welcome troop 1000 summer camp 2009 camp alexander campers parents meeting l.
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Welcome Troop 1000 Summer Camp 2009 Camp Alexander Campers/Parents Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome Troop 1000 Summer Camp 2009 Camp Alexander Campers/Parents Meeting

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Welcome Troop 1000 Summer Camp 2009 Camp Alexander Campers/Parents Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome Troop 1000 Summer Camp 2009 Camp Alexander Campers/Parents Meeting . Our Goal Tonight: To help each camper make his Summer Camp Experience the very best it can be!. Agenda. Opening words & misc items Doc Holladay Adult support & youth leadership The travel plan

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Welcome Troop 1000 Summer Camp 2009 Camp Alexander Campers/Parents Meeting

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welcome troop 1000 summer camp 2009 camp alexander campers parents meeting

Welcome Troop 1000Summer Camp 2009Camp Alexander Campers/Parents Meeting

Our Goal Tonight:

To help each camper make

his Summer Camp Experience the

very best it can be!



Opening words & misc items Doc Holladay Adult support & youth leadership

The travel plan

Medical                                          Tim Hambelton

Camp MB/event/class schedule George Pawlowski

Trading Post pre Order Kristal Hambelton

Trail to Eagle                                  Matt Harrison

Gear discussion                             Rick Diamond

General discussion - Q&A             SM/All

youth leadership
Youth Leadership
  • SPL - Preston Maness
  • ASPLs - Zach Turner Skyler Smith
  • QM – Reid Williams
  • Scribe – Steve Gnew
  • Chap Aid - Jacob Thate
  • Patrol Leaders –
  • BE – Andy Gnew
  • Chief – Hunter king
  • Cobra – Ben Kappes
  • Hornet – Carter Plotkin/Coleman Reidling
  • Panther – Adam Wynne
  • Raven – Jonathan Rippel
  • SF/Hawk – Chris Pawlowski
troop web page
Troop Web Page
  • This set of slides
  • Trading Post form
mail at camp
Mail at Camp
  • Please don’t send any! It won’t be delivered.
  • Out going – suggest Scouts prepare pre-addressed, stamped envelopes or cards.
phone use
Phone Use
  • Camp phone is 719-748-3254


  • Scouts - NO phone calls
travel food food in camp
Travel Food & Food in Camp
  • Travel food is the responsibility of each Scout. See spend money slide.
  • Bus – snacks but NO soda will be allowed on the bus – water only.
  • Sodas are discouraged at all times – they dehydrate!
  • NO FOOD what so ever (except troop provided food) will be allowed in the campsite at any time.
  • All food/drinks bought at camp MUST be consumed at the trading post.
travel plans
Travel Plans
  • Departure8:00 AM, June 20th, lunch on the road (Scout buy) ETA 4:00 PM, Palo Duro Canyon State Park.Dinner (paid) @ camp siteAttend the show TEXAS
  • Depart 6:30 AM, June 21st, Breakfast on bus Lunch on road at Subway (paid)Camp-A @ 1:00 pm
  • ReturnDepart Camp-A @ 6:30 AM, June 27 Lunch and dinner on the road (Scout buy). ETA Plano 11:00 pm.
  • Details on cars later.
trading post
Trading Post
  • Numerous items to support the MB program
  • Snacks
  • T-shirts will be pre-ordered, with the T1000 logo. Order must be in by 5/22

$14.75 s-m-l; $16.75 xl-xxl-xxxl See Kristal Hambelton

troop policies knives
Troop Policies – Knives
  • Only with Totem Chip card
  • A tool not a toy or pastime.
  • Whittling not allowed
  • Foldable, locking blade, less than 3”.
  • Fixed blades prohibited
  • Small folding pocket knife best.
  • Expensive knives are discouraged
  • Scissors more effective for most Scout uses.
  • Problems rare in T1000.
  • Scoutmaster considers any problems on an individual basis.
  • No Scout has the right to lessen or interfere with the Scouting experience of others.
  • Serious or repeated problems may require parents to pickup Scout at camp.
  • Swim test will be given to all T1000 campers upon arrival.
  • Electronic equipment policy > Entertainment (Gameboy/IPod/DVD Players) – may be used on the bus IF silent. > Must be locked in the Scouts foot locker at ALL TIMES at camp. > Violators will have such equipment destroyed. > Cell Phones will be turned off and locked up.
  • Medical Electronics – discuss with your PA
camp alexander
Camp Alexander

A great deal of addition information can be found at:


spending money
Spending Money

Travel food money - at least $7 per meal. 1 going and 2 coming back.

Camp spending money

Approximately $85 (includes cost of some MB materials)

Check on price of specific Merit Badge Materials for better planning purposes

New Scouts may complete four crafts badges with a cost for materials for each

Scouts will keep their money in their own footlocker.

travel uniforms
Travel Uniforms

Field Uniform (Class A)- Scout shirt & pants/neckerchief/troop hat/belt - worn during travel & at evening formation and evening meals.

All patches should be properly sewn on the shirt. Not Glued.

Wear a T1000 Scout T shirt underneath going to camp.

early departure from camp
Early Departure From Camp
  • If you plan on picking up your Scout at camp, please make arrangements with the Scoutmaster well prior to departure – written requests with parent signature.
  • No campers will be released to anyone without written parental/guardian approval.
  • Release required on medical form and signed letter to the SM with ALL details.

Medical forms are due Monday, June 1st (2 copies, please).

Camp A requires the Colorado Boy Scout Camps Health & Medical Record form.

All medications & Supplements MUST be in the original container, marked with the campers name and Troop number. No large bottles, please

Scout will carry these to camp in a clearly labeled zip-top bag in his day pack (NOT the foot locker).

Once at camp, ALL medication and supplements will be kept at the Health Lodge.

medical cont

Scouts will be allowed to carry ONLY approved rescue inhalers and epi-pens.

Send only enough medication for the time they will be away plus a couple of days.

Must have a doctor’s written permission or prescription for ALL prescription drugs and supplements - must be specific and items in the original container.

Over-the-counter items like aspirin, Tylenol, etc should not be sent – the camp has these.

The camp will follow the prescription, so be sure dosages are correct.

medical cont22

All prescription and over-the-counter medication will be locked up and distributed to the Scout at specific times during the day.

Scouts cannot carry or keep in their locker any medication other than camp-approved rescue inhalers and epi-pens.

If a Scout has ANY medical problems they must be discussed with the SM & PA prior to departure. This includes pre-existing injuries, problems traveling, and medication in route.

medical cont23

Sunscreen & Hydration

Sunscreen, lip balm, a hat are required and must be used.

Scouts who loose their troop hat will be required to purchase one ($15).

Dehydration is a major problem in this climate and altitude. Scouts must drink plenty of water.

Home sickness

Please, no letters or notes and no phone calls.

If you think your child may be prone to home sickness let PA know, but don’t let him see YOU cry at the bus.

t1000 camp merit badges
T1000 Camp Merit Badges
  • Greg Gray - Citizenship World
  • Jeff Thate - Citizenship Com
  • John Gnew – Camping
  • Rick Diamond - First Aid
  • Scott Rippel - Citizenship Nation
  • Steve Wynne – Communications
  • Tim Hambelton - Soil and Water Convs
program notes
Program Notes

Each MB has it’s own special notes/equipment/additional costs. A complete set of program notes is on T1000 website “Summer Camp Merit badge Forms” – Please read it!

Individual Scout MB schedules have been electronically submitted to Camp A

Scouts will start getting their schedules at the Pioneering/Family Campout

Fridays are used as make-up days


Handicraft SessionsHandicraft sessions run for two days (Mon – Tues and Wed – Thurs, Fri make up). The MB sign up software would only let us sign up for one handicraft MB per time slot. On Wednesday scouts will be able to sign up for another handicraft MB.An ambitious scout could actually complete all three handicraft MBs (Leatherwork, Basketry, Woodcarving)

merit badge blue cards
Merit Badge Blue Cards

At the end of summer camp, Camp A gives each Troop a spreadsheet listing scouts and a record of their MB completions and partials

Completed Camp A MB records will go directly to Troop Advancement Chair and then MBs will be awarded at the next COH

Scouts earning partial MBs will receive Blue Card after camp

All T1000 sponsored MBs will be as normal:

PA issues blue card > Scout works on MB > T1000 counselor signs Blue Card > Scout submits Blue card to Advancement Chair >

MB awarded at COH

  • Rank requirement sign off same as always
  • SwimmingJohn Gnew – Greg Gray – Camp Life Guard
  • Knives & FireNathan Holley – Ryan Snitzer – Satish Yadlapalli – Thomas Yu – Michael Zarro – LeeMng Zheng
  • ALL other requirements Patrol Leader (only)
  • Note, Scoutmaster conferences will be held as need as well as Boards of Review
  • Come home with a new rank patched – sewed on!
trail to eagle
Trail to Eagle
  • Morning sessions are available for Merit Badges
  • Trail to 1st Class sessions – daily from 1:30 - 4:15 pm
  • Sponsored by T1000 Scouts and Scouters in camp
  • Customized classes to cover specific requirements for T1000 Scouts, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and 1st Class.
  • T1000 Troop Guides, Instructors and Assistant Scout Masters teach, T1000 Patrol Leaders sign-off requirements.
  • Scout Books are the official record and need to be taken to camp
trail to eagle continued
Trail to Eagle: Continued
  • Afternoon session 1:30 pm till 4:15pm
    • Mon Requirements for all three ranks
    • Tue Requirements for all three ranks
    • Wed Requirements for all ranks, 5mile hike
    • Thu Swimming requirement for all ranks,
    • If any Scout has one requirement to complete they may attend the First Class Center Area for a single session.
  • The swimming requirements are offered only on Thu afternoon, Scouts need to be at the First Class Center by 1:15pm (If any Scout is taking the swimming merit badge they will cover the requirements needed).
summer camp gear
Summer Camp Gear

What to wear

  • Field Uniform (Class A; Scout shirt & pants/ neckerchief / troop hat) will be worn during travel and camp assemblies as required
  • Activity Uniform (Class B Troop or BSAt-shirts only)
  • See packing list for other clothes required

Footlocker (w/ lock)

  • Not to exceed 15”x17”x30” (4.5 cubic feet)
  • Durable plastic available at Academy and other stores for about $25
  • No wheels that extend when flat – expectbreakage
  • Everything other than cot and daypack must fit in footlocker
  • Eating utensils

Folding Cot

  • Not to exceed 1 cubic foot
  • Must knock down completely– no fold in half styles
  • High or low legs okay (high allows for storage under cot)

Sleeping gear

  • Light or Medium weight bag – see below
  • Pad for top of cot optional
  • Pillow optional – small ones can be used on the bus

Carry at all times (on bus, around camp)

Day Pack (durable school pack or similar)

  • Personal 1st Aid Kit (see troop sheet for contents)
  • 2 quart water bottles
  • Light jacket
  • Rain gear
  • BSA Handbook/Blue Cards/Merit Badge Book
  • Notebook & pen & pencil
  • Compass
  • Sunscreen / lip balm
  • Bug repellant

MARK ALL of your gear with name and T1000 (including the footlocker, contents, and cot)

Sleeping bag to be pack in a small water repellent bag to be loaded into the trailer for departure – upon return it goes in the foot locker.This avoids unloading the bus Sat night at the State Park.

personal check list
Personal Check List

o Troop hat - wear - no hat no go o Swim suit in day pack ***

o Small Flashlight with batteries o Eating utensils

o Knife o Work gloves for project

o Spending money o Day pack to carry around camp

o Footlocker o Rain suit in day pack

o Cot & Pillow o Aquatic Merit Badge essentials

o Boy Scout Handbook in day pack o Long-sleeved shirt/ long pants w/belt

o Sunscreen in day pack o Water Bottle in day pack

o Toothpaste and toothbrush o Soap & Shampoo

o Toilet articles o Towel in day pack

o Field Uniform – wear o T-shirts - wear troop shirt

o Socks - 2 extra pair o Shorts or pants w/ belt

o Shoes and good hiking boots o Underwear - two extra pair

o Pajamas o Sewing kit

o Camera optional o Arrowman – OA sash

o Merit Badge supplies and work completed

15 Jun Troop MeetingForSummer CampersMandatoryplusSummer Camp PLC Meetingstart at 7:30 and let out about 8:30, PLC by 9:00