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Job Loss in Robeson County

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Job Loss in Robeson County

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    1. The Socio-Economic Impact of Job Loss in Robeson County, North Carolina Preliminary Findings Leslie Hossfeld, PhD. Department of Sociology, UNC-Pembroke

    2. Robeson County, NC Population 123,339

    3. Ten-Year Change in Robeson County Manufacturing 1993-2003 In 1993 manufacturing accounted for 31% of all jobs in the county Ten years later, manufacturing accounts for only 18% of jobs in the county. Nearly 9000 jobs lost since 1993 Peak years of plant closings 1998-2003

    4. Manufacturing work declined significantly from 17,430 in 1993 to 6,832 in 2003.

    5. Economic Impact of Manufacturing Job Loss Ripple Effect of Job Loss Regional Economic Impact (region defined as adjacent commuting counties) Total Loss as of 2004 $946,818,282 Loss of 8,708 manufacturing jobs in Robeson County resulted in: Total reduction in regional employment of 19,921 jobs from 1993-2004 By 2004, regional household income had been reduced by $808 million By 2004 regional governments were collecting $39 million less in indirect business taxes

    6. What happens when work disappears? Job loss affects not only the immediate worker who loses their job, but other workers in the community.

    8. Annual Unemployment Rates for North Carolina and Robeson County Source: North Carolina Unemployment Security Commission 1994-2003

    9. Unemployment Insurance payments increased from $8.4 million in 1994 to $20.8 million in 2001 From 1998 to 2001 Unemployment Insurance payments more than doubled By June 2003 NC had a negative UIF balance Unemployment Insurance Payments Robeson County Source: US Bureau of Economic Analysis 1993-2001

    10. Income

    11. State Mean Household Income = $51,225 37% of Robeson County households in 2000 had incomes below $20,000 a year Over half (52%) earned incomes below $30,000 24% of households live in poverty Source: US Census 2000

    14. Education and Work Many workers in Robeson County left school early to work in local manufacturing 31% of adults 25 and older in Robeson County do not have a high school diploma. Displaced workers face the dilemma of having little educational attainment when work today is increasingly knowledge-based

    15. Older workers are disadvantaged Rural displaced workers are generally older workers with less education Previous research on displaced workers indicates that older workers endure greater hardships with longer periods of unemployment than younger workers

    16. Other Indicators of Distress Infant mortality remains high in Robeson County increasing from 12% in 1990 to 14% in 2000 31% of children under 18 live in poverty Annual Income-Maintenance payments increased by $25 million from 1994-2001

    18. Contact Information: Leslie Hossfeld, Ph.D. Department of Sociology BA 223 University of North Carolina at Pembroke hossfeld@uncp.edu Center for Community Action Mac Legerton PO Box 723 Lumberton, NC 28359 cca@carolina.net

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