second vatican council l.
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Second Vatican Council

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Second Vatican Council - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Second Vatican Council. 1962-1965. Why was the council convened?. Called by John XXIII, to “open windows and let in air” Choice to consult bishops seen as collegial; pope is “first among equals”, but church as a communal group acts together

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why was the council convened
Why was the council convened?
  • Called by John XXIII, to “open windows and let in air”
    • Choice to consult bishops seen as collegial; pope is “first among equals”, but church as a communal group acts together
    • Involves both return to sources (ressourcement) and openness to new situations (aggiornamento)
  • Purpose: articulate church’s relation to modern world
    • Sees moment as opportunity, not threat
    • Reads “signs of times” to understand this mission
    • Lots of compromises happened; documents reflect this ambiguity and tension at times
what was new about the council
What was new about the council?
  • First truly world Catholic council
    • Also invited orthodox and protestant observers
    • Women not included at first, eventually invited to observe
    • Media event; catholics at home could read in papers and see on TV what was going on
  • Biggest changes
    • Liturgy
    • declaration on human rights
    • openness to ecumenism and other religions
    • emphasis on role of the laity
how was it conducted
How was it conducted?
  • 4 sessions (fall)
  • Bishops study preliminary documents, then debate
    • Bishops argue for greater role than Curia (Vatican offices)
  • Documents written by committee
    • So, often reflect compromises or different points of view
    • Today: Catholics argue over “spirit of Vatican II” vs. conservative interpretation
pre vatican ii view of church ott
Pre-Vatican II view of Church (Ott)
  • Chapter 1: The Divine Origin of the Church
    • The concept Church
    • The Foundation of the Church by Christ
    • The Purpose of the Church
  • Chapter 2: The Constitution of the Church
    • The Hierarchical Constitution of the Church
    • The Primacy of St. Peter
    • The Primacy of Jurisdiction of the Pope
    • The Nature of the Papal Primacy
    • The Papal Teaching Primacy or the Papal Infallibility
    • The Bishops
  • Chapter 3: The Internal Constitution of the Church
    • Christ and the Church
    • The Holy Ghost and the Church
  • Chapter 4: The Properties or Essential Attributes of the Church
    • The Indefectibility of the Church
    • The Infallibility of the Church
    • The Visibility of the Church
    • The Unity of the Church
    • The Sanctity of the Church
    • The Catholicity of the Church
    • The Apostolicity of the Church
  • Chapter 5: The Necessity of the Church
    • Membership of the Church
    • The Necessity for Membership of the Church