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Selling SCO ® Authentication for Microsoft ® Active Directory ® PowerPoint Presentation
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Selling SCO ® Authentication for Microsoft ® Active Directory ®

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Selling SCO ® Authentication for Microsoft ® Active Directory ® - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Selling SCO ® Authentication for Microsoft ® Active Directory ® The Problem SCO Authentication can help... How it Works Features Roadmap Strategies and Opportunities Target Audience Sales Motions Competition Sales Tools Pricing Wins!!! Demo and Q&A. Content.

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Presentation Transcript
The Problem

SCO Authentication can help...

How it Works



Strategies and Opportunities

Target Audience

Sales Motions


Sales Tools



Demo and Q&A

the problem
The Problem

Authentication in Mixed Environments

the problem continued
No easy way to securely share user identities across Unix and Windows environments

Have to manage multiple identities for the same users across the company

No single point for the administration of users and passwords

The Problem (continued...)
sco authentication can help
SCO Authentication for Microsoft Active Directory...

Allows Unix and Linux user logins to be authenticated securely against Active Directory

Simplifies the administrator’s job with one identity per user across the corporate network

Provides a single point of user administration for accounts and passwords within Active Directory

SCO Authentication Can Help
how it works
How it Works....

Users and Computers Snap-in Extension

RFC2307 Schema Extension

Microsoft Management Console

Windows 2000 Active Directory



User: johndoe

Pass: hockey1

User: johndoe

Pass: hockey1

Windows Workstations

Linux/UNIX Workstations and Servers

vascd • pam_vas nss_vas • vastool

Extends Active Directory schema to handle Linux/UNIX users

Users are managed from Windows with Microsoft Management Console or from UNIX with command line tools

Simple plug-in architecture enables Active Directory support within most existing UNIX applications

Supports Solaris 8 and 9, Red Hat 7.2 and up, SCO Linux 4, SuSE Linux 8, and Caldera OpenLinux 3.1.

Additional modules planned:

Release 1.3 (May 15th )

SCO OpenServer

SCO UnixWare 7

Release 1.5 (September 2003)



Support for web-server single sign-on

strategies and opportunities

Medium-Large companies

Have already deployed Active Directory

UNIX servers provide key application services

Strategies and Opportunities
target audience
Sample Target Markets

Financial Institutions (Banks, Credit Unions, Brokerage Firms)

Government Offices (State and Local Government)

Who We Approach

Departmental IT Personnel

Glasshouse IT (Directory Administration Team)

Corporate Executives

Target Audience
sales motions
We are here to help!

Channel Sales Managers provide referrals, collateral, and can assist with the sales cycle

SCO Systems Engineers provide pre-sales support

Focus on the mid-range to large accounts

Persuasive sale advantage

Invest at the department level and the product will spread on it’s own (example: Boeing)

Sales Motions
Do It Yourself!

No solution at all, live with it

Open Source


Severe security limitations with multi-system environments

Metadirectory Servers

Novell DirXML and Microsoft Metadirectory Services

Multidirectional synchronization between directories, databases and other types of user information stores

Deployment is complex and expensive

Synchronization Solutions

Blockade Systems, Proginet, and Radiant Logic.

Increased security risk due sending passwords through the network.

Challenge of tracking whether synchronization worked correctly

Single sign-on vendors

Bull Evidian, RSA SecureID, and Novell SecureLogin

Complex and expensive

sales tools


Technical Whitepaper

Competitive Summary (coming soon)

60-day evaluation version (coming soon)

Sales Tools
Linux (w/25 Directory users) US $499 List

UNIX (w/25 Directory users) US $999 List

Additional Directory users US $20/each List

Existing Sales Wins

UK Ministry Of Defense (1600 users)

Boeing (100 user pilot, 250,000 potential)

Italian Financial Police (3,000 users)

Dynatronics (75 users)

Marketing Wins

Watch for upcoming endorsements from Microsoft

demo and q a
Live demo

Questions and Answers

Demo and Q&A