How to un destroy your active directory
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How to (un)destroy your Active Directory - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SIA402. How to (un)destroy your Active Directory. Ralf Wigand [email protected] Ralf Wigand c/o TechniData IT-Service Karlsruhe, Germany. About me …. Microsoft PreSales Consultant ( since 2000) Microsoft Most Valuable Professional MVP Directory Services ( since 2007)

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How to un destroy your active directory


How to (un)destroy your Active Directory

Ralf Wigand

[email protected]

Ralf Wigand

c/o TechniData IT-Service

Karlsruhe, Germany


Microsoft PreSales Consultant (since 2000)

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional MVP

  • Directory Services (since 2007)




    System Engineer

Before we begin… a word of warning!

  • Whenyoutryto fix a problem(not only) in yourActive Directory…

  • Take your time!

  • Bepreparedfortheunexpected!

  • Think beforeyouchangesomething!

  • Understandwhatyouaredoing!

  • Check yourresults!

  • Re-Check yourresults!

  • Considerusing a Change/Release Management

Your complete documentation
Your (complete?) documentation

First contact

demo 1

First contact…

Errors found in demo 1
Errors found in demo 1

  • nodynamic DNS registration on subdc3

    • subdc3 canreplicatefromother DCs

      • noerrorsfound in replicationstatusof subdc3

    • other DCs canNOTreplicatefromsubdc3

    • Always double-check replication in bothdirections

  • Service „DHCP Client“ was disabled

    • responsiblefordynamic DNS updates

    • requiredevenwithstatic IP addresses

    • Youmightdisable „DHCP Server“ service…

Even more errors found in demo 1
Even moreerrorsfound in demo 1

  • „subdc3“ is not thereal nameoftheserver

    • subdc3 isonlyregistered as a CNAME

    • SPNs are registered for real name, not for CNAME

    • Kerberos does not workasexpected

  • multihomed subdc2

    • eventuallywrong DNS registration:

      • registerwithexternal IP address, not availableforinternalhosts

    • choosewhich NIC toregister

    • Better: Do not usemultihomed DCs, use LDAP Proxy (ADLDS)

Dive deeper

demo 2

Dive deeper…

Errors found in demo 2
Errors found in demo 2

  • Global Catalog not available

    • Youneeda GC foruniversal groupmembership

    • No GC? no universal groupmembership!

  • Global Catalog on Infrastructure Master FSMO

    • ok, when all DCs are GCs

    • if not, thenthe Infrastructure Master must notbe a GC

Even deeper

demo 3

even deeper…

Errors found in demo 3
Errors found in demo 3

  • Time difference

    • max. toleranceis 5 min (default, see GPO)

    • Kerberos will not workif time is not in sync

  • Restore Default Policies

    • Def. Domain PolicyandDef. Domain Controller Policy

    • usedcgpofix (check other Server appsforchanges in DefGPOs)

    • Rule: nevermodifythe DDP andDDCP (except Password Pol)

And deeper

demo 4

…and deeper…

Lingering objects
Lingering Objects

  • Whenyoudelete an object, itis not reallyremoved

    • itisflagged (tombstoned) andhas a timestampwhentodelete

    • itisreplicatedasusual

    • anddeletedwhenitis time… withoutfurthernotice

  • So ifit‘s not replicatedwhiletombstoned

    • or a backupisrestoredfrombeforeit was tombstoned…

    • theobject will existforever

  • removeitwithreferenceto a „clean“ DC!

  • repadmin /removelingeringobjects …

Too deep

demo 5

Too deep?

Usn rollback
USN rollback

  • Restore DC from „Snapshot“

    • Update SequenceNumber USN isset back, too

    • Other DCs alreadysawthe USNs and will not acceptthem

    • DC stopsserving after some time

  • Howtosolve…

    • Itdepends

    • Best way:

      • remove DC

      • Never use „snapshots“ forDCs (orwaitfor Server 2012)

List of errors found
List of Errors found

  • nodynamic DNS registration

  • DHCP Client Service disabled

  • Computer nameas CNAME

  • multihomed DC

  • no GC available

  • GC on Infrastructure Master

  • time difference

  • removed Default Policies

  • lingeringobjects

  • USN rollback


  • Check yoursystemsusingtherighttools

    • System Center Operations Manager

    • Event Viewer

    • Repadmin

    • Dcdiag

    • Setspn

  • Understand LDAP / Kerberos / DNS


  • Getusedtoyourtools

    • whileyoursystemisok

  • Knowyoursystemswell

    • whichserverhaswhichrole…

  • Train yourselfforfailures

    • in test (!) environments(Hyper-V helps…)


Thereis a reasonwhyitiscalled



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