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Self Driving Car

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Self Driving Car. By: Caleb Brown and Daniel Gray. Background of the problem. Problem and Goal Statement. The problem is there are too many automobile accidents annually and the goal is to eliminate accidents by creating a automotive system that is capable of piloting itself.

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self driving car

Self Driving Car

By: Caleb Brown and Daniel Gray

Background of the problem

Problem and Goal Statement

The problem is there are too many automobile accidents annually and the goal is to eliminate accidents by creating a automotive system that is capable of piloting itself.

  • I believe it will be a very beneficial for Auto pilot being added to vehicles because it will virtually eliminate all automobile accidents simply because people will not have to drive. With today’s technology we already have cars that can park themselves so the same technology should be utilized to create a car that can safely drive itself. With auto pilot it should easily cut all forms of DUI which seems to be an increasing problem
problem solving approach
Problem Solving Approach
  • The Problem; There are too many automobile accidents annually. The best way to approach this problem is to utilize the technology already in place by many car companies and use sensors that can detect where your lanes are as well as sensors accurately placed around the car to detect other potential drivers or various hazards.
information collected
Information Collected
  • In the not-so-distant future, your morning commute might be a very different experience. While you'll most likely still be lined up bumper-to-bumper on the highway, you won't be stuck in traffic per se, banging your head on your car's steering wheel because the motorist in front of you won't move. Instead, you will be doing something called "platooning," a high-tech, automated version of follow the leader.
  • When you enter the roadway, your car will fall in line behind a drone vehicle that is in constant communication with roadway infrastructure, collecting data on road conditions, traffic updates and more. That drone will act just like the front car of a commuter train in that it will communicate with and direct your car safely to its "exit" or "stop" without any input from you. With your car essentially on autopilot, you can, say, catch up on work, read the paper or watch the Today Show, whatever you want, without any worry of colliding with another vehicle. Upon reaching your exit, your vehicle will detach from the pack and you will pilot it to your final destination.
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Development of Alternative Solutions

Selection of Best Solution

For me the best solution is a combination of the two to mend an ultimate driverless car experience to eliminate virtually all types of automobile accidents and create safer roads for everyone.

  • The Alternative solution I found was from the information I gathered rather than using sensors to detect just the surroundings they can be used basically as a train with all the cars essentially linked together if one slows down they all slow down and then one speeds up they all speed up.