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Titanic The Ship of Dreams First Class- Food and menus - Breakfast-

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The Ship of Dreams

first class food and menus
First Class- Food and menus
  • -Breakfast-
  • Baked apples - Fruit - Steamed PrunesQuaker Oats - Broiled Hominy - Puffed RiceFresh HerringFindon Haddock - Smoked SalmonGrilled Mutton - Kidneys & BaconGrilled Ham - Grilled SausageLamb Callops - Vegetable StewFried, Shirred, Poached & Boiled EggsPlain & Tomato Omelettes to OrderSirloin Steak & Mutton Chops to OrderMashed Saute and Jacket PotatoesCold MeatVienna and Graham RollsSoda & Sultana Scones - Corn BreadBuckwheat CakesBlack Current Conserve - Narbonne HoneyOxford MarmaladeWatercress
first class food and menus3
First Class- Food and Menus

First Course - Hors d'Oeuvre:Canapés a l' AmiralOysters a la Russe

White Bordeaux, White Burgundy orChablis (especially with oysters)

Second Course - Soups:Consommé OlgaCream of Barley Soup

Madeira or Sherry

Third Course - Fish:Poached Salmon with Mousseline Sauce

Dry Rhine or Moselle

Fourth Course - Entrees:Filet Mignon LiliSauté of Chicken LyonnaiseVegetable Marrow Farcie

first class food and menus 2
First Class- Food and menus 2
  • Fifth Course - Removes:Lamb with Mint SauceCalvados-Glazed Roast Ducklingwith Apple SauceRoast Sirloin of Beef forestiéreChateau Potatoes
  • Boiled RiceParmentier and Boiled New Potatoes
  • Red Burgundy or Beaujolais

Sixth Course - Punch or Sorbet:Punch Romaine

Seventh Course - Roast:Roasted Squab on Wilted CressRed Burgundy

first class food and menus 3
First Class- Food and menus 3
  • Eighth Course - Salad:Cold Asparagus Salad withChampagne-Saffron Vinaigrette
  • Ninth Course - Cold Dish:Páté de Foie GrasCelery
  • Sauterne or Sweet Rhine Wine
  • Tenth Course - Sweets:Waldorf PuddingPeaches in Chartreuse JellyChocolate Painted Eclairswith French Vanilla CreamFrench Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Sweet Dessert Wines (Muscatel, Tokay, Sauterne)
  • Eleventh Course - Dessert:Assorted Fresh Fruits and cheeses
  • Sweet Dessert Wines, Champagne, or Sparkling Wine
second class food and menus
Second Class- Food and Menus
  • -Breakfast-
  • FruitOatmeal PorridgeRolled OatsYarmouth BloatersGrilled Mutton Chops and ChipsBroiled Sausage and BaconMinced CollopsIrish StewEggs Boiled, Scrambled or PoachedMashed PotatoesHot Milk RollsGraham RollsJam, MarmaladeTea, Coffee, Cocoa
third class food and menus
Third Class- Food and Menus
  • -Breakfast-
  • Quaker Oats and MilkSmoked HerringsBeefsteak and OnionsJacket PotatoesFresh Bread and ButterMarmalade, Swedish BreadTea, Coffee
thank you for listening to our presentation
Thank you for listening to our presentation!

By:Hilary Krettler and Matt Ross