engineering failure titanic n.
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Engineering Failure Titanic

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Engineering Failure Titanic - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Engineering Failure Titanic . By: Mario Guerrero. Why built in the first place?. The titanic was made to transport mail and passengers to/from Europe and North America. How did this great ship fail its destination?.

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engineering failure titanic

Engineering FailureTitanic

By: Mario Guerrero

why built in the first place
Why built in the first place?
  • The titanic was made to transport mail and passengers to/from Europe and North America.
how did this great ship fail its destination
How did this great ship fail its destination?
  • On April 14 at 11:40 PM, the ship collided with an iceberg. The great ice mass pierced the hull. The gap then filled with glacier, cold water. The ship sunk within 3 hours. About 1,500 people lost their lives.
could it have been prevented
Could it have been prevented?
  • No, it could’ve have been prevented. The metal used for the ship was the best, plain carbon plate in its time. Also, the glacier was imminent because they didn’t have enough time to evade.
  • Years later, ruins of the massive ship were found at the bottom of the vast ocean. They noticed the ship was sliced into two morsels. Scientist tested if the iceberg was completely to blame. They discovered that the metal used for the frame was very brittle due to its brittleness in freezing temperatures. This meaning that the hull would be spilt open from the ice.