observations 6 th trimester l.
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Observations: 6 th trimester

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Observations: 6 th trimester - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Observations: 6 th trimester Observations: CHC Observations: Outreach Dress code Professional behavior Reflective Observations 20 are required for this course. Count toward graduation requirement Count toward CHC clearance

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observations 6 th trimester

Observations: 6th trimester

Observations: CHC

Observations: Outreach

Dress code

Professional behavior

reflective observations
Reflective Observations
  • 20 are required for this course.
    • Count toward graduation requirement
    • Count toward CHC clearance
    • (25 observations are necessary to clear CHC. You will obtain the other 5 in 7th Tri)
reflective observations cont
Reflective Observations, cont.
  • Can be performed at CHC and at Outreach Clinic
  • Must be completed before the last day of class.(2/16/05)
outreach rotation
Outreach Rotation
  • You are required to do an Outreach rotation to clear CHC.
  • There are other rotations necessary for this clearance, but they are done in 7th Trimester.
  • The goal of the rotation is to familiarize you with Outreach.
  • If there aren’t any patients when you are there, your time in Outreach will still go toward your rotation credit.
  • Observe and document as many patient visits as possible. If no patients come in, have the clinician initial an observation form to give you credit for your rotation.
  • 4 Observations from Outreach can be counted toward the 20.
  • You are there to OBSERVE. Please no patient management or comments to clinician or externs.
instructions guidelines for observations
Instructions/Guidelines for Observations
  • Clinic attire is required.
  • Professional behavior is expected
  • Do not miss class to observe patient care.
  • Sign up for CHC faculty near their office doors.
  • You will be assigned a week for an Outreach rotation.
  • This list will be posted outside my office.
  • After you know your week, you will sign up for a specific time slot. This is outside Vickie’s office.
  • Clinic Observation Experience
  • Superbill
  • Observation Log
observations forms
Observations/ Forms
  • Clinic observation experience
    • 4 per page
    • Available at CHC & Outreach
    • The location is noted at the top of the page
    • Clinician must initial in the margin.
    • Turn the forms in to Vickie as they are completed.
forms cont
Forms, cont.
  • Superbill
    • Lower left hand corner
    • Must fill it in correctly or you won’t receive credit
    • Name, Matric, Module, class
forms cont11
Forms, cont.
  • Observation log
    • Contains the 20 reflective observations date and patient.
    • Information must be legible
    • Faculty doctor initials
    • When complete, turn this in to Vickie.
  • All patient information is confidential.
  • Don’t lose these forms.
professional behavior
Professional Behavior
  • Remember, you are there to OBSERVE.
  • Best Rule to follow: if you were a patient in a teaching facility, how would you want the student doctors to behave.
dress code
Dress Code
  • You are completely in control of your appearance.
  • First impressions last forever.
  • Appearance is a form of non-verbal communication
  • If you are “appearance-challenged”, ask someone to help you.
dress code boys and girls
Dress Code: Boys and Girls
  • Clinic Jacket
    • Buy one that fits !
    • 2/3 length for students
    • Buttoned or zipped
dress code17
Dress Code
  • NO
    • Big Jewelry
    • Perfume
    • Weird nail designs
    • Wild hair styles
    • Inappropriate body language
      • Provocative mannerisms
  • No cleavage showing, please.
  • If your skirt is shorter than your clinic jacket, it isn’t appropriate.
  • Hair should not brush against the patient.
  • Consider the nonverbal messages that you are sending.
  • Tidy and Neat , well-groomed
  • Dress shirt and tie
  • No jeans
  • No sandals or tennis shoes