone
    • http://radar.oreilly.com/2009/08/mapterritoryaugmented-reality.html

(Brady Forrest, O’Reilly Radar, 17 August 2009.)

further ar reading2
Further AR Reading
  • Visual Time Machine Offers Tourists a Glimpse of the Past
    • http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/08/090812104219.htm

(Science Daily, 17 August 2009.)

  • Delicious: Simple Augmented Reality
    • http://delicious.com/tag/hz10+augmentedreality
  • What is AR?
    • The ability to overlay computer graphics onto the real world
  • What can AR do?
    • Combines real and virtual realities to turn an empty space into a very rich educational experience
  • How can AR be used in education?
    • Offers seamless interaction between the real and virtual worlds, a tangible interface metaphor, and a means for transitioning between real and virtual worlds to create learning opportunities and knowledge connections
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