troop 132 summer camp at wente n.
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Troop 132 Summer Camp at Wente PowerPoint Presentation
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Troop 132 Summer Camp at Wente

Troop 132 Summer Camp at Wente

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Troop 132 Summer Camp at Wente

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  1. Troop 132Summer Camp at Wente Troop 132 Fremont

  2. Departure • We will leave between 7:30-8 AM from the Washington High School Parking lot. • All Bags and equipment need to loaded into the trailer and trucks and properly secured • We will make one Stop along the way to Wente to have lunch. We can’t arrive before noon. We usually stop at Cloverdale • We then go to Wente, for directions go to Troop 132 Fremont

  3. Wonderful Wente Troop 132 Fremont

  4. Wente Scout Reservation Wente Scout Reservation ... a chance to backpack, sail, fish, ride horses and go rock climbing ... all in one week! Wente’s tall Douglas Firs and golden meadows on 2,200 acres of hills and forests spell adventure for the Troop that likes to rough it and test its skills. An 80 acre lake offers a natural setting for swimming, sailing, boating and canoeing. The lake has some of the best fishing in the state with an occasional trophy bass caught by the expert and novice. Troop 132 Fremont

  5. Wente Scout Reservation • Scouts may take a try at black-powder musket firing, rock climbing and rappelling. Expert instruction in popular outdoor skills and merit badges will make the Scoutcraft area come alive. Wente is rich in wildlife and allows for the study of conservation, reforestation, wildlife management, woodcraft and nature study. Rifle and Shotgun merit badges, action archery and target archery are also popular activities. • An added feature are skills sessions which will help the younger Scouts to meet the requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class. Troop 132 Fremont

  6. Arrival activities • Check in meet our camp counselor, and go to our campsite and get the gear out of the trailer and trucks • Move Trucks and Trailer to parking lot • Set up camp/tour Wente • Do Medical Checks and Swim Checks • Complete Camp Set up Troop 132 Fremont

  7. Health & Medical • All Scouts and Scouters will go through a medical recheck during the camp check-in process. Wente provides a qualified Health Officer on duty at all times. The Health Officer is located in the Health Office adjacent to the Camp office. The camp has made arrangements with the local clinic in Willits and has access to an ambulance service and the hospital in the event of an emergency. • All medication brought to camp must be checked in with the Health Officer by the Scoutmaster upon arrival and will be dispensed by the camp’s Health Officer. • Parents, please be sure we are well informed of your son’s medication needs. Troop 132 Fremont

  8. Daily Schedule Troop 132 Fremont

  9. Wente’s Program Troop 132 Fremont

  10. ArcheryArtAstronomyBackpacking Basketry Bird Study Camping CanoeingCinematographyCitizenship in the CommunityCitizenship in the NationCitizenship in the WorldClimbingCommunicationsCookingEmergency PreparednessEnergyEnvironmental ScienceFirst AidFish & Wildlife Management FingerprintingFishing Fly Fishing Forestry GeologyHikingHorsemanship Indian LoreInsect StudyLeatherworkLifesavingMammal Study Nature Oceanography Orienteering PaintingPersonal FitnessPersonal Management PhotographyPioneering PotteryPulp and Paper Reptile StudyRifle Shooting Merit Badges Rowing Shotgun Shooting Small Boat Sailing Soil & Water ConservationSwimmingWeatherWhitewaterWilderness SurvivalWoodcarving There are some Merit Badges which have additional cost associated with them .Cost of supplies, bullets, shotgun shells, arrow, leather work products, basket for basket weaving, etc Troop 132 Fremont

  11. Waterfront Program • Wente’s private 80 acre lake is the jewel of the camp and they offer one of the most varied arrays of waterfront activities around.  With its warm water swimming, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, rowing and even windsurfing, Scouts are guaranteed a great time. • Swimming, Lifeguard program, canoeing, Small boat sailing, rowing, snorkeling are all available • Full staffed, with an aquatics director and a trained qualified staff • Buddy board in place and enforced. Troop 132 Fremont

  12. Waterfront Program • BSA Lifeguard - This is an all day, every day activity. Must be age 14 or older (adults are welcome!) Participants must pass the BSA swimmer’s test, possess strong swimming, first aid, rowing and lifesaving skills. • Swim Instruction - Scouts who need that extra help to become better swimmers may sign up with the Waterfront Director and receive it. • Snorkeling, BSA - Treasure and aquatic wildlife lay at the bottom of our lake. Sign up with the Waterfront Staff to dive with the fishes and earn a badge too. Must have passed the BSA Swimmer’s Test to participate. • Mile Swim, BSA - Scouts must be in good physical shape to live up to the tough requirements of this badge. To prove they are ready they must pass the test of the quarter and half mile swims first (sorry, even gold medal winning, marathon swimmers must conform to this requirement). Troop 132 Fremont

  13. Waterfront • Wente Wooly Wash - The Wente Wooly Wash is an early morning dip in the lake at the Waterfront. Whereas some camps may call this a polar bear swim, our lake is much too warm for Polar Bears. The Wente Wooly may be a relative of polar bears, however. It is believed to live deep in the hills of the Reservation, but has been known to come down to the shore to bathe. Attend every morning and join the elite Wente Wooly Club and earn an award. Troop 132 Fremont

  14. 9:00-10:00 Swimming Merit BadgeCanoeing Merit BadgeRowing Merit Badge 10:00-11:00 Swimming Merit BadgeCanoeing Merit BadgeRowing Merit Badge 11:00-12:00 Swimming Merit BadgeCanoeing Merit BadgeSmall-Boat Sailing Merit Badge 1:30-2:30 Small-Boat Sailing Merit BadgeWhitewater Merit Badge 1:30-3:30 Lifesaving Merit Badge 2:30-3:30 Sailing Merit Badge Practice Time 3:30-5:00 Open SwimmingOpen Boating 7:00-8:00 Snorkeling, BSASwim InstructionOpen SwimmingOpen Boating Waterfront Schedule: Troop 132 Fremont

  15. The Scoutcraft area has been described by more than one sage old scouter as the heart of scouting. Camping, cooking, hiking, emergency preparedness, orienteering are the skills Baden Powell cherished and based his program on. The Scoutcraft area keeps this tradition alive by teaching these and other useful skills. In addition to the merit badges offered, Scouts can earn the Paul Bunyan Woodsman Award Scoutcraft Troop 132 Fremont

  16. The Nature area is more than the merit badges it offers. Wente is 2200 acres of new and old growth Douglas firs, meadows, natural springs, and thousands of different plants and animals. Offering 14 different nature related merit badges, this diverse program area challenges Scouts in all areas of nature and conservation. The Wente Nature Guide, available in the Trading Post, is a great tool for not only those taking merit badges, but also for the nature enthusiast. The Wente Nature Guide and Trail Starting in the Nature area, the Nature Trail helps you identify the natural habitats and foliage indigenous to Wente Scout Reservation. The Nature Guide is a very valuable tool for explaining the Wente environment as well as earning any of the nature merit badges. Nature Guides are available in the Trading Post and a sample guide is located in the Camp Resource library and in the Nature area. Nature Program Troop 132 Fremont

  17. Kali-Ama • The Kali-Ama Trail- The Kali-Ama is ideal for all Scouts to see the backcountry of Wente and get some map and compass practice at the same time. • The King Kali-Ama Trail- After hiking the Kali-Ama trail, campers still eager to explore can attempt our advanced trail, the King Kali-Ama. Find all of the marked posts and be crowned King Kali-Ama. These posts move from year to year so there is always a new challenge and a lot more to see. So get out and hike the Kali Ama and then hit the King Kali Ama for more fun. Troop 132 Fremont

  18. Field Sports • More than any other activity in Scouting, field sports tests the discipline and the skills of a Scout. Even older Scouts will find that all shooting requirements require a challenge. At all of the ranges the emphasis is on safety. The rules may seem strict, but they assure us of a safe place for Scouts to demonstrate their skills. • We must sign up for a troop shoot early in the week as slots fill fast Troop 132 Fremont

  19. Archery and Shooting • Two of the more popular activities, the scouts get to participate in and work on merit badges for shooting and archery. • Highly qualified staff with very close supervision • Shooting includes • Small Bore (22 rimfire) • Shotgun (20 ga and 12 ga) • Black Powder Troop 132 Fremont

  20. Handicraft • Handicraft is the arts and crafts center of camp. It is the place where a Scout can fulfill the classic notion of bringing home something he has made himself. • By completing any of the merit badges in the area, Scouts will have something to show for all their hard work. Many of the Handicraft merit badges can be earned during scheduled classes as well as during free time. The highly trained staff is available to assist Scouts with completing merit badges. • Supplies for the handicraft merit badges are available at the trading post Troop 132 Fremont

  21. The Corral • A piece of the Old West in the heart of Wente the Corral offers Horsemanship MB, and Advanced Horsemanship class, and a variety of trail rides. Scouts can take off on a 1- hour, 2-hour, all-day, morning or overnight ride. The horse program has been renovated with a new riding arena, and a new corral location. • Wente has a string of western saddle horses and an experienced staff of wranglers to teach campers to ride. A full merit badge program in Horsemanship is offered as well as daily trail rides. Troop 132 Fremont

  22. Horseback rides • Campers can take a tour of the “Wente Outback” on a special evening trail ride (cost $10.00), leaving the Rising W corral at 6:45 pm on Monday and Friday evenings. • Perhaps a longer ride punctuated with a gorgeous night under the stars is in order. Outposts (cost $24.00) leave on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and include a steak dinner! • Sign up for a lunch ride (cost $17.00), or • our final fabulous option is a Thursday night dinner ride which features a very special chicken dinner (cost $17.00.) Troop 132 Fremont

  23. Outpost • One of the more popular outposts is Lunch across the lake. The boys get the opportunity to row across the lake, eat lunch and row back as a troop • Mountain man is another outpost we frequently do • Shoot black powder and • throw a hatchet Troop 132 Fremont

  24. Food • Wente has TWO outstanding food plans to choose from. • With central dining, 17 well-balanced meals are served cafeteria style, (This is the option we usually choose). • Or, our Troop can choose the Jamboree style food plan where the camp provides us with all the food and necessary equipment for our Scouts to prepare their own delicious meals. • Both food plans start with a good, old-fashioned welcoming BBQ on Sunday and end with our famous Ranch-style breakfast on Saturday. Either way you're assured of tasty, well-balanced meals. Troop 132 Fremont

  25. Dining Hall • Serves as an important meeting place, in addition to being the place where food is served. • First aid and other large classes are frequently taught here Troop 132 Fremont

  26. Gilwell Field • Our campsite is Oak Flats which is adjacent to Gilwell field and near the rock climbing area • Nice breeze in the afternoon • Good shade from trees • Relatively flat campground • Adjacent to the shower house • Frequently see deer every morning, hawks and eagles in the evening Troop 132 Fremont

  27. Campsite • Our campsite contains picnic tables, two-man walled tents on wooden platforms and a patrol box. The campsite also contains a flag pole, bulletin board and a campfire ring. A latrine and washstand are nearby. A shower house is located within easy walking distance from our camp. No cots or mattresses are provided, each scout brings for his own sleeping pad or mattress. Troop 132 Fremont

  28. Trading Post (Camp Store) • Wente’s Trading Post is a general store offering a variety of candy, ice cream, and other refreshments. Camp equipment, camp T-shirts, handicraft items, stationery supplies, notions, potions and mosquito lotions are all available here. Scouts are also able to purchase supplies needed for selected merit badges that they may work on at camp. Troop 132 Fremont

  29. Wentathalon and Camp Wide Games • The popular Wentathalon is back for another season at Wente. Troops will canoe, run, shoot, and compete their way to victory. • We have won the Wentathalon twice and finished 2nd or 3rd a couple of times. • Friday Afternoon all the program areas will be closed for camp wide games. These games give Scouts the chance to have a lot of well earned fun at the end of the week. Things will get wet and messy. Troop 132 Fremont

  30. Advancement • Scouts have abundant opportunity to complete camp-related requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class as well as many merit badges to choose from. • We typically advance 15-20 scouts at summer camp • We typically average 3-4 merit badges per scout Troop 132 Fremont

  31. Money • Money is kept by the Scoutmaster and issued a couple of times a day, generally at Breakfast and Lunch • Scout should take money for: • Lunch at Cloverdale ($5) • Lunch on the way back ($5) • Snacks during the week (?????) • Merit badge costs ($10-15) • Horseback over night (up to $24) • Small Bills (nothing larger than a $5) in an envelope with the Scouts name on it Troop 132 Fremont

  32. Mail • Scouts at camp can receive mail from you when addressed as follows: • SCOUT’S NAME, SCOUT’S TROOP #c/o Wente Scout ReservationP O Box 453, Willits CA 95490 • DON’T Send Mail After Thursday or the scout will not get it Troop 132 Fremont

  33. Emergency Phone Number • (707) 459-2110 • This phone number is for emergencies ONLY. The Camp is large, please be patient as they try to locate your Scout or Troop leader. Troop 132 Fremont

  34. Departure from Wente • Friday night, Scouts pack up everything except essentials. Merit Badge Chaos starts • Saturday Morning, Breakfast, Camp cleanup, Check out • We leave around 10-10:30 am on Saturday, Back at Prince of Peace around 2-3 • Unload trailer Troop 132 Fremont