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Intelligent Driving Car Safety PowerPoint Presentation
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Intelligent Driving Car Safety

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Intelligent Driving Car Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Among the various advancements in the automobile sector, the intelligent car keys have come up as an effective tool for the safety of your car. Apart from safeguarding your vehicle, these keys are also helpful in advancing your driving experience by adding more comfort and style

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Intelligent Driving Car Safety

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intelligent driving car safety

Intelligent Driving Car Safety

Intelligent driving car safety trains with the use of simple but efficient word tools such as, Eyes on the Road/Hands on the Wheel, Practice Road Concentration, Avoid Driver Distraction, and the ASF Copilot License (CL) that offers a safe driving technique for both driver and passengers. ASF submits CL training as a new international industry standard, that should be part of the required DMV protocol necessary to obtain a driving license. The new program could include initiating Copilot License education and training prior to obtaining a driver permit, while also apprising passengers how to copilot to help drive safely. DMV issuing mobile phone licenses could also multitask the CL for an official ID card or offer it for a small charge to the safety-minded that want to make a DMV road concentration safe driver pledge.

modernization of driving licensing and education

Modernization of Driving Licensing and Education

The NHTSA states that distracted driving is the number one cause of accidents and a “deadly epidemic.”

Over a million people died in auto accidents last year and another two million were seriously injured!

There are six billion mobile phone users and a billion vehicles interacting on the roads daily.

Modern vehicles are loaded with new technical devices and carry-ons that present driver distraction.

Every day, a great multitude of drivers are driving under the influence (DUI) of varying substances that may or may not impair driving.

obtaining a cl should be a requirement

Obtaining a CL should be a requirement for a moving violation ticket, that would include purchasing of the CL for an additional ticket charge (prioritized over other non-safety tariffs etc.) as well as the intelligent driving course,  CL school online to learn about road concentration, and the lesson of driving cooperation, as on the road we all copilot, and unsafe driving endangers others.

ASF believes that all U.S. state DMV, international licensing agencies, Ministries of Transportation, and licensing bureaus, offer new intelligent driving education that includes the Copilot Driver License.

Mobile driving licenses, mDL, soon to be introduced by DMV nationally, can offer a user-friendly platform for the purchase of the Copilot License.

Distracted driving is a “deadly epidemic” that necessitates new driving education and licensing practices!

asf is offering asf gift card and cl copyright

ASF is offering ASF Gift Card, and CL copyright use for a 15 per cent fee per licensing sale, or a one time negotiable donation. Please write:

ASF P.O. Box 12183 La Jolla, CA 92039

Phone : (858) 834-4345 On the road we all CopilotTeam for auto safety!

Thank You…

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