light electric vehicle association leva l.
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Light Electric Vehicle Association(LEVA) PowerPoint Presentation
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Light Electric Vehicle Association(LEVA)

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Light Electric Vehicle Association(LEVA) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Light Electric Vehicle Association(LEVA)

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  1. Light Electric Vehicle Association(LEVA)

  2. What is the LEVA? The Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) industry has organized a global trade association to develop technical standards for LEVs and promote the use of LEVs worldwide.All component suppliers, manufacturers, assemblers, wholesalers, retailers, and interested individuals are invited to join.Light electric vehicles are defined as battery, fuel cell, or hybrid-powered two-or-three-wheel vehicles generally weighing less than 200 pounds (100 Kg). Of this group, electric bicycles are the most common with electric scooters coming in second.

  3. LEVA Mission Statement The Light Electric Vehicle Association's purpose is to provide services and assistance to light electric vehicle companies by helping to establish a favorable operating environment, by providing a forum for discussion and networking, an industry voice on non-competitive information sharing issues, and to assist them in the promotion of their business on an international basis.LEVA will standardize, track and analyze industry data by developing a glossary of terms and definitions and conducting surveys of members with follow up reporting to members.  As the voice of the LEV industry, we will develop service, quality and safety standards, as well as the standardization of performance criteria.

  4. Why Join LEVA? By obtaining an LEVA membership, you are joining a fast growing association in the LEV industry. Whether you are a western company trying to find the right partners in Asia, or a global company looking for opportunities in overseas markets, you will discover that the LEVA is the perfect medium for networking, establishing contacts, and expanding your business.

  5. Benefits of Joining LEVA • Networking opportunities between professionals in the form of conferences and seminars during international trade shows; member networking dinners • Finding customers and suppliers through membership contacts; introductions • Improving communications within the industry by having an educational sharing website, bi-monthly electronic newsletters and seminars and conferences • Suggesting models for regulations, “how others do it” through the survey of worldwide legislation which is continuously updated

  6. Benefits of Joining LEVA • Promoting and advocating LEV use by supporting local, regional and state/country wide efforts • Providing business to business opportunities through website advertising and promotional opportunities for members • Standardization, tracking and analyzing industry data by developing a glossary of terms and definitions and conducting surveys of members with follow up reporting to members • Developing component standards for LEVs in the area of connectors, chargers, owner’s manuals, and warranty programs • Developing service, quality and safety standards to ensure that consumers are protected • Provide a website for the promotion of LEVs and LEVA members

  7. LEVA Board of Directors Naveen Munjal (Managing Director, Hero Electric- India) Jan. 2007 to present, Hero Electric, a leading Electric Vehicle company in New Delhi, India; also Chief Executive since 2001 Hero Exports, New Delhi, India,  exporting a wide range of products ranging from Engineering, Auto Components and Minerals & Metals to over 83 countries worldwide. Hero Cycles is the largest manufacturer of bicycles in the world since 1986, manufacturing more than 19,500 bicycles per day. Mr. Munjal is President of the SMEV (Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles), the largest Electric Vehicle Association in India; a member of EDTA (Electric Drive Transport Association), USA; a Founding Member of the Renewable Energy Forum; and EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) – Sponsorship Chairman for Delhi, 2008-09, Mentorship Chairman, 2009-10.  Mr. Munjal received his MBA with specialization in International Marketing in 1994 from Huron University USA in London, UK. Larry Pizzi (President of Currie Technologies- U.S.A.) Currie is a leading US developer and manufacturer of hybrid electric bicycles and electric scooters. Larry was the former Executive Vice President in charge of Sales and Marketing at Currie joining the company in May of 2002. Currie products are sold world-wide under the IZIP and EZIP brands and other brands using “Currie Electro-Drive” propulsion systems.Prior to joining Currie and entering the LEV world, Larry has had a lifetime of experience within the bicycle industry. He was the Senior Vice President and General Manager at the Schwinn/GT Corporation and the General Manager at Fogdog Sports, a leading dot-com retailer of sporting goods. Larry has also held sales and marketing management roles within the Brunswick Corporation’s bicycle division the former owner of Mongoose brand bicycles. He has also held Sales and Sales Management roles at Bell Sports, Service Cycle – Cycle Products Corporation and Raleigh Bicycles - Derby Cycle Corporation. He has owned and operated Bike-Tech, a successful chain of Specialty Retail stores in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 1978 to 1990 and has served on the board of the National Bicycle Dealers Association as a Director.

  8. LEVA Board of Directors Masao Ono (Tokyo R&D Co., Ltd., President and CEO-Japan): Mr. Ono started designing racing cars when he was a student at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1969, and has designed more than 20 racing cars including cars for Le Mans 24 hours and Formula One, before establishing Tokyo R&D in 1981 with several colleagues. Tokyo R&D is an independent engineering company specializing in the research and development of automobiles. Tokyo R&D founded PUES Corporation in 1999, and the purpose of PUES is to develop and to manufacture electric motor, inverter, controller, battery management system, and battery pack for hybrid and electric vehicles.  He serves as the president and CEO of both companies.  He also founded Vemac Car Company Ltd., in 1998. This company develops and manufactures low volume production sports cars and racing cars. Dr. David T. Hon (Founder and CEO of Dahon Group-U.S.A):  Dr. Hon is a Chinese American and originally worked as a Sr. Physicist at Hughes Aircraft in California.  He was a leading expert in solid-state laser technology and his publications, including a chapter of the "Handbook of Lasers", are still widely quoted (Google: Laser, "D.T. Hon").  In 1982, after seeking ways to reduce Man's dependence on oil, he designed the first Dahon folding bike. He quit his job with the Military-Industrial Complex, gathered $3 million dollars in venture funding, relocated to Taiwan and started to design, manufacture and market worldwide his inventions. Today, four million bicycles later, Dahon folders can be found all over the world (Google: Bicycles Dahon).  Dr. Hon is also the Director of Southern China American Chamber of Commerce, among other professional and non-profit activities. Ph.D., Physics, University of Southern California.

  9. LEVA Board of Directors Jack Oortwijn (Editor in Chief, Publication Manager, Bike Europe- Amsterdam): After graduating with a Masters degree in retail marketing, Jack Oortwijn started his career at the Dutch Toyota and Suzuki importer in the communication department. As he was (and still is) an avid motorcyclist and through his contacts at the Suzuki importer he was asked to join the editorial staff of a motorcyclist magazine in 1979. This was also his start in journalism. From the motorcycle magazine he switched to the Dutch bike dealer magazine ‘Tweewieler’ where he was editor-in-chief for about ten years. In 1996, Jack Oortwijn initiated Bike Europe which is now in its 12th year of publication and has developed into one of the leading trade journals for the bike industry. Eddie Eccleston (C.E.O. of MUI Ltd. Tunisia): Eccleston was previously Managing Director of Ideal Bikes Ltd., Managing Director of Britain largest manufacturer (490K bike units per annum) Townsend Cycles (a member of the Tandem Plc. Group), and Managing Director of Peugout UK (cycle division).   In his early days, he was a store owner of three bicycle outlets.  He was the former President of the British Bicycle Association, former President a.i. of the European Cycle Manufactures Association (COLIBI), and a former Board Member of the European Parts Manufactures Association (Coliped).

  10. LEVA Founder, Ed Benjamin Ed Benjamin, LEVA Founder (Benjamin Consulting, Owner-USA): An authority on light electric vehicle products and business. Extensive contacts within the world wide light electric vehicle and bicycle industry. Mr. Benjamin has extensive experience in product development and sourcing from China, Taiwan and Europe. Consultant to electric vehicle builders, motor companies, battery companies, motor controller companies, importers and distributors of small electric vehicles. His previous senior management employment was with Ultra Motor, American Electric Cycle and Fitness, WaveCrest Labs and EV Rider and 39 years experience in the USA bicycle industry. Mr. Benjamin has a 1981 B.A. Education, University of Kentucky, USA, and speaks Mandarin level 3. Sidney Kuropchak (Executive Director, LEVA-USA) Ms. Kuropchak worked as the general manager of American Electric Cycle and Fitness (AECF) on behalf of Ultra Motor UK from April 2007 through June of 2008.  She also worked as the Director of Operations and Director of Sales for the Light Transport Division (TidalForce electric bikes) of WaveCrest Laboratories. She has been involved in the light electric vehicle industry since 1998, beginning with the CycleElectric International Consulting Group. She spent nearly 20 years working for Lauren Manufacturing, an industrial components supplier that derived more than half of its sales from transactions related to transportation.  During her tenure at Lauren she visited hundreds of manufacturing plants across the country and served in numerous capacities, including personnel director, automotive regional sales manager, national sales manager, vice president of sales, and finally as president.  Kuropchak has a BA in sociology from North Dakota State University and an MA in sociology from Kent State University.

  11. LEVA Annual Membership Dues Membership Categories: • 50 USD – Individual (enthusiast or works for a dealer, supplier or corporation, but not the owner); 1 vote • 350 USD – Owner (retailer, dealer, manufacturer or supplier) with 5 or less employees; 2 votes • 1,000 USD – Company, small (a manufacturer, assembler or seller of LEVs) with 6-100 employees); 3 votes • 1,500 USD – Corporation, large (a manufacturer, assembler or seller of LEVs) with over 100 employees; 5 votes

  12. How to Join LEVA Dues can be paid via credit card or Pay Pal on our website at or via wire transfer. Contact to request an invoice or more information. Thank you!